Thank you for considering our profile. We know how fortunate we would be to be chosen as your child's parents. We're excited to welcome a child to our loving family. As you'll see, we have an adopted son, Max, who is so eager to have a younger sibling. We look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for considering us, our son and our family.

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Matthew Rob
job description
State Director for a Nonprofit Organization Managing Vice President for a Bank
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science Master's Degree in Human Development
Children's Book
Harry Potter
Children's Book
Goodnight, Moon
Dream Vacation
Anywhere With a Beach!
Dream Vacation
Around the World in 80 Days
Memory with a Child
Laying in the Hammock With Our Son
Memory with a Child
Taking Max to Walt Disney World
Interior Design
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Happy Family

Our son, Max, was adopted at birth. We've always known that we were meant to be his parents. He's a special person. He's compassionate and kind. He loves animals and playing games.

Max has a sister who was adopted by another family. We help him to stay connected with her. They talk on the phone, mail letters and gifts, and we travel to see her and her family.

Max loves to hear his story and we talk about it often: where he comes from, how he came home, what he was like as a baby, and what his birth culture is like. Whenever we come across something made in his home country, Max wants to have it. We've placed a priority on his learning Spanish, something at which he's excelled, and we help him to study it.

We know that adoption is a very special gift and we love being adoptive parents.

Our Leisure Time
Playing Bingo at Home

We're an active family!

When we aren't participating in a school sport or event for our son, we take day trips around our state. We frequently drive to visit small town shops and restaurants, state parks, and festivals.

Our Home at the Beach Where We Spend Summer Weekends

We love the beach. Our childhood memories are full of trips to the beach with our families and we've tried to create similar happy memories for our son. It's where we feel most relaxed and connected with one another. We often take weekend trips to the beach in the spring and summer, where we walk our dogs in the sand, ride bikes, kayak, play beach games, and cook out. Max learned to ride his bike at the beach; it was one of our happiest days!

At home, we spend a lot of time in our yard. Matthew loves to garden; even pulling weeds is relaxing to him. Rob likes to tinker with cars. Max enjoys playing in the pool. Together, we tackle chores and home improvement projects.

We play a lot of games! At home, on the beach, in the yard and in the car, we're always playing games like Uno, car bingo, corn hole and croquet.

Cultural Heritage

Our hometown is incredibly diverse. In addition to being majority African American, there is a large international population. We love sharing our everyday experiences with a diverse community and circle of friends.

Diversity and inclusion are very important to us. They have been a big part of Rob's work as well; He has worked in diversity and inclusion at his company for more than twenty years and he serves on the diversity committee at our son's school.

Our son's race is different from our own, which is something we love and embrace. It's enriched our lives tremendously, just as we know the adoption of another child will. We talk often about our son's birth culture and country, his background and adoption story. In choosing schools for our son, we've placed a great emphasis on ensuring a diverse student body and policies that embrace inclusion.

We will be incredibly fortunate to embrace new cultures with the adoption of another child.

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