I Want to Give My Unborn Child Up for Adoption

Why It's Never Too Early or Too Late to Consider Adoption

It is never too early or too late to choose adoption for your unborn child.

Because adoption is not a choice you make overnight, help is available for you and your unborn child any time during your pregnancy, whether you make this decision in the first few months or at the last minute.

Our adoption specialists are trained to provide you the assistance you need when you choose adoption for your unborn baby, no matter how much time you have before you give birth. We still provide you the same services and advantages whether you are considering adoption for your unborn baby right after discovering you’re pregnant, days before you give birth or after your baby is already born.

If you are early in your pregnancy, you may be confused about what choice is best for you. You may be thinking, “I don’t know whether I want to give my unborn child up for adoption. Where can I learn how to give my unborn baby up for adoption without committing to the process?” When first learning of an unplanned pregnancy, it is common for women to want to learn how to put an unborn baby up for adoption, without committing to an adoption plan.

Contacting American Adoptions does not obligate you to choose adoption; it just gives us a chance to get to know you and answer your questions so we can help you move forward with the option that makes the most sense for you and your unborn infant. Also, all of your information and the phone call itself are completely confidential.

Only if and when you decide to place your unborn infant for adoption will we then begin looking at adoptive families and deciding how you want the adoption to proceed.

If you want to give your unborn baby up for adoption, it’s important you recognize that choosing adoption isn’t “giving up” your child — it’s giving them their best shot at life.

Here’s how to give your unborn baby up for adoption with American Adoptions:

  1. You’ll submit your information to an adoption specialist by filling out social and medical history forms, which will help us match you with prospective birth parents.

  2. Once we get your preferences for the kind of family you want your child to have (yes, you can choose the family your baby will live with), we’ll send you some profiles of families looking to adopt a kid at birth. Don’t worry; it’s never too late to find adoptive parents for your coming baby due to the hundreds of couples we have on file waiting to become adoptive parents.

  3. After picking an adoptive family, you will be able to talk to and meet them to make sure they’re the right fit for your unborn child. You’ll also be able to discuss post-adoption contact preferences, which will let you watch your child grow up through letters and pictures.

  4. When you give birth at the hospital, you will be in charge of every aspect. It’s here that you will sign away your parental rights and the adoptive family will take custody of your child.

  5. You will remain in contact with your baby’s adoptive family as your child grows up, and you’ll be provided free counseling from your adoption specialist as long as you need it.

If you’re wondering when you can give a child up for adoption, you can start the process at any time during your pregnancy — but it’s important you do only after you’re confident in your decision. Remember that this is your choice and nobody else’s.

Michelle Downard, a birth mother herself, and the rest of our adoption specialists are here to help with any adoption-related questions you may have or to help you decide whether parenting or adoption is right for you.

“We are here to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy in any way by answering their questions and walking them through the adoption process. Whether they ultimately decide to parent or continue with adoption, we want to help women decide what is best for their individual situations," Michelle says.

So, if you’re considering adoption for an unborn infant, you can contact our adoption specialists at any time, for free and with no obligation at 1-800-ADOPTION. No matter whether you’re considering adoption late in your pregnancy or early on, we’ll give you the same respect and opportunities as any other pregnant mother.

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