Adoption vs. Abortion vs. Parenting

Your Life. Your Baby. Your Choice.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be very difficult and scary, and deciding what to do will be even harder.

While you may feel totally alone at this time, know that you aren't! According to the March of Dimes, nearly 60 percent of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned.

That is to say, millions of women have been in your shoes.

Keeping perspective at this time is critical. The most important thing to remember is that you have a choice. Every woman does.

There are three main paths: parenting, abortion or adoption. American Adoptions has gathered some information for you to review that may guide you in making your decision. The more informed you are, the better you will feel about your ultimate decision!

Cost Differences

Adoption There is no cost to you if you choose adoption. In fact, pregnancy-related expenses are paid for by the adoptive family, which often include medical care and living expenses. Examples may include: rent, utilities, maternity clothing, food, prenatal vitamins and any other medical expenses not covered by your insurance or Medicaid. You will be able to speak with your adoption specialist about your specific needs.
AbortionDepending on how far along you are in the pregnancy, the cost will range from $500-$2,000 for an abortion. There may also be additional charges for ultrasound, the "morning-after" pill, birth control and further medical treatment, should an infection should occur.
ParentingParenting is the most expensive option. Total cost to parent a child ranges from $1,000-$2,000 monthly. This estimate may include but is not limited to: diapers, baby bottles, formula, clothing, car seat, day care, first aid supplies, blankets, crib or basinet, and hygiene products. A parent must also budget for shelter, food, transportation, and utilities to raise their child.

When all of these expenses are added up, it will cost approximately $12,000 - $24,000 per year to raise a child. This estimate does not include education and other items that children will require.

Similarities and Differences

Adoption vs. Abortion

You can pursue earlier goalsYou can pursue earlier goals
You can live independentlyYou can live independently
You will not have to parent prematurelyYou will not have to parent prematurely
You will avoid being forced into a hasty marriage or relationshipYou will avoid being forced into a hasty marriage or relationship
If you are a teenager, you can resume your youthful lifestyleIf you are a teenager you can resume your youthful lifestyle
Note: There are no similarities between parenting and abortion. One important similarity between adoption and parenting is that you can give life to your child and watch your child grow up.
Your pregnancy ends with giving lifeYour pregnancy ends with death
You can feel good and positive about your choiceYou may feel guilt and shame about your choice
You will remember giving birthYou will remember taking a life
You will have plenty of time to plan you and your baby's futureAbortion is final; you can't go back on your decision
You can hold, name, and love your babyYou will never know or treasure your baby
You can have continued contact with your babyYou will miss the opportunity to see your child develop
(Bethany Christian Services)

Get the facts...

Adoption, Abortion, and Parenting

We understand the fears you may encounter on your path to choosing the best choice for your situation. We at American Adoptions have compiled the following myths and facts to help you make the right decision.

Myths and Facts About Adoption, Parenting, and Abortion

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