Autumn's Adoption Scholarship Story


Anger, sorrow, frustration, confusion, pain, and humiliation were just a few of the emotions I felt when I found out that I was pregnant. Everyone around me offered advice, and yet I still felt alone. Nobody told me what to do, and yet I still felt pressured. For an 18-year-old girl, fresh out of high school, with a collegiate athletic scholarship on the table, pregnancy was the last issue on my mind. Yet still I was there, in shoes that I never imagined I would fill. My options were clear, but there was not one that seemed good. I knew that abortion was not an option for me, but I also wanted my child to have the best life possible. For these reasons I chose adoption. Nine months later, as I placed my baby girl into the hands of her new mother, all those feelings rushed back in. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make, yet I would do it again a thousand times over. They always say every rose has its thorn, but I am thankful that every thorn bush has a rose. Out of a heartbreaking situation came hope.

Getting a college degree was always at the top of my priority list, I just wasn't sure what degree I wanted and what I wanted to do with one. After working through the whole adoption process, I knew that I wanted to help other girls dealing with pregnancy and other hardships. I am currently attending a university where I am playing volleyball and majoring in Sociology. In the future, I hope to use my story to make adoption a more prevalent choice among women.

I am really proud of myself for the accomplishments I have made so far and can't wait to see where my life leads. By choosing adoption, I was able to continue my life and accomplish the goals that I have always had and also give my baby the life that I was not able to provide. Adoption is a win- win situation for everyone and it is the most selfless decision to make. To any birthmother considering adoption, I'd say there is no better choice available. Yeah, it's not easy, but it's the most rewarding decision you can make. You are making an important decision that will change lives-that of your child and a family that wants a child more than anything in the world-but are unable to conceive.

Thanks to American Adoptions and the scholarship they provided for me, I was able to continue my education and follow through on the dreams I've had for so long. Every birth mother should apply for this scholarship; it is a great opportunity to help with school and to accomplish your dreams. Adoption is not about giving your baby away; it's about giving your baby a loving family and a great life they deserve.

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