Lisa's Adoption Scholarship Story

Through American Adoptions, I have been able to make choices in my life that I might not have been able to make otherwise. I was a divorced single mother when I found out that I was pregnant with a second child. Being recently divorced my life was going through much turmoil and I was positive that I was not financially secure to raise two children. For me, abortion was not a choice. I love my son very much and I realized that I wanted this child to enjoy things in life that as a single mother I knew I would not be able to give her. I decided to look into adoption through American Adoptions because of the variety of services that they have to offer. I was very scared when I made that phone call to find out how the adoption process worked. When I called American Adoptions, I found myself at ease very soon as they were very understanding and explained the many questions that I had. The most important thing to me was that I could choose the type of adoption that I wanted. I knew that this would be very hard on me and wanted to be able to have contact with my child throughout life. I decided to choose an semi-open adoption, they sent me a packet of different families to choose from and I found one that I felt had important values. I was able to meet the couple that I had chosen and I immediately knew that they were the one that I wanted to raise her. The family that I chose regularly visits with me through E mail and pictures, and I know that she is being very well taken care of. My little girl is now over a year old and I could not ask for a better couple to raise her as their own. I had already decided after my divorce that I wanted to return to college to finish my associates degree in Business and also to pursue a degree in Paralegal Studies. I will be finishing my associates in Paralegal Studies this Spring and I am currently continuing that education on to received a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice while working full time at a law firm, and raising my son. I hope women out there will understand that there are choices you can make, you just have to decide what is the right decision for you. There are people out there who care about you and your baby. When you decide, please remember that there are people out there who long to have a child, but are not able to. You were given a miracle and can help others out there to be able to have a family.

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