Kelly's Adoption Scholarship Story

No one could have prepared me for the whirlwind of emotions that came with my unexpected pregnancy. At nineteen, my life was as "normal" as anyone else's. I was attending school with a bright outlook for my future. When I discovered that I was pregnant, all of my goals and hopes for life seemed to changed in an instant. The inital shock was more than enough to make me re-evaluate my life, and I had looked into other options before settling on the idea of adoption. After viewing online profiles of hopeful parents-to-be, I knew immediately that the adoption process was a win-win situation for everyone. Through adoption, I have ensured that my child will have the opportunities in life that I would not have been able to provide while, at the same time, fulfilling the dreams of two wonderful people unable to have children of their own. Not once have I been ashamed or embarassed of the decision I have made. Although I will admit that the placement in general was not easy for me emotionally, everyone at American Adoptions helped make it a more positive experience. I now, however, realize the importance of my future and the birth mother scholarship offered through American Adoptions has helped me tremendously in achieving my goals. There was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue my education, and I am currently attending school in North Carolina. Within the next two and half years I will have completed a degree in nursing. Looking back over the last two years I feel so thankful for everything that has happened. The entire experience has made me stronger, and I now feel like I can tackle anything that life may throw my way. I use to believe that life had a funny way of working itself out for the best, but now I KNOW it does.

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