Christy's Adoption Scholarship Story

All I can say about adoption is that I am glad it was there for me. I am glad I had the option that would benefit everyone in the end. It is at first an unfortunate situation to be in for the birth mother. Unplanned pregnancy can be a very scary thing for many women. Unfortunately, many women choose to terminate their pregnancy but that was something that I just could not do. I am happy about the decision I made and I am grateful to American Adoptions for assisting me in every way. For me, it was hard thinking about what was inevitable. I knew I was about to loose my first born child, but my case worker Alli took care of everything so I would not have to. It really helps to have someone on your side that can be your strength when you feel like you can’t go on. Now I couldn’t be happier knowing that my child will be taken care of by two of the greatest people in the world.

I plan on getting my Associates Degree in Applied Science in Biotechnology. This is my area of interest and will hopefully help me get a job in blood testing. I have been working in the blood banking industry for years and I consider it to be my passion. However, I am limited in this particular field because I do not have any certifications or degrees. In fact, I was terminated from my job at Community Blood Center for taking maternity leave last November. I delivered December 2, 2004 and will soon be ready to go back to work. If the center chooses not to rehire me I will have to find work elsewhere. So you can see I obviously have some financial needs lately. I want to make this dream of having a degree become a reality. I am hoping to turn my life around after having a baby. I believe I can only accomplish this with the proper finances needed to attain this goal.

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