Katie's Adoption Story

For me, abortion was never an option. Even before I became pregnant, subconsciously, I knew I would consider adoption if the issue ever came up under bad circumstances. So, apparently, when the issue actually did come up I considered all of my options and my motives.

My number one most important concern was not about me or even what I wanted, it was my baby girl developing inside me. I had to make sure that my precious little girl was going to have everything she needed to mature into a healthy, successful, intelligent beautiful woman. Therefore I had to face reality and choose adoption so my child could be loved and well taken care of. I love my baby girl so much I would die for her. Honestly I believe my baby saved my life from a lot of unnecessary pain and misery and eventually death; so in return I chose to give her life and opportunity for a great life.

It was so hard to finally make that decision to give up my baby. It was even harder to actually give her away especially after being able to finally hold her. But I know in my heart I made the right decision and I can live knowing that my little girl is loved and taken care of and that hopefully one day in the future I will have the chance to meet and have a relationship with my daughter.

Thanks to American Adoptions for being so helpful and providing the opportunity for girls like me to move forward in life with a scholarship award. I am able to continue following my dreams to become an Interior Designer and have my own business, then eventually settle down and have a family of my own. For all of you girls that are in a similar predicament don't ever settle for less, do what is best for your child, make something of yourself, and don't ever give up. Everything seems to happen for a reason and eventually things work out just right.

Keep Smiling.

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