Amanda's Adoption Scholarship Story

The minute I knew I was pregnant I felt my whole world start caving in. After lots of research and heart felt talks with my boyfriend, we both decided that adoption was the best option for us. We both knew that if we were to keep our child we would not be able to give her the life we always dreamed of giving. American Adoptions helped us to find a family who wound up being the perfect family for our child. This family made us feel like we were a part of their family from the moment we met them. The minute we chose adoption everything started to look up. Good things were coming out of a bad situation.

One of the biggest reasons that we chose adoption was the fact that neither of us had finished college yet. When I found out that I was pregnant I had just started to pursue my major in Social Work. I had gone through several majors up to that point but Social Work really spoke to my heart. I was not quite sure what direction I was going to take though. After going through the adoption process I knew that I wanted to help other birth mothers and their adoptive families.

Receiving the scholarship through American Adoptions helped me in several different ways. The obvious way it helped me is financially. This scholarship also gave me the inspiration to get myself back into school even when I wasn't sure that I was ready. It turns out that I was and I am really excited about all the things that I am learning and the ways that I am growing. This scholarship is also going to give me inspiration later on when I feel down. I can always look back and remember that someone else saw what I could do and believed that I could exceed in my life. This scholarship reminded me of the promise I made to my baby the day she was born. Once again good things are always coming out of bad situations.

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