Amy's Adoption Scholarship Story

Excitement, fear, sorrow, joy are all thoughts that fluttered through my head the moment I found out I was pregnant. Those feelings stirred up such a whirlwind of emotions it caused me to fall numb. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was 26 years old and a manager at a major retail chain, I had everything going for me, so everyone thought. But deep down I ached to nurture and love myself. I hadn't finished college and seemed to be living paycheck to paycheck. How could I begin to look out and love someone else when I was struggling to do that for myself? This child I carried was deserving of more love than I could ever give on my own. So, instead of picking out names and nursery colors, we had the honor of picking out parents and siblings. I know that my little girl wasn't an accident or a mistake like most people try to tag adopted children. She was a blessing and a prayer to be answered by a very loving family. It was an honor to carry their child for them. I know I would have been a good mom, but I know that I am a great mom for giving her more than I could ever offer. 

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