Angela's Adoption Scholarship Story

On 11/14/2009 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and it was only three months earlier I found out I was pregnant. Four months if not nearly long enough to adjust to a life changing situation but I did it and came out stronger than I ever knew I was. My baby grew inside of me for six months without even letting me know he was there, which is ironic in itself given my very shy personality. However, those last three months he sure did make sure I knew he was there. Feeling his kicks and hearing his sweet heartbeat made my choice the most difficult yet also the easiest of my life. I knew I wanted nothing but the best for my baby and that was to give him to an amazing family that can and will give him that life. Realizing that wasn’t easy and I cried many tears of love and sadness but the night before I went into labor I had a dream of the adoptive parents playing with my baby boy. I could feel this overwhelming feeling of love and I woke up knowing my choice was the right one.

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