Donna's Adoption Scholarship Story

There is so much to say about my adoption story. At first I was thrilled about my pregnancy and have a brother or sister for my daughter to grow up with. My marriage quickly dissolved and 5 months later I was on my own with my daughter. My financial situation was not good and I was struggling to make ends meet. Abortion was definitely not an option for me but neither was raising two children. Adoption was my answer. I went through so many profiles to find “the couple” and finally I did! I was matched to them and soon after we were able to talk over the phone. I knew after speaking to them the first time that I had chosen the perfect parents to raise my son. About a week before my due date they came to visit and be with me for the birth (scheduled c-section). My son’s new mom was with me in the operating room holding my hand when my son was born. It was such a happy day but sad at the same time. I had given another couple the greatest gift imaginable and I wouldn’t be the one bringing him home. I am sure that I made the best decision possible for me and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am now pursuing my degree as a Clinical Laboratory Technician and raising my daughter the best that I can.

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