Christine's Adoption Story

My fiancé and I had out first son in 2011. He is the love of our lives. Around his 1-year birthday, we were discussing permanent child prevention strategies and decided my fiancé would get a vesectomy.

One month after we made the final decision, but before he had the procedure, we found out I was pregnant. Somehow the conversation led to adoption, something I never thought I would do. A few days later, after looking over many potential adoptive couples, we found the perfect couple through American Adoptions.

Ruben and Emilie were so sweet and real. They weren’t putting on a fake image for the sake of being chosen. We were thrilled and something about them screamed “this is the family.” 

We were told that our state doesn't work with the state that the family lives in. We were devastated. Then we moved to Arizona. Once we moved we were again matched with Emilie and Ruben.

They came down to Arizona two weeks before my due date. We got to spend time together getting to know one another better. They were in the room when our son was born. It was a joy watching Emilie’s face as she held him skin to skin for the first time. They are a great family.

Emilie sends us pictures through email regularly. It is strange seeing a carbon copy of our son growing up with another family but from the moment we found Ruben and Emilie we knew our son was theirs. He was given to us to give to them. 

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