Jade's Adoption Story

I’m from a small town in Virginia. Other than Friday nights in our football stadium known as “The Jungle,” there’s not much to Louisa County. But all like any kid with nothing to do, I was curious about things that a 14-year-old had no business even thinking about, but needless to say I did it anyways and the ending results weren’t all that good. So begins my story.

I can remember it like it was yesterday; it was my mom’s birthday to be exact. I think the worst day of both of our lives. Hers because she had to except the fact that her little girl wasn’t as innocent as she wanted to believe, and mine for the simple fact that I didn’t want to admit to the wrong that I had done. From that point on, life seemed to be in fast-forward. There were many decision to be made. I had to realize that it wasn’t about me anymore. I had to think about the baby that I was now carrying.

I’m not going to sit here and say it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done because it was actually the opposite. But in the end what it all came down to is my baby’s future. I felt as if it would be selfish of me to keep her away from the best life she could have. I mean I was given every opportunity to be the best at anything and everything I did. Just because I didn’t take every single one of those opportunities and run with it doesn’t mean that is not what I want for my baby. To this day I can’t explain it but when I first read Duane and Rosetta’s profile, I knew that they were the ones that could give my baby everything hat at the time I couldn’t. Now that I have graduated from high school, I would like the opportunity to further my education and to follow my dreams to ensure, even through difficult to make, I did make the right decision for both of us at that time.

I am thankful to American Adoptions for everything they’ve done. I am extra thankful for Duane and Rosetta for everything they have done, are doing, and have planned for my baby. I know she’ll turn out to be the brightest girl ever. And lastly and most definitely I want to thank my mommy and my daddy for all of the extra that I’ve put them through. Just knowing that I have them as my support system makes this whole thing a little easier to deal with.

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