Five Alternatives to Abortion When Faced with an Unplanned Pregnancy

There are Other Options to Consider

When faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, many women feel overwhelmed by their circumstances. Desperate for a “quick fix,” these women sometimes rush into an abortion decision before they’ve had an opportunity to fully explore all of their options. In fact, for every 149 women who choose abortion, only one woman chooses adoption.

This startling number demonstrates the need for more women to be more aware of their options other than abortion.

In this article, learn more about some of the alternative options to abortion so you can make a fully informed decision when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

The Facts About Abortion

It is up to each expectant mother to determine what is best for her and her baby. However, many women who choose abortion believe that this is their best option based on false assumptions: that it is a quick, painless solution to an unplanned pregnancy. 

Before making an abortion decision, it is important to realistically consider some of the challenges of this option:

  • Abortion costs can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on a woman’s circumstances, the stage of her pregnancy, the clinic she uses, and a number of other factors.

  • Many women struggle with their abortion decision long after the procedure is complete; in some cases, post-abortion stress syndrome can even cause severe, long-term symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

  • Abortion is a medical procedure, and while complications are rare, there are some health risks associated with this process.

  • Abortion is a time-sensitive decision; because most abortions must be completed very early in the pregnancy, some women are forced into an abortion decision before they are truly ready.

  • Abortion is permanent. Once the abortion procedure has started, a woman cannot change her mind.

These challenges lead many women to wonder: What are some alternatives to abortion?

Choices Other Than Abortion

In general, there are two alternatives to abortion: adoption and parenting. However, within each of these categories, there are many arrangements that a woman can make to ensure the best possible outcome for her baby.

If you are facing an unintended pregnancy and thinking, "I don't want to be pregnant but I don't want an abortion," here are five abortion alternatives you may consider:

  • Becoming a single parent. Many women consider abortion because they are not in a relationship with their baby’s father and do not feel ready for the challenges of raising a baby alone. But while single parenting can be challenging, this option is becoming increasingly common and accepted in society. Before deciding to become a single parent, however, it is important to develop a strong support system and consider the many practical and financial challenges of raising a baby on your own.

  • Co-parenting with the baby’s father. If you are married, in a committed relationship, or otherwise on good terms with your baby’s father, you may be able to raise your child together. However, if you choose this option, know that you will be forever connected — and it is important that you are not forced into a long-term relationship that isn’t right for you.

  • Placing the baby in a temporary guardianship. You may be considering abortion because it would be difficult for you to raise your baby in your current circumstances. However, if you believe that your situation may change in the near future, there are other options instead of abortion. For example, you may choose to place your baby in a temporary guardianship with a close friend or family member. These legal arrangements allow you to ensure your baby is safe and cared for while you finish school, find more stable housing, or make other changes to your life that will allow you to successfully parent. But, if you are not certain that you will be able to parent in the future, you may need to consider a more permanent placement for your child.

  • Placing the baby with a family member. Sometimes, a family member may step in and offer to help an expectant mother raise her baby through a kinship adoption placement. While this may seem like an ideal alternative to abortion, there are many important challenges to consider before choosing relative adoption. For example, parenting disagreements and shifts in post-placement contact could cause serious damage to your relationship with your child and the adoptive family members.

  • Placing the baby for adoption. Finally, some women consider adoption as an alternative to abortion. While adoption is rarely an easy choice to make, women often find that this option helps address many of the challenges of abortion. For example, while abortion and adoption may both involve grief and loss, many women find that by maintaining an open relationship with their child, they are better able to process these difficult feelings in a healthy way. In addition, adoption services are always provided at no cost to expectant mothers, and many women even receive help with their living and medical expenses during pregnancy.

It is never too late to begin considering adoption or your other alternatives to abortion. To learn more about all of your unplanned pregnancy options, or to get help deciding to abort or put a baby up for adoption, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a licensed options counselor. Your call is confidential and does not obligate you in any way to proceed with an adoption plan. 

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