Cassidy's Adoption Story

I found out I was pregnant in the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. Unlike most pregnancies, mine was not swiftly apparent. I gave birth to my daughter in late August of the same year.

I knew immediately what the best option for both myself and my child would be. Thankfully, my mother’s place of work informed her of the great services that American Adoptions provides to women just like me.

Many nights were spent crying and agonizing over the right decision, and it ultimately turned out as a battle between my head and my heart. However, as soon as I stumbled upon the perfect couple to be parents to my little girl, some of that massive hurt in my heart went away. I knew that with them she would never want for love or comfort and she would always know that I made this painful decision out of love.

Because of the decision that I made, I get to start my freshman year of college as if I was no different from the rest of my peers, but in my heart I will always remember the sacrifices I made to learn among them. That will push me to work twice as hard, so I can prove to myself that enduring this separation was worth it — and so that my little girl will know it, too. These are thoughts I have had since the very first night I held her in my arms and used to strengthen me as I walked away from her and into my future.

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