Caitlin's Adoption Story

My adoption story has a happy ending for a young couple trying to just get by together and stay strong through communication and understanding.

During my first year of college, I found out I was pregnant with a daughter. When summer came, my partner and I talked about what to do. I was a four-hour drive away at college with summer vacation around the corner, and my partner is at work full-time. We did not want to have to half-raise a child while I was a full-time student and he was working a full-time job.

We both decided on contacting American Adoptions, and I chose a family that seems great for the girl. Filling out paperwork, finishing my first year of school and doctors’ appointments is a lot to balance for a 19-year-old. With a due date in mind, we began planning around it.

When the day came, she was a few weeks earlier than anyone had expected, yet she was perfectly healthy in every way. We named her Rose Tyler, after my favorite companion from the British TV show “Doctor Who.” Rushing between email to email to fill out information for us all, a new family had been presented to us — and they were the perfect fit. They had two dogs, loved outdoors and could spoil little Rose more than we could, and we understood that.

On day two, the couple drove from the middle of Pennsylvania all the way to the top of Ohio. They really are the best fit, with such positive vibes, and the four of us could talk for hours on end. As the weekend came to a close, it was a sad yet understanding moment of acceptance of what is happening. It all happened so fast, and we couldn’t have asked for a better couple for little Rose to be raised by.

Our adoption story was full of joy and happiness with a young couple trying to just get by. Yet, that was the end of the first chapter of the real story that has yet to be written.

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