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LaTasha's Adoption Story

I am currently 18 yrs old and adopted at the age of 3. My previous foster mother is my current grandmother. I have been in her home since I was 7 mths old. So her family, is the only family I have ever known. My biological mother abandoned me-just left. I wish she had made the right choice and given me up for adoption before I went through so much in the state's care, but at least she had me. I am one of the few lucky ones who actually got adopted as opposed to many of those who grew up in the hands and mercy of the state. I am currently enrolled at Howard University and in the AFROTC program. I am glad to say I am doing well, because someone loved me enough to invite me into her family. As a single African American, it took my mom almost 2.5 yrs to adopt me. But she stuck with it and never gave up. THANK YOU MOMMIE and to my biological mother- Thank you for at least giving birth to me as opposed to an abortion.

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