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Amy's Adoption & Reunion Story

I was adopted at 3 months old. I was born at 26 weeks - a complete shock to my birth mother who was 16 at the time and knew that I was not to be born yet. She chose to place me for adoptoin as she had no intention of marrying my birth father, and raising me alone proved too daunting a task. I have a very loving family, but always longed to have the questions answered as to who my biological parents were and who I looked like. Was there medical history that I need to know? Did they think of me as often as I thought of them?

Through the miracle of the internet I was able to finally find my birth mother after 4 yrs of phone calls, letters and emails to the agency, my parents' atttorney and all others I could think of. We were reunited in Jan 1998 (by phone) and Mar 1998 (in person) OH HAPPY DAY!! Through her I was also reunited with my birth father in April 1998 (by phone) and May 1998 (in person). It has been a very healing thing just to be able to ask them things that I wonder about from time to time. To see where some of my personality quirks came from. Some things I did as a child bugged my parents because they didn't understand it. And now it all makes sense to me and to them. Thank the Lord for such a wonderful reunion.

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