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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Crisis Pregnancy

Taking Responsibility During an Uncertain Situation

For a woman, the moments following the revelation that she is pregnant are either some of the happiest or scariest a woman can experience. A woman who is trying to get pregnant will be on cloud nine, but a woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy may be devastated.

These thoughts are natural. They should not, however, turn into fatalist thoughts, such as “My life is over,” or “If I get an abortion, my life will return to normal.”

It’s important for a woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy to be responsible for the situation she has found herself in. Her first step at taking responsibility is deciding which is best for her situation: parenting, adoption or abortion.

For many women, abortion seems to be the easiest way out of this situation. They may feel they can take one trip to an abortion clinic and their lives will return to normal. This often isn’t the case, however, as the abortion is something that lingers in their minds for a long while, and sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Most women would prefer to raise their children on their own, but sometimes circumstances complicate things. Women who want to parent must ask themselves: “Will my child have a father figure in his or her life? Will I be able to give my baby all of the opportunities he or she deserves? Will I be able to continue my education? Am I mature enough and ready to be a mother?”

Answering “no” to any of those questions should make the woman evaluate if she is in a comfortable enough situation in which to raise a child. Answering “no” could also mean the woman may want to consider adoption.

Placing a child for adoption is one of the most responsible decisions a woman can make because she puts her child before herself. The woman admits that an adoptive family would be able to offer the child more opportunities than she would at this juncture in her life. There isn’t a more selfless act than a woman choosing adoption for her child, ensuring that he or she is blessed with the happiest childhood imaginable.
If you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, the following articles will help you decide if adoption is right for you and your child.

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