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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Unwanted Pregnancy

Making Sense of a Turbulent Time

Women facing an unwanted pregnancy often feel fragile, as if telling someone that they are pregnant will cause their world to shatter. They may even attempt to hide their unwanted pregnancy from those they feel closest to.

During such an emotional whirlwind, pregnant women need two things to help them take the next step in their pregnancy: A direction and someone to talk to.

First, the woman must collect her thoughts, and over the next several days, decide if it is possible that she can raise the child on her own. The woman must envision her life with a newborn baby and how her life will change. Does this picture seem viable? Does the child have a happy life? Is she happy?

This is the first step in deciding on a plan. If the woman just can’t see herself being a mother at this time of her life, then perhaps she should consider placing the baby for adoption.

The second step in determining her next course of action is having someone to talk to. Family and friends can give her their opinions, but nobody can or should make the woman’s decision for her. Only she knows what is best for her situation.

Women experiencing an unwanted pregnancy should call 1-800 ADOPTION. An adoption professional will talk to her about all of her options, and will not pressure her into choosing anything she is not comfortable with. They will speak openly and honestly about the pros and cons of both parenting and adoption, and will answer any questions she has about either.

Family members usually want what is best for the woman, but sometimes they have their own agendas. By calling 1-800 ADOPTION, there are no agendas and no biases – just valuable information about her available options. Then, she will be equipped with the knowledge to make the best decision for her and her child.

The following articles will help a woman experiencing an unwanted pregnancy learn more about parenting and adoption, and which may be the best option for her.

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