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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Do you know how severe the problem of child abuse is in the U.S? Learn about the warning signs of child abuse and what you can do to prevent the abuse of children:


7 Famous Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Adopted

You might know their stats, but did you also know they were adopted?


How Miss Texas is Using Her Platform to Spread Adoption Awareness

When Shelby Jenkins was only months old, her birth mother left her at a caretaker’s house — and never returned.

Luckily, after more than a year in the foster care system, Jenkins found herself adopted by two loving parents. Despite her rocky start in life, Jenkins became a skilled dancer, graduated from high school and college and even cinched a Miss Texas US International title. Today, she’s teamed up with Adoption Share and Adoption is Beautiful as an adoption ambassador, sharing her story across the country and spreading awareness about the realities of adoption.


Famous Adoptees – Infographic

To wrap up National Adoption Month, we want to leave you with an infographic that shows adoptees can be anything, do anything and go anywhere in life. We hope you’ve enjoyed our content throughout the month, and more importantly, that you’ve learned something about adoption.


Facing Fears and Fostering Relationships – Katelyn, Matt and Marcus’ Story

Katelyn and Matt had a choice to make: in vitro fertilization or adoption.

The couple was planning a vacation to Colorado, and they decided that the long car ride would give them the perfect opportunity to talk about their options and make a decision. But when they woke up on the morning of the trip, they both knew what their answer would be.

“We both just knew it was adoption,” Katelyn says. “It was the strangest feeling. We just knew, 100 percent, that adoption was what we wanted to do.”

But while the hopeful parents were certain of their adoption decision, they also had some uncertainties that they needed to face — and some lessons to learn along the way.


Drug Usage During Pregnancy: How it Affects Baby

When adoptive families are asked what kinds of prenatal drug exposure they are open to in their child, their main concern is the health of their future child. In a perfect world, an adoptive family’s child will have had no drug exposure and will be born perfectly healthy.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many babies placed for adoption have been exposed to some type of drug in utero. Exposure can vary from very little to multiple times per day, and effects on the child can vary just as greatly. However, each of these babies has something in common: they’re in need of a loving family to care for and nurture them.

Before making any decisions regarding drug exposure, it is important that adoptive families understand the possible effects on the child. Below, we have identified the most commonly used drugs and the possible effects they may have on an unborn child.


Labor Day: More than Just Another Day Out of School

Happy Labor DayWell, we’ve been in school for about 3 weeks now.  We’re getting into a routine, both in my classroom and at home.  Extra-curricular activities are in full swing after school.  In a few days, it …


Zika Virus – Will it Affect Your Adoption?

Some adoptive families have come to us with questions and concerns about the recent outbreak that has affected newborn babies in other countries – the Zika virus. To help you understand the Zika virus and whether it has an impact on American Adoptions, we have …


National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2016

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to recognize that we each can play a part in promoting the social and emotional well-being of children and families in our communities. As part of this awareness month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services encourages individuals and organizations to share child abuse and neglect prevention awareness strategies and activities and promote prevention across the country.


Our Founders – Ted, Susan and Scott’s Adoption Story

February 13 was our 25th birthday and to celebrate we want to share with you our founders’ adoption story. Watch the video below or read Susan’s story.

By Susan Mars, Co-Founder of American Adoptions

When I was growing up, all I really wanted to do was marry the man of my dreams and start a family. I married the man of my dreams but the family part was not able to be, at least not biologically the way most people plan. After many failed pregnancies, we made the decision to adopt an infant. We knew we both wanted to be parents and we knew we could love a child the same regardless if we gave birth to him or her.

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