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Bill & Jennifer

As you look at our profile, please know that we have plenty of room in our hearts and home to welcome your child. We will provide a loving, stable and safe home and offer a lifetime of opportunities to your child. We want you to remain a part of our lives in a way that feels right to you.

About Us

Senior Director
Master's Degree in Engineering
Master's Degree in Communications
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

A Fall Visit to the Local Farm Stand

The day we met Hannah and her birth mother was one of the most incredible and emotional days of our lives. After years of yearning to be parents, this was it. We didn’t want to be parents to fill some hole in us. We wanted to be parents to transcend, share love, and experience another part of being on this earth-- and this experience has taught us more than we ever could imagine.

Adopting our daughter Hannah in 2017 was the greatest joy of our lives. Entering into the adoption community has been such an incredible learning experience for us. We have grown as people and as parents.

Now that our daughter is 4, we are hoping to grow our family again through adoption. Because we are both so close to our siblings, we want our daughter to have the same opportunity. Having siblings has meant that we have someone to learn from, to advise, to celebrate with, to laugh with and to love.

Family Traditions

Our Annual Beach Trip

Spring: Just after the last frost, we plant our backyard garden. We start with lettuce and herbs then move on to radishes, tomatoes and eggplants. We even did corn last year. Hannah loves munching on the tomatoes and sweet peas.

Summer: Summer means our annual beach trip with our good friends and their kids. We often stay at Bill’s family’s beach house. The house is in a family friendly area where you can ride bikes, kayak, and sit on a quiet beach. We’ve loved continuing this tradition with our daughter and we know that a new child would add even more joy to the trip.

Fall: This is Bill’s favorite time of year. Fall means marshmallow roasts near the fire pit, family walks in the cooler air, and his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Bill’s whole family comes in for three days to catch up, cook and give thanks. To make up for the big meals, we usually go on a family hike or turkey trot. Thanksgiving is special because it was the first time Jen met Bill’s extended family back in 2001.

Winter: The park next to our house has the perfect sledding hill. This year, Bill loved showing Hannah the joys of sledding for the first time. But the best part of winter for Jen is Christmas, her favorite time of year. We celebrate Christmas all season long! Jen, Mimi and Hannah love to bake and decorate together.

Our Life Priorities

Date Night!

We can describe our marriage in 1 word: partnership. Since we met in college in 1999, we’ve grown together through life’s adventures. Over the last 13 years, we both earned our bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Education is important to us and a value we hold in our family. We bought and fixed up our home in our family-friendly neighborhood. Bill served our country in the military for 4 years as an Army officer. We found rewarding careers. Bill is in IT and Jen writes from her home office. Throughout it all, we’ve remained firmly committed to our marriage, our family and our faith. We hope our next adventure is to add to our family.

Our goals are to:

• Laugh every day

• Keep learning

• Say I love you often

• Acknowledge each other’s efforts

• Make big decisions together

• Make our home a happy, welcoming place

• Have family dinner every night


Making Jokes
Making Jokes
Reading Books With Mimi
Reading Books With Mimi
Strawberry Picking
Strawberry Picking
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Easter in the Backyard
Easter in the Backyard
Vacation Train Ride
Vacation Train Ride
Aunt Didi Makes Birthday Cupcakes
Aunt Didi Makes Birthday Cupcakes
Pirate Party
Pirate Party
Making Baked Ziti
Making Baked Ziti
Building Cars
Building Cars
1 / 11
Making Jokes
Making Jokes
2 / 11
Reading Books With Mimi
Reading Books With Mimi
3 / 11
Strawberry Picking
Strawberry Picking
4 / 11
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
5 / 11
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Dressed Up for a Wedding
6 / 11
Easter in the Backyard
Easter in the Backyard
7 / 11
Vacation Train Ride
Vacation Train Ride
8 / 11
Aunt Didi Makes Birthday Cupcakes
Aunt Didi Makes Birthday Cupcakes
9 / 11
Pirate Party
Pirate Party
10 / 11
Making Baked Ziti
Making Baked Ziti
11 / 11
Building Cars
Building Cars

Our Extended Families

At the Beach

We are lucky to be close to both sides of our families. Jen’s mom Mimi is the closest—in fact she lives with us. Our home has an attached in-law apartment. Mimi retired from her job when we adopted Hannah and is now a full-time grandma. She watches Hannah while Jen does her writing work from home. Mimi is looking forward to having a new baby to love as we adopt again. Jen’s sister lives in our same town and loves being an aunt. She cooks an amazing Sunday family dinner and has Hannah over to her place on Friday night “date nights” to give us our own private time for a meal out or a movie night. Bill’s family lives about an hour away so we are able to see them for holidays and celebrations. Bill is close with his two siblings. His brother was born when Bill was 13 so Bill helped raise him providing love, support and guidance. Now all grown up, his brother graduated from the same college we went to.

Cousin Week!

Bill’s cousins were adopted transracially so adoption has always been celebrated in his family. A value we are blessed to continue on in our own lives.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our neighborhood so much that when we decided for Jen’s mom Mimi to move in with us, we moved to a larger home on our same street!

Our neighborhood is a fun, family-friendly community in Virginia with food truck events twice a month, live music once a month, visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny, and a Halloween parade. We have a park right next to our house that we access through a wooded trail. It was a childhood dream of Jen’s to have her own secret garden path and now she has one for Hannah. In addition to the playground, there are tennis and basketball courts, and a beautiful stone patio for events and picnics. There are diverse families of all backgrounds and ages with a lot of young children.

Our home has 5 bedrooms and is on a large, wooded lot with lots of shade trees. The tree out front is what sold us on the house. We call it the hugging tree and love to take family photos there. Jen even has an office off the kitchen that Bill built for her so she could have a beautiful space to do her writing.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for looking at our profile.

We hope our profile shows who we are and the love we have to share. We are grateful to loving mothers like you who are willing to consider making the selfless decision to make an adoption plan for your baby. You’d be our hero as you make our dreams of growing our family come true.

Our marriage began with a friendship and grows stronger with each year. We first met freshman move-in day when we were 18 and just starting college. Because we met when we were so young, we got to grow up together and we have loved watching each other become adults, then homeowners together, and now parents.

Our relationship works because although we are very different people and our interests have changed over the decades, we share the same values of prioritizing family, friends and our community. We believe that biology doesn’t define family for us. We wanted to be parents above all ?" and for us, that meant adopting. We adopted our daughter as an infant in 2017 and have regular contact with Hannah’s birth family. We talk to Hannah about adoption regularly and read adoption-themed kids books so that as she grows older, she can have a strong self-esteem and identity. Jen made a special life book for Hannah so she could learn about her life story. Hannah loves looking through the book and talking about her unique story.

By far, becoming parents has been the greatest journey of our lives. We hope to adopt again so that we can complete our family. We know a second child will be more work, but it will also be more joy, more love and more laughs, and we are lucky to have the support of our families, friends and neighbors.

Our household includes us (Bill and Jen), 4-year old Hannah, Jen’s mom Mimi and our 9 year old dog Twyla. Jen’s mom Mimi has her own apartment within our home so everyone has their own space, but we are also able to be together as one family when we want to. We call her space “Mimi’s Place” and Hannah loves to go over to Mimi’s Place to play in her sunroom with the dollhouse and lego table while Jen does a little work or makes dinner. Having Mimi living with us has made all the difference, especially during COVID when Hannah’s school shut down. We didn’t have to worry about childcare like so many other families because we have live-in family support.

Top things we want you to know:

• We look forward to building a relationship through an open adoption if that is your wish with regular communication and visits

• We have a strong, stable life as a family

• Adoption is a part of our family’s identity

We feel that we can provide the right environment to help Hannah and our future child thrive as we complete our family. We send you love and prayers as you consider adoption for your child.

Bill & Jennifer


A Wrinkle in Time
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Childhood Memory
Friday pizza night
Childhood Toy
Hungry Hungry Hippo
Stuffed animal named Lamby
Children's Book
Goodnight Moon
Blueberries for Sal
New York
Day of Week
Berry pie
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Family Activity
Family walks after dinner
Flower / Plant
Redbud Tree
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the tree while drinking cocoa
Leisure Activity
Memory with Spouse
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Shopping Store
Sport to Watch
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Thing to Cook
Baked Ziti
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Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec
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The Lake
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Mario Cart

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