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Jeff & Catherine

We are grateful you have chosen adoption for your child! Life is so precious and we admire you for being so selfless. Thank you for considering our profile. Being parents has been a long-time dream for us, and we have much to give and to share with a child. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and the journey ahead.

About Us

Architectural Engineer
Financial Advisor
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Management
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Adoption has always been something we've discussed for expanding our family. It became the best option for us after struggling for many years with infertility. We do not have any children currently and have experienced the heartache of losing 4 babies in miscarriages. After a long journey of doctor's appointments, surgery, and grieving our lost babies, we know adoption is our path forward. We can't wait to meet the child destined to be in our family.

For several years we have volunteered at non-profit organizations that support the personal development and well-being of children. In fact, our relationship with each other started after serving in a children's program and seeing that we had a shared passion of investing in children's lives. We love spending time with our 8 nieces and nephews or kids belonging to our friends, and we look forward to having a child of our own. Being chosen as adoptive parents would be the greatest gift, and we would be so grateful and excited to raise a child!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Vacationing at Catalina Island, California

Jeff About Catherine: Cat is a caring, nurturing and selfless person and that is why I married her. When we first started dating and I was sick, she stayed home from work to take care of me. I knew then that this was the woman for me. Cat is also a very driven person. She works extremely hard at work to make sure all of her clients are taken care of and then comes home and cares for our home and family. Her brain is amazing on how she can remember so many details. She would be a wonderful mom.

Catherine About Jeff: Jeff is all about fun and spending quality time with friends and family. He's always looking for activities we can do together, places to visit, or inviting people to our home. I admire Jeff for his loyalty to those he loves. He never says "no" when someone is in need and seeks out people that we can be generous to, oftentimes anonymously. Jeff loves people more than anything, and lives his life building lasting relationships. He knows no stranger, and is a friend to all.

We are both very competitive. This makes life fun playing tennis, basketball, golf, or even just a board game. Life is fun when we are together.

Adoption in Our Family

Adoption is a big part of our family already. Catherine has two cousins who are adopted. Our niece, Maci, was also adopted as a baby from Guatemala. She is now in high school, and we have had the privilege of seeing her story from the beginning. We are so very thankful that she is a part of our family and when we told Maci we were considering adoption, she was very excited for us.

Besides our family members, we also have friends who have adopted. From our perspective, adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family. We will tell our child how much we love them, want them, and all that we went through to bring them into our family. Our child will never go a day without knowing they are loved; loved by not only us as their parents, but also by their birth parents who made the most loving and selfless choice to allow us to be together.


Dinner Date on Vacation
Dinner Date on Vacation
Catherine Baking With Our Neighbor's Son
Catherine Baking With Our Neighbor's Son
Catherine Paddle Boarding
Catherine Paddle Boarding
K-State Game
K-State Game
Giving Out Halloween Candy
Giving Out Halloween Candy
At the Beach
At the Beach
Disney Main Street
Disney Main Street
Snorkeling in Mexico
Snorkeling in Mexico
Family Christmas With Santa
Family Christmas With Santa
Fourth of July
Fourth of July
Catherine & Bailey on Our Deck
Catherine & Bailey on Our Deck
Jeff Releasing a Baby Turtle to the Ocean
Jeff Releasing a Baby Turtle to the Ocean
1 / 12
Dinner Date on Vacation
Dinner Date on Vacation
2 / 12
Catherine Baking With Our Neighbor's Son
Catherine Baking With Our Neighbor's Son
3 / 12
Catherine Paddle Boarding
Catherine Paddle Boarding
4 / 12
K-State Game
K-State Game
5 / 12
Giving Out Halloween Candy
Giving Out Halloween Candy
6 / 12
At the Beach
At the Beach
7 / 12
Disney Main Street
Disney Main Street
8 / 12
Snorkeling in Mexico
Snorkeling in Mexico
9 / 12
Family Christmas With Santa
Family Christmas With Santa
10 / 12
Fourth of July
Fourth of July
11 / 12
Catherine & Bailey on Our Deck
Catherine & Bailey on Our Deck
12 / 12
Jeff Releasing a Baby Turtle to the Ocean
Jeff Releasing a Baby Turtle to the Ocean

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our home in Manhattan, KS. We live in a smaller community, where we frequently run into friends and acquaintances around town. Living on a golf course, we enjoy getting to know our neighbors well as we often play golf, eat at the club house together, swim at a neighbor's pool, or just hang out on the porch and talk. Walking our dogs daily has allowed us to meet a lot of people, and we know just about everyone in our neighborhood.

Sunset Golfing

Our home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and lots of room to gather with friends and family. We have a fenced yard for our dogs and future child to play. We are blessed to live in a secure, safe neighborhood with only community traffic. There is a mixture of young families and retirees. Some of our closest friends live a few houses down, and we look forward to having our child play with their son. We enjoy sitting on our back porch to watch golfers and admire the sunset in the evenings.

There are several parks nearby, mini golf, sporting activities, farm festivals and always something fun to do.

Our Extended Families

Boating With Family

Jeff has a large family that is very close and is always finding excuses to get together. We typically gather in Wichita, KS where Jeff grew up and where his parents live now. We have eight nieces and nephews and are referred to as "Aunt and Uncle Fun." Christmas is especially loud at Jeff's parents' house with so many people around. Jeff's eldest brother, Chris, is a professional Santa Claus during the holidays and will usually come dressed in his Santa clothes for family Christmas. It's a great time seeing all the nieces and nephews, and we like to have funny gift exchanges with all the kids.

Banana Boat Ride in Mexico With Family

On Cat's side of the family, there are no kids yet, so family gatherings are a bit quieter. Cat's younger sister is a surgeon in Texas, and Cat's older sister lives in California. However, we typically all come home for the holidays to Topeka, KS where Cat's parents live. We enjoy playing board games, watching movies, and going to the school gym to play basketball as a family. (Cat's mom is the principal of a private school, which is how we have this privilege).

Both sets of parents live within two hours of our home, so we see them frequently outside of holidays as well. Our families have been praying for us for many years to have children, and they are very encouraging of us expanding our family.

From Us to You


Our names are Jeff and Catherine and we are honored you are considering us to be adoptive parents! We have been married for nine years. Catherine is a financial planner and works with individuals who are saving for retirement, education expenses, and other long-term financial goals. Jeff is an architectural engineer, and designs mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for commercial buildings.

Currently, our immediate family is made up of ourselves and our two dogs. (Yes, we view our dogs as family members). Our sweet dogs LOVE kids, and it seems that they have been asking us to have a child for a long time. We live a comfortable life in a nice home on a golf course. Our town is vibrant but small enough that it can feel like everyone knows everyone in the community.

We enjoy traveling to beautiful places all around the country in our free time. We also are active in our church and local non-profits such as The Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, and other local foundations. During the week, when not at work, we can often be found on the golf course, at the tennis courts, walking our dogs at the park, or sharing a meal with friends.

Our home is already set up and ready for a child. We have a beautiful nursery room, with a large window, facing a tree. Our extended family is very excited to shop for toys, clothes, and other baby items. But most significantly, they are excited with us to welcome a child into our family.

Besides being prepared physically and financially to raise a child, we have so much we emotionally and spiritually are ready to give. Choosing us as parents would ensure your child never goes a day without being told they are loved, wanted, and cherished. Jeff will be a fun dad, who will always have activities planned. Catherine also will have fun, but will be the one who will make sure our child is well-fed, clean, learning, and not getting into too much trouble.

We are fortunate to have a childcare facility neighboring Catherine's work office, where she can see kids playing from her window. Catherine has a two-minute commute from our home to her office, and Jeff's office is about seven minutes away from home. We both work full-time (five days a week), but we can take care of our child within a moments notice and be home when they are sick or something comes up where they need us during the work day because we do have flexible schedules.

Traveling is a big part of our lives. We work hard, but also take time off to see the world while we are young and able. Our child would come with us and have unique opportunities to see other cultures and experience the beauty of lakes, oceans, mountains, and people groups from all over the world.

Music and athletics are activities that we enjoy, and we would allow our child to pursue whatever passions they have in music and sports. Catherine does hope our child will be her new tennis buddy. Jeff plans to take golf cart rides around our neighborhood as a family, as a first introduction to one of his favorite pass times.

Lastly, we would make sure our child knows that you wanted them to have the best life and selflessly allowed us to raise them. Based on your comfort level and preference, we would keep you updated if desired with texts and pictures.

Our sincerest thanks for your consideration in fulfilling our deepest desire.

Jeff & Catherine


Leonardo DiCaprio
Julia Roberts
My dogs Tom and Bailey
We love our dogs!
Hunger Games
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Candy Bar
Baby Ruth
Midnight Milk Way
Mickey Mouse
Monster's Inc
Childhood Memory
Going to Yellowstone as a family with my siblings and camping for a week.
Adopting my dog, Princess. She lived for 15 years, and I loved her so much!
Childhood Toy
Soccer Ball or Basketball
Barbie Doll House
Children's Book
Dr. Seuss
Baby Beluga
Banff, Canada - Loved to see the mountains and glaciers
Newport Beach, CA
Classic Movie
Catch me if you can
It's a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
Friday - Start of the weekend
Ice Cream Sundaes
Chocolate Fudge
Disney Movie
101 Dalmations
Peter Pan
Dream Car
Old School Porsche
Jeep Wrangler - and I'm fortunate to have one!
Dream Job
Park Ranger or outdoorsman guide
Professional Violinist
Dream Vacation
Europe - Ireland
Hawaii - we've been a few times, and it's so beautiful!
Family Activity
Golfing or walking our neighborhood with our dogs
Walking our dogs - this is a daily occurrence for our family.
Flower / Plant
Oak Tree
I like all kinds of food but will go with - Japanese
Form of Exercise
Zumba - I like to do cardio workouts in the living room
Apple with peanut butter
Poker with my friends
Catan board game
Golf - We live on a golf course
Tennis- I've been playing since high school. So fun!
4th of July or Christmas
Holiday Song
Sleigh Ride
Sleigh Ride - Jeff sings this song to me all year round and fills in "Lou" instead of "you" as a nickname for me.
Holiday Tradition
Hanging with the families
Decorating the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving - or sometimes the day after Halloween
Ice Cream
YES - I love Ice Cream, all of them. We had an ice cream buffet at our wedding even though it was December.
Raspberry Sorbet
Junk Food
Jalapeno chips
Leisure Activity
Hunting with my dog
Laying out at the Beach
Memory with a Child
Took my nephew to Disney World when he was 5.
I started babysitting at 10 years old for a family with 3 children. We had fun times swimming and playing hide and seek.
Memory with Spouse
Skydiving engagement -Cat doesn't like heights, but I convinced her it would be fun.
We had the opportunity to travel to California and drive Highway 1 along the coast of northern California. It was breathtaking! And we saw baby seals being born on a beach cove!
Shawshank Redemption
Sweet Home Alabama
Movie Munchie
Popcorn or whatever Cat (wife) brings me :)
Fruit Snacks or dried mango and pineapple
Movie Quote
"Are you not entertained" - Gladiator (another great movie)
A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep. (Cinderella)
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy or Drama
Not gonna lie, I don't do many musicals.
Musical Group
Matchbox 20
Olympic Event
Track and Field or Soccer
Personal Hero
My dad
Quality about my Spouse
Her Brains - She is the smartest person I know
Jeff is always looking for fun and adventure!
You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. Walt Disney
Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God. Ronald Reagan
Monkey Pod in Hawaii- best Tuna I have ever had
Jalisco's in Salina (Mexican food)
Club sandwich with everything on it
Peanut Butter Banana
For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord. - Jer 29:11
All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be. How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God. How vast is the sum of them. Were I to count them, they would out number the grains of sand. Psalm 139: 16-18
Shopping Store
Academy Sports
Bush Glycerine - I sing many parts of songs to Cat
Sport to Play
Golf - since we live on a course. When in High school I played soccer, track and basketball.
Tennis. Growing up I also played volleyball and basketball. And I was on the track and field team.
Sport to Watch
I like watching College sports over pros. Probably my favorite is college football
Basketball - We usually get season tickets to K-State Basketball.
Sports Star
Michael Jordan the GOAT
Sports Team
Kansas State Wildcats
Subject in School
Math and Science
Captain America - not a huge superhero guy
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Chicken, Rice, and Vegatables
Time of Day
Evenings - time with my wife and dogs
Morning - Love the peace and quiet and the start of a new day.
Hunting with my friends every year
Going to church as a family each Sunday.
TV Show
The Office
Heartland (this show made me want to visit Canada - which we did in the Summer of 2019)
TV Show Character
Jim - from the Office
Type of Music
Rock but I listen to all kinds, seriously
Vacation Spot
Hawaii - loved snorkeling in the clear water
California - so many beautiful places to visit in both northern and southern California.
Video Game
Played Halo when I was younger - don't play video games anymore
Mario Cart - I used to play this with my sisters. I liked to choose Princess Peach as my character.

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