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Marcus & Amanda

We are thrilled to grow our family through adoption and are thankful you would consider us as adoptive parents. Our parents are incredibly involved in our lives, they coached our sports, provided unconditional love, and as adults they've become our trusted friends. We plan to emulate our experience and would be honored to have the opportunity to provide your child with a loving, fun, and supportive home where they can be their authentic self.

About Us

Staff Technical Recruiter
Project Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Family Party at Gram's House

We have a large diverse extended family who live locally. Between our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, nieces, and cousins there is always a birthday, graduation, holiday or an achievement to celebrate. Amanda often brings our families together to celebrate. She loves coordinating the food, yard games, and decorations to mark the occasion. Our families are extremely warm and inviting and can't wait to celebrate with us as we grow our family through adoption. We are thrilled that our child will be a part of such a kind, fun, and diverse family that will also love and support our child.

If we aren't celebrating with family and friends we are often golfing, hiking, paddle boarding, listening to local music, cooking together, or trying a fun local restaurant. We can't wait to share our love of the outdoors with our child! We live in an area where there is great weather and we get to spend most of the year outdoors.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Enjoying Our Favorite Hiking Trail Along the Coast

Amanda About Marcus: Marcus's humor and glass-half-full outlook on life makes him such a joy to be around. He keeps me laughing and always has a dad joke ready to go. He is a big believer in balance and always prioritizes time with friends and family. Marcus enjoys golfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, yard games, and any friendly competition.

I also admire Marcus's enthusiasm and love of music. In his free time, he produces house music and has even signed some of his music. Marcus often encourages others to find activities or hobbies they enjoy and is excited for them when they find their "thing." He is looking forward to supporting our child as they pursue their passions and interests.

Marcus About Amanda: Amanda's compassion and love for others is something I truly admire. She cares deeply about others and genuinely enjoys getting to know people. She is great at prioritizing time with family and friends and loves planning celebrations to bring people together. It has been so fun to watch her be an aunt and godmother to our nieces and see her having fun with our friend's kids. I'm looking forward to seeing her channel all her love and compassion for others into caring for our child. I know she will bring so much fun celebrating all our child's milestones. I also admire her honesty, confidence, and her inclination to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Cultural Diversity

Many of our family members, friends, and so much of our community are culturally and ethnically diverse. We truly enjoy learning about others, their culture, and traditions.

We are excited about our child having the opportunity to join our warm, inclusive, diverse family. Our community of family and friends that come from Black, Mexican, Spanish, or biracial backgrounds have been hugely impactful in our lives.

Representation is incredibly important to us, and beyond teaching our child about their own ethnicity and culture, we would also make sure that the book, toys, movies, and things that surround them in their day-to-day life reflect the rich diversity of the world we live in! We are thankful that our child whether they are a child of color or not will have incredible role models who they can relate and look up to.

Both of our mothers are first-generation Americans, and it has been incredibly special to learn about our heritage and family history. We intend on learning as much as possible about our child's rich culture, ethnicity, and family history. We believe it is incredibly important to incorporate our child's culture, family history, and a community of individuals who share their ethnicity. Our hope is that they are proud of who they are and are as excited to learn about their culture and ethnicity as we are.


Sightseeing in Belgium
Sightseeing in Belgium
Enjoying Time With Family Before the Christmas Games Begin
Enjoying Time With Family Before the Christmas Games Begin
Exploring Paris
Exploring Paris
Marcus & His Brother Knee Boarding
Marcus & His Brother Knee Boarding
Setting Up for the Fourth of July Party
Setting Up for the Fourth of July Party
Golfing in Napa
Golfing in Napa
Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway
Camping in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Camping in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Playing Games at Our County Fair
Playing Games at Our County Fair
San Francisco 49ers Games
San Francisco 49ers Games
Snowboarding With Friends in Tahoe
Snowboarding With Friends in Tahoe
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
1 / 12
Sightseeing in Belgium
Sightseeing in Belgium
2 / 12
Enjoying Time With Family Before the Christmas Games Begin
Enjoying Time With Family Before the Christmas Games Begin
3 / 12
Exploring Paris
Exploring Paris
4 / 12
Marcus & His Brother Knee Boarding
Marcus & His Brother Knee Boarding
5 / 12
Setting Up for the Fourth of July Party
Setting Up for the Fourth of July Party
6 / 12
Golfing in Napa
Golfing in Napa
7 / 12
Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway
8 / 12
Camping in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Camping in the Santa Cruz Mountains
9 / 12
Playing Games at Our County Fair
Playing Games at Our County Fair
10 / 12
San Francisco 49ers Games
San Francisco 49ers Games
11 / 12
Snowboarding With Friends in Tahoe
Snowboarding With Friends in Tahoe
12 / 12
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a midsize community in Northern California. We chose our community because of its accessibility to the outdoors, its family-centered culture, and most importantly because of its proximity to our extended family. We take our dog for walks on local trails, we also hike, kayak, and paddle board at our local lake, and walk downtown to our city's farmers market weekly to listen to live music and purchase fresh produce.

Our community center has activities and programs for children of all ages, they even have a water park and splash pad for smaller children. Our community maintains over 40 parks including playgrounds, walking trails, open fields, dog parks, sports fields, and areas to host events. We live right around the corner from our favorite children's park where we see young families and children riding bikes and playing daily.

We were drawn to our home because of its historic cottage charm and modern updates throughout. It is light and bright due to its large windows and light interior paint. Our entryway is inviting and will be the perfect place for our child to hang their backpack after school. We love the open layout because it gives us the ability to spend time together while we are cooking, eating, or catching up on our favorite shows.

Our Extended Families

Annual Beach Trip With Family

Amanda has a large extended family who live locally, and Marcus's parents, two brothers and their families live a short drive away. Our weekends are often spent celebrating a family birthday, graduation, or just popping over for a visit. Our families are extremely supportive, encouraging, and are so much fun to be around.

Amanda & Her Mom

We love celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with Marcus's family. Our favorite tradition with them is joining them at the beach house each summer for a week. At the beach house, we spend our days outdoors on the water, hiking, and golfing. Our evenings are spent cooking, playing dice, and eating dinner on the patio where we watch the sunset as a family. These weeks are quite special because we get to spend quality time with each other doing the things we love.

We always look forward to Amanda's family's annual Christmas and 4th of July parties where we eat great food, play lawn games, and warm up by the fire pit while we catch up with everyone throughout the weekend. Amanda is often coordinating our family parties and can be found setting up the décor and coordinating activities. Amanda always makes it a point to make sure others feel celebrated on their birthdays and for their accomplishments.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We are honored you would consider us to be your child's adoptive parents. We recognize that this is an incredibly important and challenging decision. We believe that great parents prioritize their child's needs and comfort above their own, provide unconditional love, support, safety, encouragement, and structure, and are there in times of joy and in challenges. Nothing would bring us more joy in life than having the opportunity to love and support your little one.

We met in San Francisco in 2015 and have been together for seven years and married for three. Within our first few months of dating, we discussed our future together, our hopes of being parents, and our interest in pursuing adoption to expand our family. After our first year of marriage, we learned we were unable to conceive children naturally, which was another confirmation that we would expand our family through adoption.

Our relationship is built on love, compassion, and respect for one another. We hope to pass these values onto our child as we love and nurture them throughout their life. Our parents provided us with so much love and gave us the ability to just be kids while we were young. Our childhoods were filled with so much joy, fun family traditions, and stability that gave a feeling of safety and comfort. We can't wait to provide our child with the same experiences that made us who we are today.

We see you, our child's birth parents as an extension of our family. We are hopeful we get an opportunity to know you well, and for our child to have a lifelong relationship with you. Not only will we provide regular photos and letters, but we would also like to provide more regular communication and annual visits. You will always be such a special person in our child's life, and we recognize the importance of our child knowing who they are and where they come from.

We have a large ethnically and racially diverse extended family whom we love spending time with. We love learning about our friends and family's culture through food, music, and storytelling. We intend to learn as much as possible about our child's rich culture, ethnicity, and family history. We have enjoyed learning about our own family history, as our mothers are both first-generation Americans. We believe it is incredibly important to incorporate our child's culture, family history, and a community of individuals who share their ethnicity and/or cultural values. We hope our child is proud of who they are and are excited to learn about their family history, culture, and ethnicity as we are.

We chose our home, neighborhood, and community in preparation for expanding our family. Our community is diverse, family centric, has so many great parks, outdoor spaces and has a great school system. Our neighborhood is quiet and full of young families. Our large backyard is the perfect place for our child and loving pup to play and run around together. We are looking forward to hearing the laughter of our little one fill our home.

We would be honored to be your child's parents and we promise to love and support them throughout their life. We are inspired by your strength and courage when making this important decision, and we are praying that you have comfort and peace with whichever decision you make.

Marcus & Amanda


Tom Hanks
Denzel Washington
Sandra Bullock
Emma Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Candy Bar
Cadbury Flake
Rocket Power
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Our annual 4th of July block parties
Childhood Toy
Stuffed Animal Tiger Named Sassy
Children's Book
Where The Wild Things Are
Amelia Bedelia
New York
Seville, Spain
Classic Movie
The Goonies
It's a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
Sticky Toffee Cake and Ice Cream
Creme Brulee
Disney Movie
The Santa Clause
Dream Car
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
Classic Ford Bronco
Dream Job
Music Producer
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Celebrating holidays
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Mario Kart
Music Producer
Party Planning
Holiday Song
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Mary, Did you know?
Holiday Tradition
Annual Family Christmas Party Games
Our annual family Christmas party
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Cool Ranch Doritos
Leisure Activity
Sports Illustrated
Memory with a Child
Surprising our niece in Disneyland
Doing crafts with our niece
Memory with Spouse
Our trip to Paris
Traveling through Europe
The Sandlot
The Proposal
Movie Munchie
Reese's Pieces
Movie Quote
"Get to the choppa!"
Movie Type
Lion King
Musical Group
Sidney Charles
Brooks & Dunn
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Derek Jeter
Mother Teresa
Quality about my Spouse
Her love for family and friends
His humor keeps me laughing
Never tell me the odds - Han Solo
"Do everything in love"
Burma Love in San Francisco
Burma Love
Chicken Sandwich
John 3:16
Shopping Store
Amoeba Vinyl
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
Carrying Your Love With Me
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Derek Jeter
Sports Team
Tennessee Titans
San Francisco Giants
Subject in School
Zoology and Botany
The Hulk
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Summer Evenings
Renting a beach house at Dillion Beach every summer with the family
Our annual beach vacation with family
TV Show
TV Show Character
Joey from Friends
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Exploring a new country in Europe
Exploring new countries
Video Game

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