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Chris & Kim

Hi! We're Kim and Chris. We live in a booming area of Arkansas with our two rescue pups, Archie and Daisy. We like the outdoors, we LOVE to travel, and we generally just like spending time together. We have so much love in our hearts and we both have a very deep desire to be parents. We feel adoption is the best way for us to fulfill this desire and would be honored to walk this journey with you.

About Us

Company President
Degrees in Finance & Economics
Associates of Arts; Medical Assistant; Realtor
Legally Married

Education We Will Provide

All Smiles

As the old saying goes, "The world is your oyster." Though we're not exactly sure of the origin, the general gist is "anything is possible." That is how we feel about education for a child in our care.

We want to raise a well-rounded, respectful, bright, passionate human and we believe in order to do that we have to let them follow their hearts and their dreams. Some kids absolutely thrive in the public school system, following the old laid out path of primary school through four years of college. Some need a different approach to help them be their best, for example, Montessori school, or home school, maybe a technical school instead of a four-year college. We are open to all options as long as it is what is in the best interest of the child and helps to prepare them to be good humans who thrive and enjoy their lives as adults.

Our Lifestyle

Exploring Plymouth Rock

We are extremely blessed to have the ability to travel whenever we want to and travel is a large component of our life. We frequent the mountains in Colorado and enjoy exploring little mountain towns and breathing in the fresh mountain air. The beaches in the Gulf of Mexico are one of our favorite places to go for relaxation, and every now and then we will head to one of the coastlines. Kim loves Disney and Disney trips, and we will without a doubt be making several visits to the Disney parks with a little one. We would both love to do more exploring of the East Coast. We recently went to Boston and spent a week checking out the historical sites there. It was super cool! While neither one of us would consider ourselves history buffs, we do really enjoy taking in historical places. When we are at home, we stay active with friends, spend time outdoors, or just have a relaxing evening on the couch in front of the TV with our two dogs, Archie and Daisy.

We see a child easily blending in to our lives. Kim works part-time from home with a very flexible schedule and plans to stay home with a child. Chris owns his own company and has the flexibility to be anywhere at any time. We both want to be very hands-on parents who enrich a child's life with adventure and experiences from a very young age.

Our Family Traditions

Christmas is a big deal around here! We start early, often putting up the tree and decorating the inside of the house right after Halloween. We have started a tradition of having Chris's buddies come over to decorate the tree every year and they actually look forward to it! Kim's mom turns in to a cooking baking marvel around December 1 and then requires anyone who wants cookies to come help decorate them. We usually get at least 1 or 2 new victims, err...volunteers, every year. It's a huge undertaking but lots of fun and sugar! Having all the "uncles" over to help decorate for Christmas, and hunting out the best Christmas light displays we can possibly find bring a lighthearted whimsy to our Christmas traditions! We also take a framily trip around Christmas every year someplace we can all sleep in the same house and wake up Christmas morning and have breakfast together.

It is our hope that as our family, immediate and extended, grows we can incorporate new traditions together.


Geeking Out at the Kennedy Space Center
Geeking Out at the Kennedy Space Center
Proud Aunt Kim
Proud Aunt Kim
We Love Disney!
We Love Disney!
Headed for a Weekend Getaway
Headed for a Weekend Getaway
Chasing Waterfalls
Chasing Waterfalls
Fishing the Arkansas River
Fishing the Arkansas River
Enjoying a Nature Trail Near Our House
Enjoying a Nature Trail Near Our House
Time at the Lake With Friends
Time at the Lake With Friends
Christmastime at One of Our Favorite Parks
Christmastime at One of Our Favorite Parks
Checking Out the Snow
Checking Out the Snow
Jeepin' on a Spring Day
Jeepin' on a Spring Day
1 / 12
2 / 12
Geeking Out at the Kennedy Space Center
Geeking Out at the Kennedy Space Center
3 / 12
Proud Aunt Kim
Proud Aunt Kim
4 / 12
We Love Disney!
We Love Disney!
5 / 12
Headed for a Weekend Getaway
Headed for a Weekend Getaway
6 / 12
Chasing Waterfalls
Chasing Waterfalls
7 / 12
Fishing the Arkansas River
Fishing the Arkansas River
8 / 12
Enjoying a Nature Trail Near Our House
Enjoying a Nature Trail Near Our House
9 / 12
Time at the Lake With Friends
Time at the Lake With Friends
10 / 12
Christmastime at One of Our Favorite Parks
Christmastime at One of Our Favorite Parks
11 / 12
Checking Out the Snow
Checking Out the Snow
12 / 12
Jeepin' on a Spring Day
Jeepin' on a Spring Day

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

The community we live in offers several activities for all ages. There are three different facilities disbursed throughout the community that offer swimming pools, tennis, golf, mini-golf, playgrounds, a pump track, and 40 miles of hiking and mountain bike trails! There's always something to do outside or if weather is bad, there is a year-round indoor pool available at one of the facilities.

We live in what is considered a rural suburb. We live on a dead end street, which we like because only the people who live on our street drive past our house daily and that gives us a sense of security. Our house is cozy with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and an open concept layout. We have a very large, fenced in backyard that our dogs love to roam around and play in. We used to be the youngest people on our street, but over the last 5 years, most of our elderly neighbors have moved on and their homes have been brought back to life with young families. The neighborhood kids are always out riding their bikes up and down our street and taking delight in coasting down the big hill in front of our house. In the winter, our part of the street is the preferred area for sledding, and squeals of delight and laughter. We can't wait to have a little one to go join in all the fun!

Our Extended Families

Hiking With Family

Our family is small and widely spread out. Chris's family lives about two hours north of us and his siblings are buzzing with excitement to become aunties and uncles. Kim's brother lives in Iowa with his wife and daughter and Kim's mom is the only family that lives close enough for us to see on a regular basis. Her excitement to welcome another grandchild who will live close enough for her to see every day is the greatest joy to witness.

Christmas Cookout With Framily

We both had dreams of having a big family, so we call our friends our adopted family since we spend a lot of time with them. This child will, without a doubt, have some the BEST "aunties" and "uncles" any kid could ask for. They are so much fun! We spend a lot of time with friends traveling, playing outside on the boat in the summer, camping, eating meals together, and laughing. We both especially enjoy talking to our friends kids about their day at school, when they've gotten to do something super exciting or fun, and those moments that get more rare as they get older of just sitting down for some cuddles.

Our family, both blood and honorary, can't wait to welcome a new member to the crew and are so supportive and encouraging of an open adoption plan.

From Us to You

Hey there! We are Kim and Chris. We first want to thank you for taking some time to get to know a little about us. We met in 2011, started dating in 2012, and got married in 2013. Chris started his own company at a very young age and has worked in the IT industry for the last 20 years. Though he is still very involved in the day to day of the company, he is looking forward to career 2.0 as a professional pilot. His career(s) can be demanding, but his hours are flexible, he sets his own schedule, and he is home every night. Kim has been in the real estate industry since 2014 and is currently working remotely part-time for a title company. She enjoys the flexibility working remote provides and plans to stay home for the foreseeable future with a little one.

We like to travel domestically and we really enjoy the beauty and climate of the mountains. Colorado is one of our favorite places to go, especially during our hot humid summers here in Arkansas! We love it so much there that we decided to buy a vacation home out there last year. We look forward to being able to make lots of fun memories there in the future and hope to instill in a child our love for the outdoors and all the adventures it holds, along with a respect for nature and all living things. We both grew up in families that also enjoyed time at the lake boating, fishing and swimming in the summer and look forward to being able to share those experiences with a child.

We didn't meet each other until we were in our early 30's so we got a late start on building a family. Neither of us had ever been married before nor do we have any children. We have struggled with infertility and although fertility treatments did not result in a child for us, we feel that adoption is an opportunity to fulfill our dream of expanding our love and family. Chris is really just a big kid at heart. He will be the type of hands-on dad who is building blanket forts, climbing on playground equipment and on the floor wrestling around with the kids. Kim has a strong nurturing side and has wanted to be a mom for as long as she can remember. From friends children to fur children, Kim's love and intrinsic empathy is magnetic. Her ability to bring patience and kindness to situations that need just those traits comes as freely as the sun rising in the East every morning.

We would welcome an open adoption with emails and photos. We would love it if that communication grew in to more, where we can share with you via email or video calls, updates about our family, photos, and special milestones in the child's life; and since we do travel quite frequently, it is our hope that you will also be open to future visits. Through our own research and personal experience, we know how important it is for a child's mental health and identity to really know where and who they came from and we want to do all we can to foster that relationship for them in a healthy way.

We hope we have given you a small glimpse in to who we are and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us as you consider adoption for your child. We know this journey is incredibly difficult and it is our hope that you allow us to walk it beside you as a friend.

All our love,

Chris & Kim


Avery Brooks
Timothy Olephant
Kathy Bates
Reese Witherspoon
Wilson Rawls
James Patterson
The Womens Murder Mystery Club Series
Candy Bar
Not technically a bar, but Reeces peanut butter cups
King of the Hill
Little Lulu
Childhood Memory
Watching soap operas with my grandma
Childhood Toy
Baby dolls
Children's Book
The Wonky Donkey
Sante Fe
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Dances with Wolves
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Day of Week
Ooie 'gooie Butter cake
Ice cream
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
1970 Bronco, restored
Dream Job
Finish Carpenter
Dream Vacation
Home in the mountains with my friends
Family Activity
Decorating Christmas cookies
Flower / Plant
Gerber Daisy
Form of Exercise
Walking/ riding a bicycle
Labor Day
4th of July
Holiday Song
O Come All Ye Faithful
Holiday Tradition
Slowing down
Putting the Christmas tree up right after Halloween and not taking it down until Feb.1
Ice Cream
Double chocolate
Anything with caramel in it
Junk Food
Hot tamales
French fries
Leisure Activity
Laying on the beach listening to the waves
Cosmo? It's been a long time since I've picked up a magazine.
Memory with a Child
My first time as a horse handler during hippo therapy
Memory with Spouse
When she agreed with me that she was going to be my spouse
Sprinting through a torrential downpour on the beach to get back to our hotel, but having to find shelter anyhow bcs the rain hurt.
Fried Green Tomatoes
Movie Munchie
Salted caramels
Extra buttery popcorn
Movie Quote
"Where we're going, we don't need roads"
Movie Type
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Gymnastics: floor routine
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quality about my Spouse
Her ability to show kindness to those who least deserve it
His ambition
"The Earth laughs in flowers"- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Las Palmas
Deli sliced chicken and pepper jack cheese.
Proverbs 17:17
Shopping Store
Living on a Prayer- Bon Jovi
Sport to Watch
College football
Baseball or hockey
Sports Star
Barry Bonds
Sports Team
SF Giants; SJ Sharks
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Garlic butter shrimp over pasta with steamed or roasted veggies
Time of Day
Early morning
I send my friends kids videos of me horribly singing happy birthday to them every year
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Sheldon Cooper
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Destin, FL
Video Game
World of Warcraft
Super Mario Bros. 3

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