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Sean & Samantha

Deeply from our hearts, thank you for reading this and even considering us to share our lives, our love and our laughter with this child. We would be ever grateful to you, to be able to give us this gift we would cherish forever. We admire your bravery, your selflessness and courage it would take to make this decision, and we promise you this child would be loved endlessly and unconditionally.

About Us

Finance Director
Special Education Teacher/Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Certified Public Accountant
Bachelor's Degree in Special Education
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Enjoying the Sunset in Florida

Sean plays Australian Rules Football (Footy) in Texas which includes traveling for the team around the USA with Samantha cheering from the sidelines. Sean is also on the Board of the team and helps run the day to day operations, with Samantha assisting in the various fundraisers. Outside of "footy," Sean likes to remain active including running, swimming, hiking, camping and spending time outside. He also enjoys going to the movies, watching competitive sports and spending time with friends and family. He has also enjoys volunteering his time and over the past few years had volunteered a week during the summer as a camp counselor for underprivileged children in Maine.

Samantha also enjoys volunteering her time, whether it be for the Girl Scouts teaching sailing, planning Houston-wide Girl Scout events, making Thanksgiving dinner for individuals in need or assisting those displaced during Hurricane Harvey a few years ago. Samantha also enjoys traveling both around the U.S. and internationally with her favorite destination being Australia. She also enjoys spending time in the sun including swimming and going to the beach, as well as visiting family and friends. Other hobbies include playing card games, watching movies, cooking and taking care of her sister's dog, Abu. Samantha also enjoys crafting, whether it be embroidery, pottery or making surprise gifts for her friends and family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Enjoying Time Together

Samantha About Sean: Sean has a great sense of humor, is friendly, positive, funny, a jokester, and the one that the kids always gravitate towards. He loves kids and spent many summers as a camp counselor in Maine teaching sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, boating, rock climbing and also led various camping trips into the wilderness. He is from a very close-knit family, and always puts his family and friends first. He is calm under pressure, loyal, and solid as a rock. I love how he calls his parents in Australia every day, as well as regularly calling his siblings and nieces in Australia no matter how busy he is. When he is with his nieces or my nephews I see a concrete example of what a great father would look like.

Sean About Samantha: Samantha is such a positive person with such a love for life. She is a very loving, loyal and caring person, with a great sense of humor. She has the most infectious laugh and brings joy to those around her. She is such an empathetic and caring person evident in her career as a special needs teacher where she provides an education to non-verbal teenagers, including feeding them, changing their diapers, nurturing them and showing them love. She is a beloved camp counselor and enjoys her voluntary work with the Girl Scouts. By the way she treats her students, friends and family including young nieces and nephews, it is undeniable she will make an awesome mother.

Fun Facts About Us

About Samantha:

  • Is an identical twin and has an older sister ten years older.
  • Is a special education teacher but has her certification to teach General Elementary Education as well.
  • First in the family to graduate from college.
  • Is a Girl Scout Troop leader and was previously a camp counselor and sits on a few committees.
  • Middle name was named after her grandmother on her dad's side.
  • Scuba diving certified
  • Loves to travel, and has been to Australia, Paris, Hawaii, New York, California and Florida to name a few.
  • About Sean:

  • Is one of five children, where two of his siblings were born in Germany, one in Ireland and himself and younger brother born in Australia.
  • Both his parents were born in Ireland.
  • Grew up in Melbourne, Australia where attended school and college before transferring to Houston, Texas through job opportunity.
  • Camp Counselor in Maine while attending college, who would travel between semesters to camp.
  • Loves to travel and travelled to various countries including Ireland, United Kingdom, Fiji, Thailand, Italy, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  • Photos

    All Smiles!
    All Smiles!
    Down By the Bay
    Down By the Bay
    Happy Halloween!
    Happy Halloween!
    Samantha & Her Twin Sister (Samantha Is on the Right!)
    Samantha & Her Twin Sister (Samantha Is on the Right!)
    Wedding Fun
    Wedding Fun
    Sean Playing Cricket
    Sean Playing Cricket
    Exploring Cozumel
    Exploring Cozumel
    Channel Islands, California
    Channel Islands, California
    Fun Lake Spot Outside of Austin
    Fun Lake Spot Outside of Austin
    Hanging Out With Good Friends
    Hanging Out With Good Friends
    Sean & Our Niece at a Beach in Australia
    Sean & Our Niece at a Beach in Australia
    Hiking in the Hill Country of Texas
    Hiking in the Hill Country of Texas
    1 / 12
    All Smiles!
    All Smiles!
    2 / 12
    Down By the Bay
    Down By the Bay
    3 / 12
    Happy Halloween!
    Happy Halloween!
    4 / 12
    Samantha & Her Twin Sister (Samantha Is on the Right!)
    Samantha & Her Twin Sister (Samantha Is on the Right!)
    5 / 12
    Wedding Fun
    Wedding Fun
    6 / 12
    Sean Playing Cricket
    Sean Playing Cricket
    7 / 12
    Exploring Cozumel
    Exploring Cozumel
    8 / 12
    Channel Islands, California
    Channel Islands, California
    9 / 12
    Fun Lake Spot Outside of Austin
    Fun Lake Spot Outside of Austin
    10 / 12
    Hanging Out With Good Friends
    Hanging Out With Good Friends
    11 / 12
    Sean & Our Niece at a Beach in Australia
    Sean & Our Niece at a Beach in Australia
    12 / 12
    Hiking in the Hill Country of Texas
    Hiking in the Hill Country of Texas

    Our Extended Families

    Samantha With Her Sisters & Nephew

    Samantha has two sisters and one of them an identical twin, she comes from a close-knit family who love to gather for meals and holidays. Her family has a unique August birthday celebration where there are five birthdays in five consecutive days. We love to gather for crawfish boils, family vacations in Texas, playing games such as the current favorite, Farkle (a type of dice game). With Samantha's parents living 45 minutes away near the water, you can often find us spending time with the rest of the family on weekend staycations swimming, boating, crabbing or cooking.

    Family Visiting From Ireland & Australia

    Sean's immediate family includes his parents, two brothers and two sisters who are all based in Australia. Despite the distance, we visit Australia regularly and his immediate family often visits us in Texas. Sean calls his family daily to check-in, share a laugh and talk to his two nieces. When back home, we love to eat traditional Australian food such as meat pies, sausage rolls and fish & chips. Sean's family loves sporting events, wildlife parks, beaches, camping and fishing.

    Our families are excited about the possibility of sharing their love with a new family member, not bounded by distance.

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Welcome Home!

    We feel lucky that our hard work and sacrifices allowed us to move to the quiet suburbs of Texas in 2021, into our dream home that we could see ourselves growing our family in. It is a spacious two-story family home with four bedrooms at the end of a cul-de-sac. We have a large fenced backyard and spacious front yard. We have an open floor plan from the kitchen, dining room to the living room which is where we spend most of our time.

    We chose this community because it is close to our friends/family and it is a great place to raise a family. Within walking distance is our neighborhood community pool, walking trails, lakes, soccer fields and playground. The elementary and middle schools are just outside our neighborhood and the high school is connected to our neighborhood. You will often see kids of all ages riding bikes, playing football, soccer, baseball and tag. You can also hear the marching band practicing from the high school.

    Our neighborhood celebrates events such as Christmas, Easter, Lunar New Year, Halloween and International Day. Our community includes family events such as ice cream socials, movie nights and food truck nights.

    From Us to You

    First of all, we would like to say from the bottom of our hearts "Thank you." Thank you for even considering us to share our lives, our love and our laughter with this special gift which we have dreamt so long for. To choose us to be this child’s parents would be the biggest gift. We admire your bravery, your selflessness and courage it would take to make this decision, but hopefully we can give you comfort to know this child would be loved endlessly and unconditionally. To be chosen to be this child's parents would mean the world to us. We are both so excited with the prospect of becoming parents, as well as our families and friends to welcome another loved one into the mix.

    We are so excited about taking this journey together, and are thankful to you again to even explore this opportunity with us.

    To share a little bit about ourselves, we have been married for five years, been together as a couple for eight years and known each other for ten years. We are excited with what lies ahead in our future together and look forward to the idea of having a family together.

    We both have multiple siblings and we know that we want to be parents to have our own family with multiple children. We want to share our love and give our love which we have in abundance. We have dreamt of starting our family for a few years now and super excited about the prospect. Unfortunately it has not come naturally to us and have had some obstacles but that is what has lead us here with you. The processes has made us even stronger together in our relationship with various miscarriages, completing multiple rounds of IVF, egg retrievals and transfers it has made our determination even stronger to have a child and family together.

    Samantha's family does not have a young child and they are excited about the possibility of having a baby around to spoil. Samantha's parents' youngest grandson is 15 and can't wait to have a little one to enjoy in the laughter and learning new things in life.

    Sean's brother has two young kids, who both are super excited to grow and have cousins to play with. The new Grandparents are overcome with joy about the possibilities. The other aunts and uncles can't wait to have another niece or nephew to make laugh and teach new things too. Already they spoil their nieces Charlotte and Phoebe with trips to the beach and swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, sporting events and various day trips.

    We are super excited about becoming parents, especially the simple moments like reading bedtime stories and tucking them in at night, playing in the rain, having giggle fits and being the first ones they see when they wake up in the morning. We look forward to celebrating their first steps, first words, going to school, being spoiled by grandparents as well as numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. We look forward to hopefully getting to know you and your family as part of this journey and to share in the life of this blessed child. We are open to sharing the development of this child either through visits, sharing pictures and emails, and open to having them know their biological origins.

    Again Thank you so much for reading this and considering us.

    Kind Regards,

    Sean & Samantha


    Liam Neeson
    Eden Sher
    John Grisham
    Sporting autobiographies
    Candy Bar
    Cherry Ripe
    The PowerPuff Girls
    Childhood Memory
    Family vacations and Christmas
    Going to summer camp
    Childhood Toy
    Lincoln Logs
    Children's Book
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Llama Llama Red Pajama
    Melbourne, Australia
    Classic Movie
    Shawshank redemption
    Navy Blue
    Day of Week
    Creme Brule
    Ice Cream -Blue Bell Moo-llennium crunch
    Disney Movie
    Dream Car
    Mustang or Truck
    Dream Job
    Professional Athlete
    Stay at home Mom
    Dream Vacation
    European tour
    Family Activity
    Card games
    Flower / Plant
    Texas Sage
    Fried Chicken
    Form of Exercise
    Sports and travelling
    Holiday Song
    Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
    Mary Did You Know
    Holiday Tradition
    Family togetherness
    Our families Easter games
    Ice Cream
    Blue Bell Moo-llennium crunch
    Junk Food
    Fried Chicken
    Chips & Queso
    Leisure Activity
    Watching movies or sports
    Watching Movies
    Memory with a Child
    Floating down a river with my niece
    My nephews baseball games
    Memory with Spouse
    Taking her to Australia for the first time
    Our weekend adventures
    Home Alone
    Movie Munchie
    Movie Quote
    "Kevvvviiin" (From Home Alone)
    Movie Type
    Sound of Music
    Musical Group
    The Wiggles
    Mariah Carey- R&B
    Nursery Rhyme
    Wee Willie Winkie
    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    Olympic Event
    Basketball, Track, Swimming
    Sand Volleyball
    Personal Hero
    Michael Jordan
    My Mom
    Quality about my Spouse
    Loving, very caring, loyal, family oriented, fun
    Sense of Humor, kindness and positivity
    "If you can't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right".
    Shopping Store
    Don't Stop Believing (Journey)
    Anytime You Need A Friend - Mariah Carey
    Sport to Play
    Basketball, Australian Football, Cricket
    Sport to Watch
    Basketball, Australian Football, Cricket
    Australian Rules Football
    Sports Star
    Michael Jordan
    Sam Cassell
    Sports Team
    Hawthorn Hawks (Australian Football)
    Houston Astros
    Subject in School
    Maths, History, Law
    Super Ted
    The Power Puff Girls
    Thing to Cook
    Baking, grilling Barbeque
    Time of Day
    Christmas with Family
    My Family Easter GAMES
    TV Show
    The Simpsons
    Golden Girls
    TV Show Character
    Homer Simpson
    Rose - From Golden Girls
    Type of Music
    Classic Rock
    R & B
    Vacation Spot
    Australia, water, beach, swimming
    Near water
    Video Game
    Sports (basketball, soccer)
    Mario Kart - Super Nintendo

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