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Ben & Alicia

Hello, we are grateful you are looking at our profile. Our marriage is rooted in love, laughter, and unending support. Our life on the farm includes adventure, connection with nature, and lots of play with our horses and dogs; and we can't wait to share all of this with a child. We look forward to getting to know you.

About Us

Project Manager & Marine Biologist
Master's Degree in Computer Engineering
Master's Degree in Marine Biology
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

In Monterey, California

The most important things a parent can provide for a child is a loving and nurturing family. We want to provide a safe home where the child can be curious and develop a positive healthy attitude towards themselves and others. In our marriage there is a natural sense of belonging and we look forward to welcoming a child into a peaceful and kind home. We most often talk about the new adventures we will have together with a child and seeing the world from a new perspective. We envision a joyful and loving relationship with a child and how much fun it will be to raise a child into adulthood.

Alicia looks forward to sharing her love of animals with a child and hopes they will want to ride horses, go whale-watching, play with dogs, and find wild creatures. She looks forward to sharing books about biodiversity and how we can live consciously to protect wild places. She has practiced yoga for more than 10 years and looks forward to sharing this practice with a child so they can develop tools to relieve stress and live a more joyful and connected life.

Ben looks forward to introducing the child to many different experiences, getting to know their personality and interests, and helping them grow into the adult they want to be. He is excited to share his favorite hobbies like hiking, snowboarding, and building things around the property. Maybe he will even get to be a little nerdy with math and computers!

Our Lifestyle

SCUBA Diving Together

In our free time, we gravitate to activities that are outdoors and have elements of both relaxation and adventure. Our adventures can be simple such as exploring our backyard through hikes and gardening, or more exotic like going SCUBA diving in Australia. On every journey we tend to pack several books, lots of water and sunblock. Alicia is known to chop up veggies for delicious wraps for roadside picnics while hiking. Ben finds the largest mushrooms, trees, or saguaro’s to photograph. We can’t wait to share these adventures with a child. We are mindful of our living choices and try to limit our contribution to pollution and climate change. Ben built a compost station for our food and horse manure and we both enjoy working on fun projects around the property. We love exploring the local plant nursery and have many trees and plants inside and outside of our home. We practice a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise like running, yoga, meditation, and eating mainly a vegetarian diet. In the summer, we receive boxes of fresh veggies delivered from a local farm. Alicia prepares delicious stews, while Ben loves to create meals on the grill. Alicia is an advocate for wildlife and the environment, creating fun events to bring people together to clean up trash. Ben is a great role model for kindness and compassion for everyone. 

Our Pets

With Baxter & Alice

For us having pets is about companionship, love and staying active. We are confident our pets will be good companions to our child, offering love, laughs, patience, and protection.

We have two Australian Shepherds, Baxter and Alice. Baxter is 5 years old and Alice is 4. Alice is a loyal, energetic, curious dog who loves to go on walks, chase the frisbee, and cuddle up on the couch or bed. Baxter is a shy and loyal guy, we call him the "Teddy Dog" because he loves to snuggle. The word "go" or "walk" starts a series of dog songs that lets us know they are ready to explore.

Alicia Riding Cooper in the Pasture

We have three horses, Cooper, Jasper, and Ruby. Cooper is 20 years old, Jasper is 2 years old, and Ruby is 9 years old. Alicia grew up riding horses and competing in rodeo and horse shows. She enjoys teaching Ben how to care for and ride horses, and would love to do the same for a child. Cooper will be a wonderful first horse when the child is old enough to ride. Jasper is youthful and kind, he is always curious about what the humans are doing and greets us with a nicker. Ruby is a sweetheart that loves cookies and kisses.

We also have three bee hives. Ben has a family history of beekeeping, so it was a natural addition to the farm.


Hiking in Sacramento
Hiking in Sacramento
Picking Raspberries
Picking Raspberries
Alicia Kissing a Baby Gray Whale
Alicia Kissing a Baby Gray Whale
Ben SCUBA Diving in Australia
Ben SCUBA Diving in Australia
At the Local Beach
At the Local Beach
Ben & Kali Paddleboarding
Ben & Kali Paddleboarding
Finishing the San Diego Half Marathon
Finishing the San Diego Half Marathon
Hiking in the Redwoods
Hiking in the Redwoods
Alicia Getting Ready to Present Her Science
Alicia Getting Ready to Present Her Science
Enjoying the Beach in Queensland, Australia
Enjoying the Beach in Queensland, Australia
By the Maple Tree at Our House
By the Maple Tree at Our House
At a Wedding
At a Wedding
1 / 12
Hiking in Sacramento
Hiking in Sacramento
2 / 12
Picking Raspberries
Picking Raspberries
3 / 12
Alicia Kissing a Baby Gray Whale
Alicia Kissing a Baby Gray Whale
4 / 12
Ben SCUBA Diving in Australia
Ben SCUBA Diving in Australia
5 / 12
At the Local Beach
At the Local Beach
6 / 12
Ben & Kali Paddleboarding
Ben & Kali Paddleboarding
7 / 12
Finishing the San Diego Half Marathon
Finishing the San Diego Half Marathon
8 / 12
Hiking in the Redwoods
Hiking in the Redwoods
9 / 12
Alicia Getting Ready to Present Her Science
Alicia Getting Ready to Present Her Science
10 / 12
Enjoying the Beach in Queensland, Australia
Enjoying the Beach in Queensland, Australia
11 / 12
By the Maple Tree at Our House
By the Maple Tree at Our House
12 / 12
At a Wedding
At a Wedding

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a rural setting on a small farm in Washington State. Our property has a large horse pasture, and a large fenced yard where we love to play with our dogs and will make a great play area for a child. We have many trees and a creek where many species of wildlife are always hanging around. We are excited to share and explore nature with a child right in our own backyard. Our house is two stories, and inside our favorite parts are the big fireplace, spacious kitchen where we love to cook together, and a large living room where there is plenty of room to play inside.

Our town is just 10 minutes away and is a small but vibrant community, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and parks. There are many families in our community and exciting events like the annual lavender festival and berry picking. Alicia teaches yoga at a local studio and at a horse farm. Through this connection, she has made friends who also have small children.

Our area is full of amazing outdoor activities with two national parks featuring the ocean and the mountains, all within a few miles away. Alicia can't wait to teach a child about the local marine life and other animals, and in winter Ben is excited to share his love of snowboarding.

A child will have a wonderful life in nature and opportunities to learn not just in school but also outside as well.

Our Extended Families

Alicia With Her Best Friend & the Twins

We have loving families, and everyone has been thrilled to tears when we tell them of our plan to adopt. Both sets of our parents are still happily married, so a child would have two sets of grandparents that are eagerly waiting to love them.

Alicia is an only child but has a lifelong best friend from her elementary school days who is like a sister to her. Alicia's friend lives in Louisiana and has 2-year-old twin boys that will be cousins to this child.

With Ben's Family

Ben has one sister and a 2-year-old nephew. Ben's closest friends live in California and Seattle, some have a young infant and toddler-aged children that we see a child playing and going on vacation with in the future.

Despite our families being spread across the U.S., we always see family a few times per year. We look forward to traveling with a child where they can learn about our roots.

We have friends in our community that are of all ages and backgrounds, and most often we hike and bike with them.

From Us to You


We understand the courage and strength it takes to make an adoption plan and we appreciate that you are considering this for your child. We cannot imagine the weight of the decision you are facing right now and hope that no matter what you decide you find peace and joy with it.

We met in Sacramento, California in 2016 and married in 2020 after moving to Washington state. We share many interests and feel so lucky to share such a beautiful life together. Ben loves the mountains and Alicia loves the ocean, in Washington, there is an opportunity to explore and enjoy both at the same time. Our relationship is full of love, tons of laughter, and unending support. We are truly best friends and have a wonderful time doing everything and anything together.

Ben is extremely patient and kind and would be a wonderful role model to any child. He would be a nurturing and playful father, always willing to share their interests and participate in their games. He is an engineer and looks forward to teaching a child math, playing with legos, and developing computer programming. He loves being in nature and strolling around our farm, he will have a lot of fun exploring with a child. His 2-year-old nephew loves to tell him about the day over FaceTime. Once he described to Ben how he rode the elevator and pushed the buttons to go up and down.

Alicia is highly motivated about protecting our environment and wildlife as a marine biologist and photographer. She is loving and creative and is growing her community circle by teaching yoga. She is intuitive about how others feel and what they might need to feel comfortable, including our two dogs and three horses. She is a beloved aunt to her best friend's 2-year-old twin boys. Alicia is so excited to teach our child to bake and cook and conduct science experiments. She looks forward to our child's first whale-watching tour where she will teach them about whales. Some of her best memories with her mom are in the kitchen and she can't wait to carry on that tradition. We look forward to raising a child to value education, be kind and respectful to everyone they meet, see the inherent dignity in every human being, and not take themselves too seriously - life is to be enjoyed.

If you choose us to parent your child, we hope that you and your family would be a part of our child's story and someone that they know about from the very beginning. We plan to have open, honest, and age-appropriate conversations with our child about adoption and their personal journey throughout their life. Adoption is a beautiful start to any story and we never want our child to feel like there was any secrecy or something to hide.

We understand the need to be flexible because life is unpredictable. We know that there will be times with greater contact, less contact, or perhaps no contact for a period and we are open to it all. Whether it be letters, phone calls, or exchanging pictures, we want to assure you that we will do our part to make sure that our child knows who you and your family are and that they will always have whatever love and support they need to have a healthy, long-lasting and meaningful relationship. We will be sure they understand the love and strength it took for you to make this decision and always speak of your bravery and selflessness with them.

Thank you for considering us to be parents to your child and we are grateful for you being open to an adoption plan. We are thrilled to embark on this next adventure in our life and are so honored you took the time to read this letter. We wish you a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery and we are sending you love and support.

Ben & Alicia


Bill Murray
Will Ferrell
Julia Roberts
Cameron Diaz
All of them, whales, bears, wolves, lions, owls, horses, dogs
Douglas Adams
Paulo Coelho
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The Alchemist
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
M&M peanuts
Calvin and Hobbes
Alice in Wonderland
Childhood Memory
Swimming in the springs
Learning how to ride a horse, baking with my mom
Childhood Toy
Spring horse named clip clop
Children's Book
Dr. Suess books
Where the wild things are
San Diego
San Diego
Classic Movie
Princess Bride
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
All of them
Anything with chocolate or coconut
Disney Movie
Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Adventure Van
Dream Job
Marine biologist and Yoga teacher - the one's I have
Dream Vacation
Aftrican Safari
African Safari to see all the wildlife or Arctic to see polar bears
Family Activity
Hiking, playing with animals
Hiking, biking, cooking, baking
Flower / Plant
Saguaro Cactus
Sunflower, douglas fir tree
Indian or Northern New Mexican chili
Form of Exercise
Yoga, horse back riding, running
Watermelon, nectarine, coconut
Yoga, horses, hiking, dog walks, reading, photography
Celebrating others birthdays
Holiday Song
Little Drummer Boy
Sleigh ride with you
Holiday Tradition
Cooking only the sides on Thanksgiving
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip
Wellys New Zealand Style
Junk Food
Chocolate chip cookies
Leisure Activity
Reading, massage, photography
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Making my nephew laugh
Teaching to ride a horse
Memory with Spouse
Roadtrips around the US
The day we said I love you to each other
Princess Bride
Princess Bride, Tommy Boy
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"There's no place like home"-The Wizard of Oz
Movie Type
Comedy, romantic comedy, drama
Willy Wonka
The nutcracker
Musical Group
Fleetwood Mac
Nursery Rhyme
Old Macdonald
Twinkle twinkle little star
Olympic Event
Nayyirah Waheed
Quality about my Spouse
Big heart and sense of adventure
Unconditional love, kindness, and tolerance for all living beings
Most people think we believe our experience. This is not true; we experience what we believe.
Indian food
Home cooked meal
Breakfast egg muffin
Veggie and Hummus
Golden Rule
I am loving awareness - Ram Dass
Shopping Store
The Lime Tree by Trevor Hall / Name by GooGooDolls
Sport to Play
Horse back riding
Sport to Watch
Barrel Racing
Sports Star
Michael Jordan #23
Sports Team
Florida Gators
Charmayne James and her horse Scamper
Subject in School
Science - biology
Harry Potter
Thing to Cook
Everything vegetarian, love new recipes
Time of Day
Holiday Meals
Yoga and meditation practice in the morning
TV Show
Schitts Creek
Greys Anatomy
TV Show Character
Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso
Type of Music
All of them, I can't decide!
Folk, roots-rock, indie, and electronic, all with a consistent wash of authentic far-Eastern influence
Vacation Spot
Beach or Mountains
Beaches all over the world, being at sea on a boat
Video Game
Mario Cart

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