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Christian & Leah

We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We have both had adoption on our hearts for a long time and cannot wait to be given the opportunity to become parents. We know that we will make great parents, and we have so much love to give a child. We hope that you consider us, and we look forward to what lies ahead.

About Us

Registered Nurse-Part time
High School Diploma
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Sunset in Arizona

Our favorite vacation spot together is Arizona. Leah and her parents used to vacation to Arizona regularly when she was growing up. We went to Arizona with Leah's parents last year, and it was our favorite vacation either of us had been on. We were able to see the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and explored a lot of the Sedona area. We love adventurous vacations where we can go on hikes and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Us in Miami

We also love to go to Florida where we can lay on the beach and relax. Leah's favorite vacation spot is Orlando, as she loves to go to Disney World. She is excited to take our future child on Disney trips.

Christian's favorite spot is South Dakota, where he used to go growing up with his grandparents. He loves Mount Rushmore, Crazy horse, and the Badlands. We both love weekend getaway trips as well, and enjoy going to Nashville or Chicago for a weekend.

What it Means to Be a Parent

For us, being a parent is something we have hoped and dreamed about for a long time. We have both envisioned ourselves as parents, especially since we have been married. Before we started trying to have children, we talked about what traits and qualities we thought our children would have. When we found out we couldn't have biological children, our plans for parenthood changed. But, now more than ever, we feel called to adoption and look forward to what unique personality traits our child will have. For us, being a parent is everything we have waited and longed for. We envision ourselves being fun, caring, and nurturing parents. We look forward to sharing family vacations together, taking them to the zoo, going to the park, and so many more family activities. We look forward to watching them grow, learn, and develop their own hobbies and interests. We know that we will love them unconditionally, and can't wait to make memories as a family. 

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Just the Two of Us

Leah about Christian:

Christian is the most hardworking man I have ever met. He provides for me and our pets and always ensures that we are taken care of. He is so caring, loving, and funny. He brings out my goofy side and always knows how to make me laugh. Christian has a quirky and silly sense of humor. He started his own successful painting company. He always finds time to help me with everything around the house even with his busy schedule. He is my best friend and I know that he will be a great dad to any child. He is very supportive, and encourages me to go after my dreams. I know he will do the same for our child.

Christian about Leah:

Leah is the most outgoing person I know, loves hanging out with friends and always has a smile on her face and that is the one thing i fell in love with. Leah makes friends easily and has kept a large circle of friends from her childhood. Her patients at work always like her because she has a friendly and caring personality. She is very hard working by going to school and furthering her education to provide better for our future family. She is super goofy and and always makes me laugh. She is definitely my best friend for life. She is going to be the best mom for our child.


Christian Carving Pumpkins
Christian Carving Pumpkins
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
The Bachelor Live on Stage
The Bachelor Live on Stage
Summer Days
Summer Days
Visiting the Grand Canyon with Leah's Parents
Visiting the Grand Canyon with Leah's Parents
Leah with Her Friends Baby
Leah with Her Friends Baby
Navy Pier in Chicago
Navy Pier in Chicago
Christian at Disneyland
Christian at Disneyland
On a Trip to Nashville
On a Trip to Nashville
A Boat Ride in Miami
A Boat Ride in Miami
Date Night!
Date Night!
1 / 12
Christian Carving Pumpkins
Christian Carving Pumpkins
2 / 12
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
3 / 12
The Bachelor Live on Stage
The Bachelor Live on Stage
4 / 12
Summer Days
Summer Days
5 / 12
Visiting the Grand Canyon with Leah's Parents
Visiting the Grand Canyon with Leah's Parents
6 / 12
Leah with Her Friends Baby
Leah with Her Friends Baby
7 / 12
Navy Pier in Chicago
Navy Pier in Chicago
8 / 12
Christian at Disneyland
Christian at Disneyland
9 / 12
10 / 12
On a Trip to Nashville
On a Trip to Nashville
11 / 12
A Boat Ride in Miami
A Boat Ride in Miami
12 / 12
Date Night!
Date Night!

Our Extended Families

Leah's Dad with Our Dogs

We are both very close to our families. We live close to Leah's parents and love to go out to eat with them and get together for family events and holidays. Christian's parents live in Indiana, but we still see them regularly. Our parents play a huge part in our lives, and are very involved in all of life's biggest moments. Leah's parents are retired, and love to watch sports and hang out with friends in their free time. Leah's dad is the biggest University of Illinois basketball fan, and can't wait to pass that onto a grandchild.

Our Wedding with Christian's Family

Christian's parents are both still working, and are also extremely excited to welcome their first grandchild into the family. Christian has one brother, who is also married. They do not have any children yet, but they are close in age, so it will be fun to raise children together. Leah's extended family loves to have a holiday gift exchange every Christmas. We also enjoy going to her family's annual summer cookout. Christian's family also has a holiday gift exchange that we look forward to. Christian loves to go to tractor pulls with his dad. Leah and her mom are best friends and love to take our dogs to the dog park together, and go to breakfast. Both of our families are excited about adoption, and this will be both of our parents' first grandchild, so they are looking forward to loving on a new baby in the family.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a quiet, rural town in central Illinois. We love it, because it has a small-town vibe but is also close to a larger city. It is a very family-friendly and safe community. Every year, we have a summer festival here called the Turkey festival. It brings in a lot of people, and has carnival rides and fair food. We also live close to a community park and swimming pool, and a baseball field where you can hear the cheering from the crowd in the summer.

We also have an amazing local ice cream place that we frequent in the spring/summer. The schools in this town are highly rated, and also within walking distance from our house. We live in a two story house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We have a large fenced-in yard that our two dogs love to run around in.

We are friends with our neighbors who just had a baby last October, so we are excited to have children close in age that can play together. There are also many other young families in our neighborhood and in the town. We live close to a bigger city where we can go for fun activities. It is along a river, and we love to go on walks along the riverfront in the summertime and go to summer concerts.

From Us to You

We are honored and thankful that you have taken the time to view our profile. We also want to thank you for taking the time to take a look into our lives and how a child would fit into them. We acknowledge the difficult decisions that lie ahead for you and want you to know we are already praying for you. We are excited for what is to come on this journey and are hopeful for the opportunity to get to know more about one another.

We have been together 6 years and married for a little over 3 years. We met while Leah was living in Christian's home state while going to college. After Leah graduated, Christian moved to her hometown to be closer to her. We have a very strong, loving, supportive relationship and have been ready for a child for almost two years. When we first learned that we were not able to have biological children, we grieved that process. But through the grief has come the joy and excitement of beginning the adoption process and we could not be more ready to welcome a child into our lives.

We value the importance of raising a child to be kind, brave, and caring. We also promise to be supportive of whatever the child decides to do in life. We were both raised in Christian households and will raise the child in a loving Christian household. We can't wait to welcome a baby into our church family. We love our community and know that it is a great place to raise children.

Leah is in graduate school to become a nurse practitioner, and has a very flexible schedule. She works part-time and spends the rest of her time being a dog and cat mom. She is so excited to have a baby to take care of. We know that we will make great parents and see the potential in one another. Leah's parents live close by and will be very involved in the baby's life. Christian's family is also involved and supportive of this process. All of our family and friends have been waiting and hoping for the time when we are able to become parents.

We promise to shower the child with unconditional love. We love to be goofy and silly, and envision our child being the same way. We promise to provide them with a happy and stable home to grow up in, with lots of animals to run around with.

We will share your child's life through photos, emails, and letters if desired. We will be respectful and supportive of the contact decisions that you make. We can keep you updated on the big milestones and accomplishments in your child's life. We look forward to discussing how you would like to move forward in terms of contact, emails, pictures, etc.

Thank you again for considering us as potential parents for your child. We have been waiting and praying for this day to come. We both had great childhoods and hope that we can be given the opportunity to provide the same for a child.


Christian & Leah


John Wayne
Jon Krasinski
Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy
Dachshund (dog)
Stephen King
J.K. Rowling
Any history book
Harry Potter series
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Childhood Memory
Spending the summers with my grandpa
Family vacations
Childhood Toy
American Girl dolls
Children's Book
You Are Special
Goodnight Moon
San Francisco
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Any John Wayne movie
Jurassic Park
Day of Week
Coconut cream pie
Ice cream
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Princess Diaries
Dream Car
1930's Model A Car
Jeep Wrangler
Dream Job
Owning my own painting business
Women's health nurse practitioner
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Going out to breakfast
Flower / Plant
Bacon cheeseburger
Form of Exercise
Walking the dogs
Working on projects
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You
Drummer Boy-Justin Bieber
Holiday Tradition
Being with family
Holiday gift exchange
Ice Cream
Strawberry sundae
Kit Kat whirlwind
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Watching movies
Popular Mechanic
Memory with a Child
Having our friends and their children over to our house
Asking my cousins' daughters to be our flower girls
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon
Going to Disneyland on our honeymoon
The Heat
Movie Munchie
Soft pretzel with cheese
Movie Quote
My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. -Forrest Gump
Movie Type
Wizard of Oz
Musical Group
Taylor Swift
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My dad
My mom
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Quality about my Spouse
How Caring She is
His Sense of humor
"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious."-Michael Scott
Alexander's Steakhouse
Childer's restaurant
Roasted chicken sandwich
Proverbs 3:5-6
Jeremiah 29:11
Shopping Store
Bass Pro
Anti Hero
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Sammy Sosa
Kris Bryant
Sports Team
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Orange chicken and rice
Chicken alfredo
Time of Day
Evening time
Antique tractor shows with my dad and grandpa
Going to Brown County with my college friends every fall
TV Show
American Pickers
Breaking Bad
TV Show Character
Walter White
Michael Scott
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
South Dakota
Video Game
Mario Kart
The Last of Us

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