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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

To revisit our on-line profile page and view our profile video at American Adoptions, simply use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the right. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Ty & Cori

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our families, and for considering us as parent to this child. We hope that after you have looked through this information, and see the love we have for each other, our family and for this future child.

About Us

Life Insurance Coordinator
Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Management
Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Enjoying a Game Together

When it comes to time away from work, you can find us doing a range of different activities. From spending time with local friends and family at sporting events, to attending concerts that range from Brooks and Dunn to Foreigner. We also enjoy our down time binging movies, Netflix shows, and competition TV.

One of our favorite activities is hanging out on the family boat. From skiing to tubing, being on the boat is always a great time. We love to be on the lake, no matter where we travel to.

Our Travel Map

We also love to travel. We have a goal to visit every state in the USA and photograph a fun experience in each one to put on our wall. We will include our child in all of our fun adventure, and we can't wait to start a new map as we begin our adventure as a new family.

On a sunny day, you can find us outside playing bags, or doing yard work. We especially love lounging with our dogs on our deck enjoying the views from our back yard.

On a rainy day, you can find us playing board games with local family members and friends. We also love escape rooms and trivia. We love to be involved in any and all friendly competition.

Our Pups, Ginger & Poppy

Ginger & Poppy

Our dogs have been a very important part of our lives. We were both raised in families that encouraged having pets in the home to teach reliability, dependability, planning and organization. We also raised them with many children around and in a way that they would be ready to acclimate to children in the home environment.

Now, to introduce our two dogs:

We have a 8-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Ginger. She was raised in pure chaos with our huge families. She loves children and is very good with people. If she knows you have her favorite treat or ball, she will be your best friend!

We also have a 6-month-old Golden Retriever x German Shepherd cross named Poppy. She is being raised alongside Ginger, and she absolutely loves kids. She wants to be everyone's friend and has no stranger danger awareness whatsoever, as long as you have a treat, she would go home with you with no questions asked!

We love our dogs, and they can't wait to have someone else to play ball with. If you choose us, you will not only gain us as a part of your family, but our loving dogs as well!

Adoption in Our Lives

Adoption has impacted us personally in multiple ways.

Cori's dad is the 2nd oldest of four children. He and two of his siblings were adopted as infants by her fantastic grandparents. Cori grew up watching her dad thrive after being adopted by her grandparents and she hopes to forward this opportunity to another child to give them the life that her dad had. Cori also has a couple of friends who have adopted from this same agency, and they have a wonderful life with their new child as well.

Ty's grandfather was also adopted, and he became a very successful and God centered individual. He also has a cousin who adopted a child in late 2021, and they have loved every minute of their parental journey.

We hope to continue this journey with you in order to give your child every opportunity we can to help them reach their hopes and dreams.


At the Pumpkin Patch
At the Pumpkin Patch
Ty Loves Sports
Ty Loves Sports
At Disneyland
At Disneyland
Horseback Riding in South Dakota
Horseback Riding in South Dakota
Seeing the Bean in Chicago
Seeing the Bean in Chicago
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Pajamas at Christmas With Ty's Family
Pajamas at Christmas With Ty's Family
At a Creighton Basketball Game
At a Creighton Basketball Game
Skiing in Wisconsin
Skiing in Wisconsin
Enjoying the Sunshine
Enjoying the Sunshine
Boating at the Lake
Boating at the Lake
Playing Putt-Putt
Playing Putt-Putt
1 / 12
At the Pumpkin Patch
At the Pumpkin Patch
2 / 12
Ty Loves Sports
Ty Loves Sports
3 / 12
At Disneyland
At Disneyland
4 / 12
Horseback Riding in South Dakota
Horseback Riding in South Dakota
5 / 12
Seeing the Bean in Chicago
Seeing the Bean in Chicago
6 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
7 / 12
Pajamas at Christmas With Ty's Family
Pajamas at Christmas With Ty's Family
8 / 12
At a Creighton Basketball Game
At a Creighton Basketball Game
9 / 12
Skiing in Wisconsin
Skiing in Wisconsin
10 / 12
Enjoying the Sunshine
Enjoying the Sunshine
11 / 12
Boating at the Lake
Boating at the Lake
12 / 12
Playing Putt-Putt
Playing Putt-Putt

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our home is small town Nebraska with a view of the big city. It is a very tight-knit community that is known for being very supportive to all of their residents and athletic teams. The academic standard at all three levels of schooling is one of the best in the state!

Our hometown is constantly growing and is working to improve the town, it has plans for a new lake development, splash pad, and little league fields.

We love being far enough into the country to see the stars, but close enough to enjoy all the activities the big city has to offer. We live in a beautiful tri-level home in a neighborhood with an amazing school district.

We are blocks away from the local high school. In the fall we can even hear the marching band practicing from our driveway. We have a fenced in backyard with lots of room for activities.

Our house is a meet up place for all our friends and family. From college football Saturdays to family birthday parties!

We have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a semi-finished basement. Our neighborhood is full of activity from bike riding kids to dog walkers. We really hope this will be the perfect place for us to put down roots and raise a family.

Our Extended Families

Cori's Extended Family

We both have large, tight-knit families. We all live somewhat close together and we try to get together as often as we can.

When we get together there is a lot of activity, love and laughter that surrounds us. When our families get together, we always have adventures, mostly with our cousins who are around the same age as we are. We play card games, play sports, listen to music and laugh a ton.

Ty's Extended Family

Our families are unique because they are actually both from the same area and had a lot of individuals in common before we even met.

We were blessed to have met, and to have integrated into each other's families seamlessly. Our families will always be majorly involved in the child's life, as they attend each other's sporting events, plays, musicals, and dances.

We look forward to raising a child together with the love and support of both of our families.

From Us to You


There could be a million reasons why you find yourself reading this. A million reasons why you have found yourself sitting in an office after bravely taking the first steps towards something that is unimaginably difficult but will also bring you a sense of immeasurable peace. A million reasons that no matter how hard you try to explain it, maybe only you understand. But something that everyone understands is that your most important reason for being right here, right now, is to make the choice of life for this child through pure unconditional love.

I want to introduce myself: My name is Cori. I am 30 years old, and I am going through the adoption process with my husband of two years. A few things to know about me: I grew up living a fairly normal life. My parents would tell you that I was a silly tomboy toddler ... who grew into a somewhat sassy teenager ... who loved to hang out with her brothers ... swim and dance ... went to college ... got a great education ... and ultimately found an amazing guy and called him mine! I have always wanted to be a mother. I wanted so badly to be a mother that I was considering adopting by myself before I even met my husband!

My husband's name is Ty, he is 28 years old, and we have been married for two years. He is amazing. He is crazy positive, competitive, strong, kind and loving. He has a family who would walk through fire just to make sure that our family has everything it needs to flourish. He is always family and God centered. He is so excited start a family! Our children will likely be sports-enthusiasts because Ty will want to coach every team, be at every event, dance recital or play that they decide to participate in. He will be their number one fan and fiercest advocate.

We have always said that words couldn't ever exist to thank you enough for the decisions you are making for this child, and that stands true to this day - we could not come up with the words to accurately share with you what this child will mean to our family. But what I do want to tell you is that, like you, we will love this baby with all our hearts.

We also want you to know that:

  • We are grateful for this opportunity and understand the importance of this great responsibility.
  • If you want, we will be more than happy to reassure you that you made the right decision in entrusting your baby to us by sending you letters and pictures.
  • We are praying for your child, that they may be born healthy and blessed. We hope they will know the huge amount of love that we have experienced through our own families, communities, and upbringing.
  • We understand the significance of your decision and everything you may be going through. We do not take the situation lightly. If chosen, we promise to give every opportunity, love unconditionally, and provide a supportive home!
  • This is only the beginning of this adventure! We want to say thank you for bringing this child into the world and hopefully letting us be a part of the story.

    Love Always,

    Ty & Cori


    Tom Hanks
    Bradley Cooper
    Jennifer Aniston
    Julia Roberts
    Suzanne Collins
    Colleen Hoover
    Hunger Games
    Candy Bar
    Childhood Memory
    Went on a school fieldtrip for a week in second grade, and when I returned home I was greeted by my brother and sister and they gave me the biggest hug I had ever had.
    Having our flight get cancelled to Utah and having to drive 12 hours to get there with 7 of my family members in a snow storm. We watched our favorite movies on a small screen in our car the whole way there.
    Childhood Toy
    Stuffed Dog named Palace
    Children's Book
    The Kissing Hand
    Helpful Hal's Treasury of Christian Virtues
    Classic Movie
    The Untouchables
    Lonesome Dove
    Day of Week
    Strawberry cake
    All of them... except coconut
    Disney Movie
    Glory Road
    Beauty and the Beast
    Dream Car
    Jeep Wrangler
    Audi R8
    Dream Job
    Physical Therapist
    Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor
    Dream Vacation
    Dublin, Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland
    Family Activity
    Flower / Plant
    Ginko Tree
    Buffalo chicken dip
    Mac and Cheese
    Form of Exercise
    Line Dancing
    Watching sports
    Renovating furniture
    Holiday Song
    Little Drummer Boy
    O Come All Ye Faithful
    Holiday Tradition
    Getting hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights with my family.
    Decorating my whole house to make it look like Christmas threw up in it.
    Ice Cream
    Chocolate chip cookie dough
    Junk Food
    Reeses peanut butter cup
    Peanut butter M&Ms
    Leisure Activity
    Watching sports
    Horseback Riding
    Sports Illustrated
    Memory with a Child
    I was sitting in the kitchen with my sister, and she was told she could 'hear the freshness" in a plastic Ziplock. She put her ear up to it in order to hear it. I laughed really hard at this.
    Taking my younger cousin for an entire weekend and going to the zoo, to the pool and to the park.
    Memory with Spouse
    Ziplining and going on a Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas, and watching my wife spend money on a huge bag of M&Ms.
    Exploring the Needles on horseback in South Dakota and staying at boutique Bed and Breakfasts.
    Space Jam
    Steel Magnolias
    Movie Munchie
    Peanut Butter M&Ms
    Popcorn with lots of salt and butter
    Movie Quote
    "That wasn't flying. That was falling with style." - Toy Story
    "I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special" - Steel Magnolias
    Movie Type
    High School Musical
    Musical Group
    Matchbox 20
    Nursery Rhyme
    Hickory Dickory Dock
    Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Olympic Event
    Figure Skating
    Personal Hero
    My dad.
    My mom.
    Romeo and Juliet
    Shel Silverstein
    Margaret Atwood
    Quality about my Spouse
    Her kind and giving heart.
    His ability to always remain positive
    "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Michael Jordan/Michael Scott
    "Opportunity missed, opportunity lost" - my dad.
    Ham and Cheese with Mayo
    Jeremiah 29:11
    Philippians 4:6
    Shopping Store
    Altar'd State
    Africa - Toto
    I Can Only Imagine
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    College Football
    Sports Star
    Lebron James
    Dalvin Cook
    Sports Team
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    Subject in School
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Iron Man
    Thing to Cook
    Pizza Soup
    Time of Day
    Early Morning
    Family time at the holidays
    Decorating my house for every holiday
    TV Show
    The Office
    Gilmore Girls
    TV Show Character
    Michael Scott from The Office
    Rory Gilmore
    Type of Music
    Country Music
    Vacation Spot
    Lake of the Ozarks
    Video Game
    NCAA Football 2014

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