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Sylvan & Sarah

We can't express how much we appreciate you taking time to learn about us, and for considering us as adoptive parents. Finding the right family for your baby is a profound demonstration of love and we admire your courage and your gift. We are sending you strength and love as you make this choice. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

About Us

Montessori School Teacher
Owner/Physical Therapist, Professor, Medical Consultant
Master's Degree in Psychology, Montessori Early Education
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist
Ryder, Aksel
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Mountain Biking as a Family

We love to be outdoors breathing fresh mountain air. As parents, we cherish the organic play and joy that comes from engaging with nature, especially when shared with friends. In the warmer months we spend our weekends camping throughout Colorado, Utah and New Mexico with big groups of family friends. We always have mountain bikes, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards in tow--prepared for any adventure that presents itself. Camping evenings are spent around a fire in the company of loved ones who feel like family. Our winter adventures typically involve toboggans loaded with firewood, charcuterie, extra sleds, skis and many layers of water-wicking clothes. We love to ski into the mountains with friends (pulling little ones on sleds) to enjoy backcountry bonfires, sledding laps and lots of laughter. We live two miles from the base of a world renowned ski resort and spend many weekend afternoons skiing the resort with our children and soaking up Colorado sunshine and community at the base.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

At a Wedding in Vermont

Sarah About Sylvan: Sylvan and I met while competing on the NCAA Eastern skiing circuit in college, and I was drawn to his kindness, smile and humility. Sylvan has a way of making each and every person feel like the only person in the room. He is kind, thoughtful, loyal and fun--everyone's favorite person to have around. I watched Sylvan as he first became a father and my love for him grew exponentially in that moment. I could not have dreamed up a more engaged, intentional and consistent partner in this journey through parenthood.

Sylvan About Sarah: What immediately attracted me to Sarah is still what I love most about her today: her athleticism. But I've learned that the layers of her personality and character that turned her into an athlete are what I have ultimately fallen in love with even more over the years. Her attention to detail, passion, drive, and tenacity have always made her a great athlete, and they have turned her into an amazing wife, business owner, and an even more amazing mother.

Our Life Priorities

Our family always takes priority in our lives. It is important that our children's confidence in our love empowers them to move about the world independently and with strong intrinsic motivation to do what feels good. We find every opportunity to engage with each other in meaningful ways, whether reading, spending time at the river, exploring the mountains, or turning over rocks in the desert looking for little critters. We want our children to enjoy fun, playful childhoods. We commit to providing opportunities to travel, experience different cultures and connect with nature in ways that develop educated global perspectives and appreciation for the profound wonders within each individual, community, and the natural world. Mostly, we want our children to feel loved and connected, and to love deeply.


Nordic Skiing Adventure
Nordic Skiing Adventure
At a Wedding in Austin
At a Wedding in Austin
Sledding With the Boys
Sledding With the Boys
Our Family of Friends
Our Family of Friends
Our Family
Our Family
Backcountry Skiing
Backcountry Skiing
Oktoberfest With Family
Oktoberfest With Family
Trail Running in South America
Trail Running in South America
Visiting Sylvan's Brother in Norway
Visiting Sylvan's Brother in Norway
Biking in Wyoming
Biking in Wyoming
At the Beach
At the Beach
Family Photo at a Wedding in Vermont
Family Photo at a Wedding in Vermont
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Nordic Skiing Adventure
Nordic Skiing Adventure
2 / 12
At a Wedding in Austin
At a Wedding in Austin
3 / 12
Sledding With the Boys
Sledding With the Boys
4 / 12
Our Family of Friends
Our Family of Friends
5 / 12
Our Family
Our Family
6 / 12
Backcountry Skiing
Backcountry Skiing
7 / 12
Oktoberfest With Family
Oktoberfest With Family
8 / 12
Trail Running in South America
Trail Running in South America
9 / 12
Visiting Sylvan's Brother in Norway
Visiting Sylvan's Brother in Norway
10 / 12
Biking in Wyoming
Biking in Wyoming
11 / 12
At the Beach
At the Beach
12 / 12
Family Photo at a Wedding in Vermont
Family Photo at a Wedding in Vermont

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We recently remodeled our home (with our own hands, and with the help of friends) in preparation to complete our family through adoption. We designed our four bedroom home to have bright, natural light and lots of outdoor space for hosting gatherings. We have neighborhood access to a little river beach where we dig in the sand, enjoy picnics or cool off after adventures. The bike path begins at the end of our cul de sac and we are within walking distance of schools, restaurants, live music, grocery stores, the swimming pool, a movie theater, sports fields and playgrounds. Our closest friends live a few houses down and it's a gift to watch our children grow up together.

River Beach a the End of Our Street

We absolutely love living in the same close-knit mountain community where Sylvan was born and raised. Sylvan lost his father in an accident in the Swiss Alps when he was eleven years old, and memories of his father live on in this community. The same families who wrapped Sylvan in love all those years ago, continue to love and support us as we grow our own family. Educators and coaches who walked alongside Sylvan through his grief, growth, successes and failures continue to mentor him as he now serves as an educator and coach for the next generation. We have always known that one of the beautiful circles in our lives would be raising our own family within this beautifully connected community.

Our Extended Families

With Family in Minnesota

Our family roots run deep and extend beyond biology into a loving network of "framily."

Uncle Shawn lives within driving distance and frequently meets us in the desert or the San Juan mountains for weekend skiing or rock climbing sessions.

Nana and Papa Mike are only 90 minutes away and are consistently up for camping, exploring the forest, visiting national parks, and even snowy hikes with long sledding hill sections.

Kiki and Papa visit from Minnesota several times each year and spend the summers in Colorado as our number one helpers (also up for any adventure).

Sylvan's Parents & the Boys

We are routinely surrounded by "framily" and we can confidently say that our children have a dozen sets of parents they could turn to for anything. Our weekends are spent with chosen framily mountain biking, camping, floating the river, skiing and mountain adventures. We love hosting dinner parties and backyard bonfires, with a dozen sets of parents admiring the deep roots our children are putting down together. Playful chatter and laughter ooze from our backyard as children build Hot Wheels tracks, kick a soccer ball around or organize all-framily thrilling games of Sharks and Minnows.

Each member of our extended family is thrilled to welcome another life to our crew through the gift of adoption.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking time to learn about us, and for considering us as an adoptive family. We cannot imagine what you are going through, but we see you enveloping hard decisions in hope, light and love. Thank you for considering the beautiful gift of adoption.

We met while competing on the NCAA Eastern skiing circuit when we were 18. We recognized familiarities in each other-- ambition, joy, work ethic, and passion for life. Early in our relationship, Sylvan traveled the world competing for the US Ski Team and Sarah dove headfirst into earning her clinical Doctorate. We spent several years supporting each other in individual pursuits, which built a strong foundation of mutual admiration, trust and loyalty. We have been together for 18 years and married for 11 years; our values are aligned, we are clear communicators, and we have a whole lot of fun!

Parenthood is the greatest joy of our lives. We have found that parenting is not an acquired skill, but a constant evolution as we make mistakes, adapt, learn, and appreciate growth in the process. Our relationship as a couple grew and matured for 10 years before we became parents, giving us ample time to consider what life as a family of three, four or five would look and feel like. We found ourselves backpacking through Patagonia, camping in the desert or skiing at sunset wondering, "how does this look with the addition of an infant, toddler, or multiple children?" The short of it, after living it, is that these joys are brighter when shared.

Our most purposeful priorities are to raise siblings who support each other into adulthood, and to foster values that celebrate each child’s unique identity and place within the world. Our children have skied on our backs above the fjords in northern Norway, explored the rainforests of Costa Rica, and have giggled the night away around more campfires than we can count. Ryder (6 years old) and Aksel (4 years old) could not be more different, but they make the best of friends. Ryder is inquisitive, passionate, and sensitive; the depth at which he experiences the world is awe-inspiring. Aksel is silly, fun and the life of the party. He is a playful, easy going, loving child who is a friend to all. When Aksel was a baby, he took his first steps into Ryder's encouraging arms. Our children lift each other up, cheer each other on, and lead with love. We are so grateful for the extraordinary bond they share as brothers and they are eager to have another sibling. The four of us have so much love to give and our hearts are wide open!

One of Sarah's favorite poets famously wrote, "This is what love does and continues to do. It tastes like honey to adults and milk to children." As this baby's first mother, your choice is a profound demonstration of the love that will fuel and propel their growth and vitality. We admire your strength and are sensitive to the weight of your choice. Should you choose us as your adoptive family, we commit to sharing this child's story through a lens of gratitude, respect, and luminescent love. We will talk openly about the unique building blocks of our family and look forward to sharing letters and pictures with you, holding space for what feels best to you over time. This child will know their adoption story and it will be the greatest love story ever told.

Sylvan & Sarah


Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd
Kristen Wiig
Jennifer Lawrence
Gabor Mate
Yuval Noah Harari
Lord of the Rings
"Factfulness" - Hans Rosling
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Calvin & Hobbes
The Far Side
Childhood Memory
Running over the bridge from school to my dad's office at the base of the ski mountain
Playing in our treefort, boating on the lake with friends and family
Childhood Toy
Wylie Coyote
Musical instruments
Children's Book
Goodnight Moon
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Oslo, Norway
Interlaken, Switzerland
Classic Movie
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Day of Week
Vanilla Ice Cream
I haven't met a dessert I didn't like!
Disney Movie
Dream Car
'90 Ford Bronco
Jeep YJ
Dream Job
Famous singer
Dream Vacation
Kauai, Hawaii
Skiing the Dolomites or mountain biking New Zealand
Family Activity
Skiing, mountain biking, camping, dancing
Flower / Plant
Thai food
Form of Exercise
Running, mountain biking, skiing
Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan
Tinkering in the garage
Singing, playing piano, reading, acrylic painting
Holiday Song
"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Holiday Tradition
Making lefse (Norwegian family tradition)
Setting up the Christmas train with our kids and listening to music by the fire
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Ice Cream
Leisure Activity
Mountain biking, camping, trail running, skiing, floating the river
Memory with a Child
Both my boys learning how to pedal their bikes for the very first time
Watching our children become best friends
Memory with Spouse
Backpacking in Patagonia
Watching Sylvan become a father
I Love You, Man
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"I'm in a glass case of emotion." - Ron Burgundy
"Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." -Dead Poets Society
Movie Type
The Greatest Showman
Hamilton, Wicked
Musical Group
Harry Styles
Olympic Event
Nordic Skiing
Personal Hero
My mom
My dad
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Loves being with her family
Kindness, compassion, master of fun
"Love without action is irrelevant, while action without love is meaningless. However, when you combine the two, what you can achieve is almost limitless." - Deepak Chopra
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." -Rumi
"Wings" - Macklemore
"Danny's Song" - Kenny Loggins
Sport to Play
Mountain biking, skiing, trail running
Sport to Watch
Nordic Skiing
Sports Star
Simi Hamilton
Sophie Caldwell-Hamilton
Sports Team
Green Bay Packers
US Ski Team
Subject in School
Physical Education
Ant Man
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Thai food, Indian food
Time of Day
Dawn and Dusk
Anytime the sun is shining
Ice cream on the way back from camping in the desert
Backcountry bonfires
TV Show
The Office
The Office
TV Show Character
Michael Scott
Michael Scott
Type of Music
Country, pop
Vacation Spot
Kauai, Hawaii
Moab, UT

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