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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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CJ & Rachael

Hey! Thanks for checking us out! We are so excited to be considered as a possible adoptive family. Adoption is the most selfless and beautiful thing, it's wild and incredible to be a part of it! It's our hope you find the absolute best fit for baby and we are rooting for you both!

About Us

Property Manager
High School
Some College - General Studies, Licensed Insurance Agent
Legally Married

Our Life Priorities

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We share very similar priorities in life and it's probably one of the things that makes our relationship so strong.

We believe that helping people is one of the most important things you can do. Loyalty, honesty, and being genuine are things we believe bring you to where you want to be in life. We know working hard pays off and making family a priority overall is key. We want those around us to succeed and to also push us to be the best we can be. Relationships, whether they be work related, friendships or family, are crucial to happiness and self-growth.

We also think it is so important, especially in times like now, to love and be loved by others despite have different outlooks on the world, in fact its what make us well rounded humans!

We are excited to bring our babe home and into our community to raise them up to be a loving and strong members of society.

Our Individual Strengths

Ready for a Fundraiser Dinner

CJ's personal strengths are his ability to remain calm, level-headed, and caring. CJ will go into a situation that literally any other person would panic but he just keeps this calmness, assesses the problem and figures out how to deal with it. He doesn't get emotionally driven and keeps a level head in most any situation. He is also the most caring person who will drop whatever he is doing to go help a friend or family member. He just cares so much and shows his love through acts of service.

Rachael's personal strengths are her empathy, being observant and problem-solving skills. Rachael can empathize with peoples' situations, which has really helped foster genuine relationships with people. She is very observant and is able to get a good understanding of a situation or person. Rachael is also a great problem solver, she will take a situation that may seem daunting and break it into manageable tasks to get the job done!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We both have siblings with the same name! Rachael has two sisters named (Ha(i)ley, and CJ has two brothers named Justin. Rachael's brother is also married to a Haley which makes 3!
  • We got married as babes, at the ages of 19 and 20. We met when Rachael was still in high school and was absolutely refusing to go to prom. Her friend made a deal that if she could find her a date then she would have to go. Insert CJ! We got married the year after Rachael's graduation and have never looked back.
  • We have owned 3 homes and have flipped each one of them!
  • We once drove a car from Idaho to Tennessee for Rachael's sister and during that drive there was a historical tornado outbreak!
  • CJ can rebuild an entire dirt bike from nothing!
  • Rachael is excellent at rescue missions. If you lock yourself out of your home she will get you back in no matter what!
  • CJ could (and possibly has) eaten a full jar of pickles in a single day!
  • Photos

    Beautiful Hawaii - Our Favorite Vacation Spot!
    Beautiful Hawaii - Our Favorite Vacation Spot!
    CJ Coaching Our Nephew's Little League Team
    CJ Coaching Our Nephew's Little League Team
    Fun With Aunt Rachael
    Fun With Aunt Rachael
    Hiking With Family
    Hiking With Family
    Learning to Golf With Our Nephew
    Learning to Golf With Our Nephew
    At the Seattle Aquarium
    At the Seattle Aquarium
    Besties for the Resties!
    Besties for the Resties!
    At the Orchard - Our FAVORITE Part of Fall!
    At the Orchard - Our FAVORITE Part of Fall!
    At the Beach With Our Niece
    At the Beach With Our Niece
    Picking Some Peaches at Grandpa Jim's Orchard
    Picking Some Peaches at Grandpa Jim's Orchard
    We Love to Go Fishing in the Summer After Work!
    We Love to Go Fishing in the Summer After Work!
    Exploring Oregon
    Exploring Oregon
    1 / 12
    Beautiful Hawaii - Our Favorite Vacation Spot!
    Beautiful Hawaii - Our Favorite Vacation Spot!
    2 / 12
    CJ Coaching Our Nephew's Little League Team
    CJ Coaching Our Nephew's Little League Team
    3 / 12
    Fun With Aunt Rachael
    Fun With Aunt Rachael
    4 / 12
    Hiking With Family
    Hiking With Family
    5 / 12
    Learning to Golf With Our Nephew
    Learning to Golf With Our Nephew
    6 / 12
    At the Seattle Aquarium
    At the Seattle Aquarium
    7 / 12
    Besties for the Resties!
    Besties for the Resties!
    8 / 12
    At the Orchard - Our FAVORITE Part of Fall!
    At the Orchard - Our FAVORITE Part of Fall!
    9 / 12
    At the Beach With Our Niece
    At the Beach With Our Niece
    10 / 12
    Picking Some Peaches at Grandpa Jim's Orchard
    Picking Some Peaches at Grandpa Jim's Orchard
    11 / 12
    We Love to Go Fishing in the Summer After Work!
    We Love to Go Fishing in the Summer After Work!
    12 / 12
    Exploring Oregon
    Exploring Oregon

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Home

    We live in Idaho in a cute little pink house! Our home is in the most picturesque town, it honestly looks like it should be every small town in movies. We are about 5 minutes to the lake and so we can go swim, fish or hop on a boat after work! It's an established neighborhood so there are absolutely gorgeous trees the tower over the streets and in every season it's incredible.

    We live about 3 blocks from a cute little park and can't wait to take our littles there! We also live 3 blocks from one of Rachael's sisters and about 10 blocks from the other so there will be PLENTY of cousin time! Our neighbors are a older couple and they actually play bagpipes for all the town parades, we hear them out practicing in their driveway and it is the most fun thing! Our town also has Santa drive around on a firetruck during Christmas time and they meet all the kids and its just such a fun little place to grow up!

    Our Extended Families

    CJ With Some of His Siblings

    We both come from large, blended families. Some are close by and others are quiet far, but everyone is so excited to be adding another little one to our family.

    Rachael's Family

    CJ has 2 brothers and 5 sisters! We are a very outdoorsy family and love to be up in the mountains. We share a love for dirt biking, BBQ's and just simple quality time. Most of CJ's family lives within a few hours from us but his dad and a few siblings live a quick flight away in Arizona.

    Rachael has 3 brothers and 2 sisters! As much as we use to drive each other crazy as kids we are all really close as adults! 3 siblings live in town and then the others live in Texas and Tennessee. We go all out on holidays, we go every year on a little Lake cruise to see Santa!

    We are loud and a lot but we have so much love to spread with our future babe!

    From Us to You

    Hi birth family! We are sure you're feeling a bit overwhelmed reading these letters and we just want to say you're doing great. Seriously, you are considering the most selfless thing ever and that makes you an incredible and strong human(s).

    We are CJ and Rachael and we have been married for just about 7 years! We have always wanted to be parents and cannot wait to share our lives with a child! We have been going through infertility for about 6 years and honestly, as weird as it may sound, it has really made our bond even stronger. We are able to communicate what we need from each other and it has prepared us for parenthood better than if we had naturally had a baby right off the bat. We have learned that life isn't always going to go according to plan and we have to live in the now. Don't always be hoping for the future, you will blink and miss out on so much.

    We want you to know that if you decide we are the right fit for babe, that we will give them the most beautiful life with our family. We have tons of nieces and nephews and love them like they were our own babies! Rachael has been able to give all of them room makeovers so that each kiddo has a special place of their own, she has done emergency pick ups, and last minute babysitting. CJ has taught them how to fish, carried them up exhausting hikes, and coached their sport teams! We really will drop whatever we have going on for anything family.

    We know that family time is so incredibly important and are excited that both of us are working for Rachael's family's business, which allows us to bring baby to work! We know it is a unique thing to be able to have our baby come into work with us and we are so beyond grateful for that flexibility to nurture that bond with quality time. We are actually in the process of getting new flooring and creating a little baby area so there is a space to nap and play when the time comes!

    We recently felt such a prompting to pursue adoption and just know our future baby is going to be making their entrance soon. We had so many people tell us to start the adoption process years ago because it can take so long, and while it was something we wanted, it just didn't feel like the right time. There is no set reason why it didn't "feel right," it just didn't. We now realize that's because our babes time is now, it wasn't two years ago, it was 2 months ago, it's now. Once sweet babe is at home and meeting our family it will all makes sense why we went through infertility, why timing didn't feel right a few years ago, and why it took us so long to have this family. It's because our baby wasn't on their way then and now they are. We actually got test results a few months into the adoption process that our chances to naturally conceive was even slimmer than before. It was just such an incredible confirmation that we were on the right path for our family!

    We know that not only is this a huge process for our family but for yours as well. We know that there is a lot of emotional and mental aspects to this that we can't even pretend to understand because we truly don't. We understand the importance of having photos and videos available if you want them and we will 100% keep our word when we say we will send them. Even if you don't want them now they will be available for you.

    Thank you so much for reading about us! I hope you find the right fit for you and know that your baby will be so loved.

    CJ & Rachael


    Paul Rudd
    Ryan Renyolds
    Scarlett Johansson
    Jennifer Gardner
    Rachel Hollis
    Girl, Wash Your Face
    Candy Bar
    Charelston Chew
    Spidey and his amazing friends
    Surf's Up
    Childhood Memory
    My aunt Kathy and I would dance in her kitchen to Tom Petty, our favorite was "Free Fallin'"
    Childhood Toy
    Polly Pocket of course
    Children's Book
    Captain Underpants
    Guess How Much I love You
    Classic Movie
    Star Wars
    You've Got Mail
    Day of Week
    Chocolate mousse
    Disney Movie
    Star Wars
    Wreck it Ralph
    Dream Car
    Classic Bronco
    G Wagon...go big or go home right?
    Dream Job
    Interior Design
    Dream Vacation
    European river cruise!
    Family Activity
    Riding Bikes
    Flower / Plant
    Apple Tree
    Asparagus, recently discovered tempura asparagus and its life changing.
    Form of Exercise
    Riding Bikes
    Capture the flag
    Interior design
    Holiday Song
    Here Comes Santa Claus
    LOVE the Penatonix Christmas album, Little Drummer boy is just insane!
    Holiday Tradition
    Christmas morning at my dads house!
    Ice Cream
    Anything chocolate, love Rocky Road
    Junk Food
    Salt and Vinegar Chips
    Honestly Wendys chicken nuggets are my biggest weekeness
    Leisure Activity
    Hot Tubbing
    Memory with a Child
    Taking my niece to supercross
    I love going to holiday parades with my nieces and nephews, they just get so excited!
    Memory with Spouse
    Going to Hawaii
    We actually recently just did a cross country road trip and it was so much fun!
    We bought a zoo
    Movie Munchie
    Movie Quote
    Ma Meatloaf
    Red flower blue thorns, red flower blue thorns, THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF I WASN'T COLORBLIND- Donkey, Shrek
    Movie Type
    Sound of music
    Musical Group
    Lincoln Park
    Lukas Graham
    Nursery Rhyme
    Old Macdonald
    Row, Row, Row your boat
    Olympic Event
    Curling....Its oddly entertaining
    Personal Hero
    My Mom
    My dad
    Quality about my Spouse
    Don't worry about dying, worry about not living.
    Do all things with great love.
    Spicy Italian from Subway!
    1 Corinthians 16:14
    Shopping Store
    Any Sporting Goods store
    Sucker for TjMaxx
    God Speed- Zack Bryan
    Homesick- Noah Kahan
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Christian Craig
    Christian Craig
    Sports Team
    Subject in School
    Ant Man
    Ant Man
    Thing to Cook
    French Dip
    Time of Day
    Kinda depends on the day...Probably afternoon
    Fall Harvest
    Birthday dinner with my dad! He always takes me somewhere fancy!
    TV Show
    Oh man so many....White Collar
    TV Show Character
    Jim Halpert
    Schmitt from New Girl
    Type of Music
    Vacation Spot
    Video Game
    Need for Speed

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