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Tyler & Alex

Hello, we're Alex and Tyler! We are so happy you're checking out our profile. Family means the world to us and the opportunity to welcome a new addition into our home brings profound joy and excitement. Our home is filled with fun, laughter, music, and love (not to mention great food!). Choosing us would be the honor of a lifetime and a gift that we would never take for granted.

About Us

Vice President, HR
Senior Project Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Human & Organizational Development
Bachelor's Degree in Communications & Africana Studies
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Alex Playing the Cello

At the core of who we are as a couple lies an unwavering passion for music, arts, and nature. These shared interests infuse every aspect of our lives, filling each day with moments of joy and meaning.

Music is our constant companion, providing a soundtrack to our daily lives. From classical to jazz to R&B and Hip-Hop, our taste in music knows few boundaries. Alex’s childhood love for the cello and piano has enriched our lives with a deep appreciation for the orchestra, and every year we make a point to attend symphony concerts together. Similarly, when our favorite R&B and Hip-Hop artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Ari Lennox, Erykah Badu, and Kendrick Lamar find their way to Seattle we are sure to find ourselves deep within the crowd.

On our more leisurely afternoons, we often spend time wandering through art and history museums where we find inspiration in the unique stories artists share through their work. Exploring new museums, both in Seattle and different cities, challenges our perception of the world and sparks constant curiosity. Often entwined in our experience with art & music is an appreciation for the outdoors. Living in Washington State provides us with incredible local and national parks that provide endless inspiration and adventure. When we think about welcoming our children into the world, we look forward to doing so in a home surrounded by the love of music, wonder of art, and the beauty of the outside world.

Our Life Priorities

Our Wonderful Friends!

At the heart of our lives together, we are united by common values that have shaped our relationship and inspire us to become the best possible fathers, family members, and friends. We believe in seizing every opportunity that comes our way, not just for ourselves, but for those who support us as well. Life's challenges don't deter us; rather, we're driven to make the absolute best out of every situation through resilience and optimism. With a belief in the old adage that "a rising tide lifts all boats," our commitment extends beyond our family to include the community that surrounds us. Progress and success are interdependent and working together towards a common goal benefits everyone involved. Our shared journey has taught us the importance of thoughtfulness, which we carry into every interaction, fostering connections and understanding. We are passionate about building a life filled with boundless opportunities and an unyielding commitment to the success and happiness of our family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

At Our Wedding

Tyler about Alex: Alex is a wonderfully talented, loving, dynamic person that I am grateful for every day. I love that no matter what type of day you're having, hardship you're trying to overcome, or happy moment you're celebrating, Alex we will be by your side making sure that you feel supported and empowered to get the best out of each and every circumstance. I also admire Alex's ability to appeal to your senses whether it's by skillfully playing the cello, gardening, cooking and baking, or singing. I can't wait for him to share his talents with our child and show them how empathy makes the world a better place.

Alex about Tyler: There are many qualities I love and admire about Tyler. One that stands out is the profound love he shares for his friends and family which forms the foundation of his character. Tyler's protective nature creates a safe place for our family, while his thirst for knowledge unveils new worlds of experiences and opportunities. What I truly cherish is Tyler's caring and considerate manner; his ability to listen deeply to others builds many strong and enduring connections. I look forward to the day when Tyler becomes a father to our children, introducing them to worlds of learning and adventure, and motivating them to become the best versions of themselves.


Alex at the Mountain Summit
Alex at the Mountain Summit
Roadtrip through North Dakota
Roadtrip through North Dakota
Having Fun on a Boat
Having Fun on a Boat
Happy New Years!
Happy New Years!
At Dinner
At Dinner
Alex and His Little Cousins
Alex and His Little Cousins
Alex in Ferry Captain's Seat in Vietnam
Alex in Ferry Captain's Seat in Vietnam
At a Friend's House
At a Friend's House
Friends at the Lake House
Friends at the Lake House
Tyler with His Siblings
Tyler with His Siblings
Views from WA Coast
Views from WA Coast
Walking through a Tulip Field
Walking through a Tulip Field
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Alex at the Mountain Summit
Alex at the Mountain Summit
2 / 12
Roadtrip through North Dakota
Roadtrip through North Dakota
3 / 12
Having Fun on a Boat
Having Fun on a Boat
4 / 12
Happy New Years!
Happy New Years!
5 / 12
At Dinner
At Dinner
6 / 12
Alex and His Little Cousins
Alex and His Little Cousins
7 / 12
Alex in Ferry Captain's Seat in Vietnam
Alex in Ferry Captain's Seat in Vietnam
8 / 12
At a Friend's House
At a Friend's House
9 / 12
Friends at the Lake House
Friends at the Lake House
10 / 12
Tyler with His Siblings
Tyler with His Siblings
11 / 12
Views from WA Coast
Views from WA Coast
12 / 12
Walking through a Tulip Field
Walking through a Tulip Field

Our House and Neighborhood

The Front of Our Home

We love living in the beautiful state of Washington! Our neighborhood is nestled in one of the most diverse areas of Seattle. We are surrounded by many parks, beaches, nature trails, and playgrounds and belong to a loving, vibrant community of people from various countries and backgrounds. We enjoy taking daily walks to farmers markets, to see friends, neighbors, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery nature offers.

The First Floor of Our Home

We live in a spacious townhome with 3 bedrooms and plenty of open space both inside and out. When the weather is nice we frequently spend time out on one of our patios with friends and neighbors. Several of our neighbors are starting their families and we look forward to many playdates in the future.

We are just blocks away from an elementary school and library. We are big fans of learning in all its forms, so we are also fortunate that we have an easy commute to many museums and other city sites such as the aquarium and zoo. There's always something to do in our neighborhood and we look forward to seeing where our child's interests take us.

Our Extended Families

Alex and His Mom

Our families are at the center of our lives. We are both middle children with two siblings each that we are exceptionally close to. We are also extremely lucky to have extended family that enjoy traveling from near and far to spend time with us at various points during the year. Whether we're visiting family in California, Minnesota, or Georgia we know our child will be surrounded by fun and caring people.

Tyler and His Mom

Both of our extended families have similarities that make our time together special. One of those similarities is our love of food; it's a reason to gather together and create something that looks great and tastes even better. Tyler's southern roots result in large vibrant gatherings particularly during Thanksgiving, where southern-style foods and Alex's famous carrot cake take center stage. With a deep connection to their Norwegian heritage, Alex's family gatherings often include traditional foods such as lefse and krumkake during Christmas. No matter what the occasion, everyone ends the day with full hearts and stomachs!

Our love for our families has shaped our viewpoint on how to create a loving home. Drawing from the love, laughter, and traditions of our families, we look forward to creating an environment that is equally as filled with joy, excitement, and adventure for our child. Our families could not be more excited about our adoption journey and our parents especially can't wait for their first grandchild.

From Us to You

We sincerely appreciate the time you've taken to review our profile. As you navigate this major decision, please know that it would be our unwavering mission to provide love, opportunity, security, and joy for your child if you were to choose us. Your child would be welcomed by a community of family and friends who are dedicated to ensuring they thrive. We would love for you to be a part of our community as well, whether it be through emails and phone calls or visits. You would always be part of our child's adoption story.

Shortly after meeting over 6 years ago, we knew that adoption was going to be part of our family story. When we married, much of our excitement came from knowing this was just the start of our family life together and that we would someday embark on the journey of raising a child. We dedicate much of our lives to helping others realize their dreams and it would be the greatest privilege to do the same for a child.

Both sets of our parents consistently demonstrated how important it is to maintain a balance between work and life. We are very fortunate to have fulfilling careers that keep us challenged while still allowing for plenty of flexibility. Alex is a project manager for a leading company in the coffee industry. His career choice reflects his ability to manage complex situations by charting inclusive paths forward with empathy and care. Alex's office has a day care facility on-site and he also has the flexibility to work from home 2-3 days a week. Tyler is a Vice President of HR at a large pharmacy and retail company. His passion for leadership and helping others reach their full potential is on full display as he leads his team through challenging business environments. Tyler is a firm believer in taking time away from work to spend extended time with friends and family. He is fortunate to have a generous vacation allowance each year and works from home. We are grateful that our jobs would allow us to be present for our child no matter the situation.

We are excited for what the future holds. Our neighborhood is a mixture of different cultures with a range of young families to retirees, with some households spanning multiple generations under one roof. We enjoy easy access to beaches, beautiful hiking trails, well-funded museums, excellent schools, diverse cultural events, and amazing food all nearby. We look forward to taking advantage of all that our city has to offer with our child so they can delight all their senses and enjoy what the world has to offer. We cherish every moment where we can combine fun and learning together and look forward to finding all the ways to experience this with our child. We believe establishing a strong basis for our child to learn, grow, and establish connections within our broader community is what builds resilience in tough times and gratitude in the best of times.

If you were to choose us as your child's adoptive parents, know that they would be joining a family built on a sense of loyalty and love. We celebrate each other's milestones, hold each other close in times of stress, make delicious food, dance, and enjoy music that brings us together. With our combined family's range of ethnicities and backgrounds, there's no shortage of traditions and ways to show appreciation for each other. Our child would learn very quickly that love comes in many forms and that everyone can't wait to see what unique flavor they bring to the family.


Tyler & Alex


Samuel L. Jackson
Daniel Craig
Angelina Jolie
Meryl Streep
Kurt Vonnegut
Colson Whitehead
A Little Life
Candy Bar
Resse's Peanut Butter Cups
Family Guy
Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Childhood Memory
Visiting my grandparents at "the big house"
Visiting my grandparents farm.
Childhood Toy
My first Mercedes model car
Stuffed Bear
Children's Book
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Giving Tree
New Orleans
Classic Movie
Christmas Vacation
Mrs. Doubtfire
Day of Week
Carrot cake
Chocolate Cake
Disney Movie
Lion King
Dream Car
Ferrari Enzo
Mercedes Convertible
Dream Job
Interior Designer
Dream Vacation
Anywhere sunny with family!
Family Activity
Road trips
Cooking together
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Weight Lifting
Settlers of Catan
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Holiday Baking & Setting up the Christmas Tree
Ice Cream
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Laying on the beach
Laying at the beach
Car and Driver
Architectural Digest
Memory with Spouse
Spending time in Vietnam
Traveling to Vietnam
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Goodwill Hunting
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and M&M's
Popcorn & Sour Patch Kids
Movie Type
Musical Group
Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My grandfather
My grandfather
Ocean Vuong
Quality about my Spouse
His empathetic nature
His commitment to our family and friends
I must decline, for secret reasons. - E.B. White
Club sandwich
Club Sandwich
Shopping Store
Love Galore - SZA
Party by Beyonce
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Serena Williams
Lebron James
Sports Team
Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Reheating something Alex made for dinner last night
Carrot Cake
Time of Day
Thai food night
Spending Thanksgiving with extended family
TV Show
TV Show Character
Type of Music
Hip Hop and R&B
R&B / Hip Hop
Vacation Spot
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Video Game
Forza Motorsport

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