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Tyler & Erin

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child! We hope this profile can provide a glimpse into our personalities and hopes for our future family. We believe that parenthood is centered around love. By providing unconditional love to our children throughout their entire lives, we hope they will love themselves for exactly who they are, and we hope they will make the world a better place by loving others.

About Us

Chemistry Instructor
Immigration Attorney
Doctor of Philosophy
Law Degree
Legally Married

Our Family

Our Happy Family

We have one daughter, Anneliese, who we call "Annie." Annie was born from a high-risk pregnancy, and we knew that she would be our only biological child. Annie is four years old and full of curiosity, imagination, and kindness. Annie loves to play and learn new things. Her biggest challenge is overcoming shyness with new faces and situations, but once she becomes comfortable, she turns into a little chatterbox! She is enrolled in all-day preschool, where she tells us her favorite class is recess and that she loves her teachers.

Annie has been included in our conversations about growing our family, and she is super excited to become a big sister! She understands that we will be growing our family though adoption, and she knows what that means to her: a new baby who will be her little brother or sister. Almost every day, out of the blue, she will tell us something she wants to do with the baby or a toy she's saving for her sibling to use in the future. We know that Annie will be a thoughtful role model, fierce protector, and best friend to our adopted child. We cannot wait to see our children grow up together and form the same lifelong sibling bonds that we both enjoy with our own brother and sisters.

Cultural Diversity

Erin With a Refugee Family at the Airport

Erin is an immigration attorney, and she created her own law firm that provides legal representation at low costs. She works hard to help immigrants and refugees become permanent residents and citizens of the United States, and she even represents people in immigration court fighting against deportation.

Tyler teaches chemistry at our local community college, where many of his students work full-time, support their families, and are the first in their families to go to college. Tyler encourages them on their educational journey, provides one-on-one mentorship, and strives to be a positive role model in the lives of his students.

Annie With Refugee Friends Who Just Settled in the US

Outside of work, Erin recently led a community group that helped resettle a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Erin and our daughter, Anneliese, greeted the family of all women and young girls at the airport and provided love and support to them through times of adjustment and unknowns as they got settled in their new lives in the United States.

We would be excited to welcome a child of any race or identity into our family. We will provide our adopted child with unconditional love, being part of diverse community, opportunities to discover and express their cultural heritage and unique identity, and our willingness to learn and grow as parents in life's journey together.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

A Day in the Desert

We feel incredibly blessed to have a happy, strong marriage built on love. It's fun to list some of our favorite qualities in one another!

According to Tyler, Erin is an incredible mother because of her selfless dedication to our family. Erin's priority is always placed on others rather than herself. She has a clear set of values that guide her and make everyone around her into better people - especially her family. Family is Erin's top priority, and no matter how busy life can get, she always has extra patience and love to give. Tyler can't wait to see Erin be an amazing mother to our growing family.

Erin feels so fortunate to have Tyler as her lifelong love. Tyler is Erin's biggest cheerleader and supporter and makes it possible for her to balance both motherhood and a career. Tyler is open-minded when it comes to sharing household responsibilities. He does most of the cleaning, dishes, and laundry. Tyler sets a good example for our child as he embodies respect, humility, hard work, and love. Most of all, Tyler's family is his number one priority and it is shown through his dedication to us day in and day out.


Together in South Africa
Together in South Africa
Reading Together
Reading Together
Fun on the Pontoon
Fun on the Pontoon
Family Golfing
Family Golfing
Annie & Izzy
Annie & Izzy
Making Ice Cream Floats
Making Ice Cream Floats
Playing in the Snow
Playing in the Snow
Carousel Ride
Carousel Ride
Enjoying the Beach
Enjoying the Beach
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
1 / 12
Together in South Africa
Together in South Africa
2 / 12
Reading Together
Reading Together
3 / 12
Fun on the Pontoon
Fun on the Pontoon
4 / 12
5 / 12
Family Golfing
Family Golfing
6 / 12
Annie & Izzy
Annie & Izzy
7 / 12
8 / 12
Making Ice Cream Floats
Making Ice Cream Floats
9 / 12
Playing in the Snow
Playing in the Snow
10 / 12
Carousel Ride
Carousel Ride
11 / 12
Enjoying the Beach
Enjoying the Beach
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love living in our small, lakeside town in rural Minnesota. We bought our house a few years ago, and we hope it will be our "forever home," where we can raise our family and grow old together.

Our Pup, Izzy

If you ask Tyler his favorite place in town, he will say our backyard, where tall shade trees, a firepit, and a nice flat lawn right on the water creates the perfect place to play outdoor games or just relax and enjoy the breeze. Erin's favorite place in town is out on the lake, where we enjoy taking family and friends in our pontoon boat to cruise the waves and go swimming throughout the summer.

We live within walking distance of two awesome city parks, one of which has a sand beach and a splashpad. Our daughter's favorite activity any season of the year is riding her scooter down the sidewalk to one (or both!) parks to play.

Our home is in the same town where Erin grew up on a nearby farm, so we are close to extended family, and Anneliese is able to spend lots of quality time at Grandpa and Grandma's farm.

Our Extended Families

Tyler's Family

We are blessed to be close to our extended families on both sides. Erin grew up on a farm with two younger sisters. Her parents still farm and live in Erin's childhood home just outside our Minnesota hometown. Erin's younger sisters are both married to wonderful spouses, and Erin's middle sister has a growing family with two young children who are very close friends with our daughter, Anneliese. Tyler grew up in Wisconsin with one younger brother. Since we live within driving distance of Tyler's family, we can easily visit his parents and brother. In addition to our parents and siblings, we also maintain close relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins near our hometown and in Wisconsin. Some family traditions that we continue from our childhood include a weeklong Fourth of July trip "Up North" in Wisconsin, multiple Thanksgiving dinners to celebrate with friends and family on both sides, and even more Christmas celebrations with family – Anneliese opened Christmas gifts for six straight days last year!

Planting Potatoes With Grandpa Paul

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!

Our family currently includes Erin, Tyler, Anneliese, and our dog, Izzy. Erin is a big dreamer who works incredibly hard and isn't afraid to be a leader in making the world a better place. Even with Erin's many responsibilities as an attorney representing immigrants and refugees and as an elected public school board member, she always keeps our family as her top priority, and she always has extra love to give. Tyler loves teaching and learning, building and fixing things, and spending time outdoors. Tyler's top priority in life is being the best dad and husband that he can be. Our daughter, Anneliese, is a happy, sweet, curious, and kind four-year-old who loves exploring the world with us. She cannot wait to be a big sister, and we know that she will be a lifelong best friend to her future little brother or sister. Our dog, Izzy, is a two-year-old German shepherd-poodle mix who loves all people, especially kids, and is always excited to go on walks, play, and give kisses.

Having close friends who have been adopted themselves and friends in our hometown who are adoptive parents, adoption feels like a natural way for us to complete our family. We cannot wait to experience all the surprises, fulfillment, and love that will come with welcoming another child into our family.

Here are some of our favorite things to do together:

  • We often host meals at our home, and family and friends from further away will stay with us over long weekends. Erin loves to cook, and everyone is happy to eat whatever she makes! We are close with our parents, grandparents, and siblings on both sides of the family, and we see them all often.
  • We enjoy fun day-trips nearby and longer trips farther away. Recent day trips included visits to amusement parks, water parks, zoos, trampoline parks, museums, concerts, shows, and new restaurants. Longer trips included visiting friends in Texas, visiting family in Indiana, and visiting family "Up North" in Wisconsin where Tyler grew up.
  • Maybe best of all, we love to relax and spend quality time together at home. We love watching Anneliese grow into a curious, independent thinker, and we help her explore her interest by reading books, creating art projects, cooking together, and investigating how things work around the house. We remind each other that we are all deserving of love by asking meaningful questions, listening deeply, and making time to snuggle every day.
  • We believe that our most important job as parents is providing unconditional love to our children. We believe in raising children who know in the deepest part of their being that they are loved because of exactly who they are. We believe in raising children to use their minds to think for themselves, to use their spirits to inspire others, and to use their hearts to make our world a better place through acts of love.

    We will never truly know what it feels like to walk in your shoes, and we know that your consideration of adoption is challenging in ways that we cannot understand. As you consider adoption, we hope that you find what is right for you and your child, whatever that may be. If you choose us to be your child's adoptive family, we would be absolutely thrilled! We are not perfect, but we will always do our best to be honest, genuine, and kind. We promise to send letters and photos with updates, and we would be excited to arrange for in-person visits if you desire. You will always be honored in our home, and your child will always know of their adoption story and the unconditional love you have for them.


    Tyler & Erin


    Adam Sandler
    Ryan Gosling
    Kate McKinnon
    Reese Witherspoon
    Jennifer Egan
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz
    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    Candy Bar
    Milky Way
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Childhood Memory
    Camping Up North in Wisconsin
    Going fishing with grandparents
    Childhood Toy
    Children's Book
    Any Dr. Seuss book
    Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
    Madison, WI
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Classic Movie
    Caddy Shack
    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Day of Week
    Chocolate ice cream
    Lemon pie
    Disney Movie
    101 Dalmations
    The Little Mermaid
    Dream Car
    An ice cream truck
    A taco truck
    Dream Job
    Wildlife Ecologist
    Supreme Court Justice
    Dream Vacation
    Touring castles in Europe
    African safari
    Family Activity
    Spending time on the lake
    Spending time on the lake
    Flower / Plant
    Chocolate ice cream
    Mashed potatoes and gravy
    Form of Exercise
    Walking our dog
    Riding bike
    Passion fruit
    All board games!
    Doing house projects
    Trying new recipes
    Holiday Song
    White Christmas
    O Holy Night
    Holiday Tradition
    Cooking Thanksgiving turkey
    Easter morning egg hunt in the backyard
    Ice Cream
    Junk Food
    Beef jerky
    Mozzarella sticks
    Leisure Activity
    Playing board games
    The Atlantic
    The Economist
    Memory with a Child
    Belly laughs
    Telling knock-knock jokes
    Memory with Spouse
    Weekend road trips together
    Hiking on the Big Island of Hawaii
    Happy Gilmore
    Hidden Figures
    Movie Munchie
    Milk Duds
    Cheese and crackers
    Movie Quote
    "Holy Schnikes!" - Tommy Boy
    "Just keep swimming." - Finding Nemo
    Movie Type
    The Lion King on Broadway
    Musical Group
    Charley Crockett
    Backstreet Boys
    Nursery Rhyme
    Wheels on the Bus
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Olympic Event
    Figure skating
    Personal Hero
    My Grandpa Wayne
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    A Christmas Carol
    A Christmas Carol
    Amanda Gorman
    Maya Angelou
    Quality about my Spouse
    Loving heart
    His dedication to our family
    "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" - Dr. Seuss
    "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi
    Chicken parmesan
    Isaiah 43:19
    Hebrews 13:1-2
    Shopping Store
    Trader Joe's
    Beethoven's 6th Symphony
    Waka Waka (This time for Africa) by Shakira
    Sport to Play
    Table Tennis
    Sport to Watch
    College Basketball
    Sports Star
    Jordan Spieth
    Simone Biles
    Sports Team
    Wisconsin Badgers
    Minnesota Vikings
    Subject in School
    Band and Choir
    Thing to Cook
    Roast Chicken
    Homemade pizza
    Time of Day
    Early morning
    Visiting family at Christmastime
    Attending summer band concerts in the park
    TV Show
    The Amazing Race
    TV Show Character
    Peter Griffin
    Leslie Knope
    Type of Music
    Vacation Spot
    Up North Wisconsin
    The beach
    Video Game
    Mario Kart
    Wii Fitness

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