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Veder & Adam

Hola! Kia ora! We have long dreamed of raising a little one and having the opportunity to guide them through life. We have so much respect for you and the decision you are making - we hope that as you read our profile, you see how much love we have to share and how excited we are about growing our family. Your consideration means the world to us - thank you!

About Us

Manager, Assay Development
Associate Director, Clinical Science
Ph.D. in Biology
Ph.D. in Biology
Legally Married

Our Cultural Heritage

Enjoying Pupusas at the Top of a Volcano in El Salvador

We are both first generation Americans - our unique cultural heritage, blending New Zealand and El Salvador, forms the rich tapestry of our family. Adam brings New Zealand culture's laid-back approach and a love for outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. Veder, born in El Salvador, adds the Latino energy and culinary traditions, often preparing Salvadorian dishes, such as pupusas, and when Adam has a cold, Veder makes an amazing traditional chicken soup. Adam also brings cooking traditions from New Zealand - a favorite we have with sentimental value is a cake called pavlova which we had as our wedding cake.

As a biracial and multicultural family, our shared experiences contribute to the unique melting pot that defines our family and we believe diversity is an incredible force. We are fully committed to providing our child with an environment that helps them to understand and feel ownership of their unique identity. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with a child, as they become part of our diverse cultural tapestry and share in the love, learning, and joy that it brings.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Our Wedding Day

Adam About Veder: Veder is an amazing, sweet and considerate person. I admire his dedication and work ethic, and I love seeing his goofy side too. He is incredible at taking care of children, and great at connecting with other people - he can cut through the small talk and have meaningful conversations with people about topics that really matter to them. He also gives great advice - one piece of advice he gave me which I often find myself repeating to others is, "People don't know what you want unless you tell them." I know he will impart so much more great advice to our child and be a fantastic father.

Veder About Adam: Adam has so many qualities that I admire— he is loving, smart, caring, and adventurous. He shows me his love in everything he does, and encourages me to try new things, like keeping up with my exercise routine, and most importantly, he always knows how to lift my spirits when I'm feeling down. Adam's kindness shines through in actions like repurposing flowering weeds into charming mini-vases for our kitchen or salvaging tomatoes from a struggling plant. His thoughtfulness contributes to the unique charm of our home. Adam is a fantastic partner and will undoubtedly also be a great father.

Our Leisure Time

Exploring Yosemite National Park

Spending quality time as a family is very important to us. On weekends, you can often find us exploring local farmers markets, fairs and art festivals. Additionally, we spend a lot of time tending our garden which produces much more than we can eat - and we really love sharing the excess with neighbors and friends. We also really enjoy spending time with friends and hosting them at our home for dinner and board games - during the summer we grill in our backyard and make salad from our homegrown veggies. As nature lovers we are lucky to be close to national and state parks like Yosemite and we try to spend as much time as possible exploring the outdoors. Adam practices with his dragon boating team for a couple of hours most weekends, while Veder enjoys swimming and exercising in our home gym. Every now and then we also like to attend musicals, plays, or watch movies in the theater. We are committed to building strong communities, so we both give back through volunteering at local food banks and supporting local events.


Amazing Rock Formations at Arches National Park
Amazing Rock Formations at Arches National Park
Veder Showing Off His Adventurous Side
Veder Showing Off His Adventurous Side
Enjoying the View on a Hike
Enjoying the View on a Hike
Babysitting a Friend's Son
Babysitting a Friend's Son
Hiking in New Zealand
Hiking in New Zealand
Relaxing at a Park in Houston
Relaxing at a Park in Houston
Black Sand Beach in Hawaii
Black Sand Beach in Hawaii
Huge Redwood Tree at Sequoia National Park
Huge Redwood Tree at Sequoia National Park
Celebrating Adam's Birthday
Celebrating Adam's Birthday
Getting Lost in the World's Biggest Corn Maze
Getting Lost in the World's Biggest Corn Maze
Enjoying a Meal in Mexico
Enjoying a Meal in Mexico
Our Cat, Indie
Our Cat, Indie
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Amazing Rock Formations at Arches National Park
Amazing Rock Formations at Arches National Park
2 / 12
Veder Showing Off His Adventurous Side
Veder Showing Off His Adventurous Side
3 / 12
Enjoying the View on a Hike
Enjoying the View on a Hike
4 / 12
Babysitting a Friend's Son
Babysitting a Friend's Son
5 / 12
Hiking in New Zealand
Hiking in New Zealand
6 / 12
Relaxing at a Park in Houston
Relaxing at a Park in Houston
7 / 12
Black Sand Beach in Hawaii
Black Sand Beach in Hawaii
8 / 12
Huge Redwood Tree at Sequoia National Park
Huge Redwood Tree at Sequoia National Park
9 / 12
Celebrating Adam's Birthday
Celebrating Adam's Birthday
10 / 12
Getting Lost in the World's Biggest Corn Maze
Getting Lost in the World's Biggest Corn Maze
11 / 12
Enjoying a Meal in Mexico
Enjoying a Meal in Mexico
12 / 12
Our Cat, Indie
Our Cat, Indie

Our House and Neighborhood

Fall at Our Home

We live in a suburban area in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom single family home which we purchased a few years ago. Our house has an open-plan living area with large windows that let in the morning sun and give us a beautiful view of our Japanese maple tree in the front yard. We have a spacious backyard, with vegetable gardens and a lawn area that is a great place for relaxing and entertaining. We often host friends for grilling gatherings, and during the summer we happily share bags of our homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, beans, peppers, and more!

Adam in Our Garden

We are fortunate to live in a great neighborhood - with schools, shopping and medical facilities located within two miles. Also within a couple minutes' walk we have two parks which are often bustling with kids playing and show the wonderful diversity of families in the area. There are also two baseball fields and even a small petting zoo with ponies, tortoises and a zebra! Walking trails along our neighborhood creek are practically at our doorstep, and walks at the beach or amongst the redwood forests are a short drive away.

Our Extended Families

With Our Families

Our family is composed of just the two of us and our cat Indie, but Veder's extended family is very large - his mother has a twin sister and nine other siblings. We often travel to visit them on the East Coast in the summer and for holidays. Adam's parents and sister live in New Zealand - we stay connected through lively family group chats and Zoom meetings, and we see each other in person at least every year in California or New Zealand.

With Friends in Mexico City

In addition to our immediate family, we have cultivated a close-knit group of friends who also feel like family to us. We frequently get together to cook, hike, and play board games. Being "uncles" for our friends' children is always fun - we cherish the moments of babysitting, filled with laughter and learning for the kids and for us!

Our families and our friends are all supportive of our adoption journey. Our parents are looking forward to sharing their love with their first grandchild - Adam's parents are retired and can't wait to have an excuse to visit us even more often.

From Us to You

We hope this letter finds you in good health. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to explore our story. We understand that this decision is incredibly personal, so we are eager to share a little bit about us in the next paragraphs.

We have been together for 9 years and it's been an incredible journey and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us as a family. Veder hails from El Salvador, while Adam is a proud Kiwi from New Zealand. Our paths first crossed in 2015 while we both were completing postdoctoral training in Biology at Stanford, California. Fast forward to 2020, and we bought our forever home, which is the perfect space to create a loving and nurturing environment. Our backyard, bursting with vibrant flowers and vegetables, is a favorite place for us to unwind and create beautiful memories with our friends and family. The day before Halloween in 2022, we said "I do" among towering redwoods, and surrounded by our loved ones. The third member of our family is our beloved cat, Indie, who found her way into our lives as a scared kitten almost two years ago. In the past years, we have been able to grow so much as individuals and as a couple. We are thrilled at the prospect of expanding our family through adoption, and we believe that our home is filled with the love and warmth necessary for a child to thrive.

Professionally, we are both scientists deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the world. Veder contributes to advancing human health in a biotech company, using proteomic-based technologies to understand disease markers in blood samples. His flexible schedule allows him to work both from home and the office. Adam, on the other hand, works from home full time, for a company developing drugs to treat cancers. He works on clinical trials for patients with different types of blood cancer.

Both of us grew up in tight-knit families and we have always known that we would grow our family. We researched all the options, and adoption just feels right for us. We are at the right stage in our life to take this huge step - emotionally, financially and professionally - to give a child consistency and stability throughout their life.

Our families are incredibly supportive and share our excitement about the prospect of welcoming a new member to our family. This baby will be the first grandchild on both sides of our family, so you can imagine how much love and support will surround the child.

Our neighborhood is diverse, vibrant, and filled with families who share a sense of community. The schools in our area are among the top in the country, offering an enriching and supportive educational environment. We are confident that a child will form meaningful connections and develop a strong sense of identity in this diverse community.

We want to assure you that we are open to maintaining contact with you, in whatever way you feel comfortable – be it through emails, letters, photos, or even in-person visits/vacations. We understand the importance of preserving the connection between a child and their birth family, and we are committed to ensuring that the child grows up with a strong sense of identity and a full understanding of their background.

As a final thought, we want to express our deepest gratitude once again for considering us as potential parents for your precious baby. We cannot wait to meet you, to share our lives with you, and to welcome your child into our hearts. Your decision will mean the world to us, and we look forward to the possibility of building a future together.

With warm regards and heartfelt thanks,

Veder & Adam


Keanu Reeves
Ryan Gosling
Salma Hayek
Carey Mulligan
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Charles Dickens
Uncle's Tom Cabin
Watership Down
Candy Bar
Milk chocolate
Almond Joy
The Simpsons
The Simpsons
Childhood Memory
Playing with my toy car in the sand
Long summer days at the beach
Childhood Toy
Marble run
Children's Book
Where's waldo
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Berkeley, CA
Auckland, New Zealand
Classic Movie
Home Alone
The Matrix
Blue and Green
Day of Week
Pavlova - a traditional New Zealand dessert which is a big merringue covered in whipped cream and fresh fruit
Disney Movie
The Lion King
The Lion King
Dream Car
Mazda miata
Mazda Miata
Dream Job
Any science related job
Scientist leading a team to develop treatments or tests to save lives
Dream Vacation
Relaxing on the beach in New Zealand at Christmas (in the summertime!)
Family Activity
Hiking or exploring nature
Flower / Plant
Lime tree
Tomato plant
Pupusas and pepperoni pizza
Roast sunday dinner
Form of Exercise
Walking or swimming
Indoor climbing
Ticket to ride
Monopoly Deal
Holiday Song
We wish you a Merry Christmas
Mi Burrito Sabanero
Holiday Tradition
Gift giving
Picking up and decorating a Christmas tree
Ice Cream
Anything with berries
Junk Food
Fried Chicken
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Science Journal
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Harvesting vegetables in the backyard
Picking just the right gift and seeing them playing with it
Memory with Spouse
Swimming in the open ocean with dolphins in Hawaii
Road trip around the big island of Hawaii
Grave of the Fireflies
Kill Bill
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"What are you going to do today Napoleon? Whatever I feel like I wanna do, GOSH!" - Napoleon Dynamite
Movie Type
Science Fiction
Science Fiction
The Lion King
Dear Evan Hanson
Musical Group
Backstreet Boys
21 Pilots
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Synchronized swimming
Personal Hero
Edmond Hillary
Romeo and Juliet
Brian Bilston
Quality about my Spouse
Dedication to everything he does
His smile and his tenacity
"Give me liberty, or give me death!" - Patrick Henry (founding father)
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
Too many to mention one :)
La Cazuela Taqueria
Italian BMT
Salami and cheese
"When I am afraid I will trust in you"
"Love is patient, love is kind"
Shopping Store
Bed, Bath and Beyond (unfortunately they went out of business)
Original Penguin
Chiquitita by ABBA
This Is Me - Keala Settle from the Greatest Showman
Sport to Play
Indoor Climbing
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Ian Thorpe
Sports Team
All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team)
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Chicken Soup
Spaghetti and meatballs
Time of Day
Buying each other banana splits
Picking out a Christmas tree
TV Show
Judge Judy
Brooklyn 99
TV Show Character
Young Sheldon
Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99
Type of Music
Pop or Light rock
Vacation Spot
Hawaii, El Salvador or New Zealand
Video Game
Mario Kart

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