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Christopher & Chase

Our home is full of love, warmth, and support and we're hoping to grow our family with a baby. We love cooking, baking, traveling, gardening, and spending time outside with our chickens. We can't wait to give a little one the chance to learn, grow, discover the world, and follow their dreams. We would be so grateful and honored to be considered for your child's future home.

About Us

Airline Manager
Business Consultant
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering & German
Bachelor's Degree in Business; Minor in Italian
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

At the Taj Mahal

Chase's top hobbies include gardening, cooking/baking, and traveling. He is an avid gardener and spends a lot of time outside during the spring, summer, and fall. In 2021, Christopher built two raised vegetable beds for us and last summer we had quite the crop including 70+ squash, 30 zucchini, and 100+ peppers of all varieties and heat-levels. We both love to be outside making things look nice, spending time with our chickens, and enjoying the outdoors.

Christopher's home-focused hobbies include cooking (both old favorites and new recipes), going grocery shopping, and various artistic pursuits. He loves to engage the creative side of his brain whether it's designing and constructing structures for the chickens, home improvement projects, sewing textiles for us such as curtains/pillowcases, or even designing the evolution of our home, living spaces, furniture, etc.

We both enjoy cooking and baking, though we should be clear that Christopher is definitely the house chef.

Lastly, we really enjoy traveling. Given that Christopher works for a global airline, we are lucky to be able to travel the world and we try our best to take advantage of that. Our favorite place to visit in the US is Maine and we try to make it up there at least twice a year. The peace and tranquility that you can find in so much of the state is an amazing reset for the body and the soul.

Our Lifestyle

Chase Is Proud of His Garden

As a couple, we enjoy house projects, running, discovering new restaurants, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Home ownership has presented us with a never-ending list of tasks and projects in which we generally find joy or at least a way to fill our time. From building out our vegetable gardens, to installing a French drain (that one was mostly Christopher), to keeping the flower beds nice and the chicken coop neat, we find a lot of joy and satisfaction in keeping our space neat, clean, and thriving.

Christopher Making Latkes

When home, we love to check out the plethora of restaurants and breweries that have popped up across Atlanta over the past years. When the weather is nice, we try to go places that we can bike to (especially along Atlanta's "Belt Line" walking/biking trail) to enjoy nice weather and good bites. Our local neighborhood has a lot of amazing restaurants that are within walking-distance which we love.

Lastly, we find a lot of joy in hanging out with our friends. We have a great friend group made up of our Atlanta friends, our college friends, and our work peeps. We love to host our friends for dinner (Sunday night eggplant parmigiana is the house specialty) and tell stories and share updates and help each other along. We also regularly get together with the neighbors from our block for social gatherings. We also maintain close relationships with our college friends and make time for visits to stay in touch and keep those relationships strong.

What Makes Us Unique

In most ways we think of ourselves as good and average folks just making the best life for ourselves. There are some core values that we follow that might make us stick out from others. We would summarize those as below:

  • We appreciate the small things and don't take them for granted: We try to keep a certain level of simplicity about our lives. Our biggest joys come from cooking great meals, visiting with friends, taking care of our chickens, gardening and enjoying that delicious tomato that came after so many hours of care, attention, and watering. In these ways, we sometimes feel we're more geared toward the simplicity of the earlier generations of our families.
  • We accept people for who they are and try to appreciate everyone for what they bring to the table. It's sometimes easier said than done, but we believe that the differences in people are what makes the world a more beautiful place. Even when it's hard, we try to see the good in all humans, and see the beauty that our differences bring to the table.
  • We're very even-keeled about things and plan to bring this to our parenting style. For example, we will give our kids guidance and direction but also let them make their own pathway and decisions and learn lessons as they go. If they don't always do things exactly like we expect, we're OK with that as long as they are learning our core values and putting their best into everything they do.
  • Photos

    Chase & Ofeibia
    Chase & Ofeibia
    Visiting Mexico
    Visiting Mexico
    Amsterdam Pride
    Amsterdam Pride
    Our Annual Maine Summer Visit
    Our Annual Maine Summer Visit
    Christopher Learning to Fly
    Christopher Learning to Fly
    Chase Making Homemade Rolls
    Chase Making Homemade Rolls
    Chase & Our Nephew
    Chase & Our Nephew
    Traveling in Germany
    Traveling in Germany
    Sunset in Kerala
    Sunset in Kerala
    Making Homemade Candles With Friends
    Making Homemade Candles With Friends
    Visiting a Temple
    Visiting a Temple
    Berlin Visit
    Berlin Visit
    1 / 12
    Chase & Ofeibia
    Chase & Ofeibia
    2 / 12
    Visiting Mexico
    Visiting Mexico
    3 / 12
    Amsterdam Pride
    Amsterdam Pride
    4 / 12
    Our Annual Maine Summer Visit
    Our Annual Maine Summer Visit
    5 / 12
    Christopher Learning to Fly
    Christopher Learning to Fly
    6 / 12
    Chase Making Homemade Rolls
    Chase Making Homemade Rolls
    7 / 12
    Chase & Our Nephew
    Chase & Our Nephew
    8 / 12
    Traveling in Germany
    Traveling in Germany
    9 / 12
    Sunset in Kerala
    Sunset in Kerala
    10 / 12
    Making Homemade Candles With Friends
    Making Homemade Candles With Friends
    11 / 12
    Visiting a Temple
    Visiting a Temple
    12 / 12
    Berlin Visit
    Berlin Visit

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Home

    We live in a small neighborhood within the city of Atlanta, made up of about 5,000 people. Neighbors are very supportive of each other and are quick to help each other out. We live about two blocks away from the "main street" where you can find a bagel shop, restaurants, a pizzeria, a local coffee shop, and many shops where you can buy cute things.

    Our neighborhood has a "Parents Network" made up of hundreds of families who get together once or twice a month to get to know each other, organize stroller walks, and plan kid events like the annual Easter Egg hunt, trick-or-treating at Halloween, and summer time pool fun.

    We live right across from a wonderful city park that has lots of green space, kid-friendly recreational areas, basketball courts, wooded trails, and a creek running through. We have a brand new playground in the park which we're so excited about.

    Our home is a 3 bedroom/2 bath home featuring a master bedroom, guest bedroom, and office. We are in the process of building a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment and guest suite in the backyard to give us more space once our family starts growing. We have a generous sized kitchen which is usually where we spend most of our time given our love of cooking and hosting friends. We have a beautiful front porch and back patio which we enjoy for much of the year including front porch visits, backyard cookouts, and relaxing with the chickens when the weather is nice.

    Our Extended Families

    Christopher & His Brothers

    We both have loving families who support us and who we love to share life with. Christopher's parents live in a home in the country in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. His dad is a pilot and he's currently teaching Christopher how to fly a small plane. Christopher's mom is from Germany and she loves to cook, bake, knit, and travel. We love spending time with Christopher's family either traveling somewhere fun together, enjoying good food and drink, going on walks in the country, cooking, flying, or wine tasting. Christopher has a lot of family in Germany and we visit Germany about twice a year and enjoy German culture including the food, drink, music, and beautiful countryside.

    Chase With Nieces & Nephews

    Chase's family lives in Louisiana and Texas. Visiting them is always a fun adventure filled with good food, seafood, fun music in the French Quarter of New Orleans and lots of quality time with the pets. Chase's sister lives in Houston on a small ranch/farm with horses, donkeys, chickens, and goats. We hope our future kiddo can spend time there every summer and appreciate the country lifestyle. Chase's mom lives near the beach (Mississippi gulf coast). Visits with her often include a trip to the beach for an evening stroll, dinners featuring fresh seafood, a shrimp poboy sandwich for lunch, and playing with her three dogs.

    From Us to You

    First of all, we want you to know that we think about you every day. We know that your heart must be so full right now as you've watched your baby grow and develop and have contemplated such big decisions like whether to find a new home for them. We admire you so much for your strength and want to say that our heart is with you in this time.

    We want you to know that if you do choose us as a home for your little one, you can know that they will be cared for and raised with so much love, devotion, and nurturing as any parent would ever dream of and hope for their child. For many years now, we have dreamed of becoming parents to little kids and we're hopeful that dream will soon come true.

    We have been together now for almost 13 years. We like to say that it was love at first sight. The day we met, we both knew this was something special, and the time since then has been the greatest adventure ever. We support each other in all things in life, root each other on when we need it, give each other a shoulder to cry on during those hard times, and also serve as the voice of encouragement when we need that positive word. Our home is a warm and loving one. Any given evening there are usually candles burning, a tasty meal being cooked on the stove, music being played, chores being done, and laughter at the happenings of the day.

    Adopting is something we have been so excited about for a while now. Every day we think about our future little ones and say a prayer for their well-being and for yours. We've read some books, talked to friends about raising kids, and talked with each other a lot about how we will raise the kids, how we will handle various situations, and what life will be like when we have little ones. We are excited for this new adventure and for the joys and challenges it will bring.

    We want you to know that we hope you will be a part of our lives and the life of your child as they grow up and become the little people that they are meant to be. Our intention is to be open and honest with the child from an early age about their adoption and tell them about their birth parents as much as we can. We'd even love to have a picture of you in their room so that they can know about you and what you represent. These are all important parts of our future child's life. We know it must be challenging for you to make these decisions and hope that it might give you some peace knowing that you will still be a part of our lives for the years to come.

    We promise you the following:
    - We will love and support your child more than anyone can imagine
    - We will be patient with them and love them just how they are even when it's not easy
    - We will encourage them to follow their dreams and passions and we will be their biggest fans as they figure out what it is they love and care about and enjoy doing
    - We will challenge them to be good people: to be loving and accepting of others; to be kind to their neighbor; to do good for the world; to take care of their friends and loved ones; and to give back whenever they can
    - We will make as many happy memories with them as possible and help them see the world as a beautiful place where dreams can become a reality as long as they believe and are willing to put the work into it.

    We're so excited for this journey and look forward to you being a part of it.

    With much love, respect, and gratitude,

    Christopher & Chase


    Neil Patrick Harris
    Matt Damon
    Rebel Wilson
    Shirley MacLaine
    Bill Bryson
    Any LonelyPlanet travel guide
    Anna Karenina
    Candy Bar
    Not really into candy :/ But can I spend these calories on pasta instead?
    Family Guy
    Rocko's Modern Life
    Childhood Memory
    Traveling as a family to see relatives in Germany
    Floating the river
    Childhood Toy
    Electrical Train
    Children's Book
    The Giving Tree
    Clifford the Big Red Dog
    Classic Movie
    A Christmas Story
    Charcoal blue
    Day of Week
    Blueberry cheesecake
    Chocolate Cake
    Disney Movie
    The Jungle Book
    Lady and the Tramp
    Dream Car
    An electric, manual transmission Audi A3 hatchback. But thats not a thing so I can be happy with a Subaru.
    Dream Job
    My current job at Delta Air Lines <3
    Dream Vacation
    Two weeks exploring, far away from home, eating new food and being immersed in a new culture
    New Zealand
    Family Activity
    Hide and seek in a dark house with flashlights only.
    Flower / Plant
    Falafel or a nice big Indian Thali, depends on my mood :]
    Mexican food
    Form of Exercise
    Settlers of Catan
    Holiday Song
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Holiday Tradition
    Secret Santa
    Cutting down a Christmas Tree at a farm
    Ice Cream
    Junk Food
    Onion rings
    Leisure Activity
    Bike riding
    Downeaster (Maine magazine)
    Memory with a Child
    Giving horseback rides to my younger cousins
    Pumpkin patch visit with my nieces
    Memory with Spouse
    Every day because he makes me happier with every day that passes.
    Pitch Perfect
    Steel Magnolias
    Movie Munchie
    Movie Quote
    I think I know where this is going.
    Movie Type
    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
    Musical Group
    Nursery Rhyme
    Wheels on the Bus
    Hush Little Baby
    Olympic Event
    Mens diving
    Personal Hero
    My neighbor Ceri who thinks of everyone else before herself <3 <3 <3
    Mother Teresa
    Avenue Q
    Phantom of the Opera
    Snoop Dogg
    Quality about my Spouse
    His ability to not sweat the small stuff
    His ability to do anything he sets his mind to
    Are you gonna eat that?
    OK YAKI (Japanese)
    Fogo de Chao
    Oyster poboy
    Shrimp and Oyster Poboy
    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
    Shopping Store
    Any grocery store with cheap fresh veggies
    West Elm
    By Your Side (Sade)
    Jolene, by Dolly Parton
    Sport to Play
    Competitive eating?
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Serena Williams
    Sports Team
    LSU Tigers
    Subject in School
    Math, or whichever subject happened to have a cool teacher
    Thing to Cook
    Eggplant parmigiana
    Louisiana seafood gumbo
    Time of Day
    Dinner time
    Carving pumpkins for Halloween
    Advent wreath leading up to Christmas
    TV Show
    The Good Wife
    The Crown
    TV Show Character
    Larissa from 90 Day Fiancee
    Type of Music
    Old Country (e.g., Patsy Cline)
    Vacation Spot
    Video Game
    Super Mario Brothers (Super Nintendo; old school)

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