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Scott & Kristina

We truly admire the courage and the selflessness you show as you begin this journey. As you get to know us we know you will see a loving and energetic family ready to give unconditional love and support - a home where your child can explore their dreams! We are so excited and grateful for the gift of adoption. Our thoughts are with you during this time - have faith in yourself and your choice!

About Us

Store Manager
Registered Nurse
High School Diploma
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Legally Married

Our Daughter, Alexa

Relaxing in Arizona

Our daughter, Alexa, was born with a rare genetic disorder, one we were told would keep her from walking, talking, and would limit her social/emotional skills. We faced this challenge as a family and through our daughter we have learned what we believe to be the most important things in life: Don't give up, fight for what you believe in, and enjoy the little things. Alexa is non-verbal so we have learned sign language as a family and given her a "talker" she uses at school to participate with the other children. She is very active and recently told us she wanted to learn to rock climb! We are in awe of her ability to bring a smile out of everyone around her. We watch our social butterfly and are so proud of the person she has become!

Our experience has shown us that a "perfect" family comes in many different forms. For some it may be having a child on the honor roll or a star athlete. Our perfect family is one filled with unconditional love and support of whatever unique talent our children may have. It is important to us to help our children develop their talents and give them the tools they need explore their dreams.

Discussing Adoption

Our Happy Family

We place value on having open and honest communication in our family. We plan to uphold this value by being open about adoption with your child from the time of placement. We plan to incorporate children’s books during bedtime to encourage questions at an early age and to let the discussion of adoption flow freely in our home. We will always let your child know how much they are loved by you and how special we feel that you chose us to be their parents. We plan to build on this foundation as your child grows. We understand that different stages in life will bring different questions and we promise to use resources as needed to ensure that we are able to answer as many questions as possible, always reinforcing the love behind your selfless decision.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Meeting Goofy!

We enjoy experiencing many different types of vacations. We have been repelling in Costa Rica, sailing in Cabo San Lucas and had dinner with Cinderella at Disney World. As soon as one vacation is over Kristina enjoys planning the next! We are currently planning a family vacation for next year to Hawaii with Kristina's parents and her sister's family. We can’t wait to bring this child with us on our many adventures!

In between the large trips our summers are filled with short vacations on the water. We have a boat that we have traveled all over with, exploring the many lakes in our area. This time allows us to stay connected with each other and enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere the water brings. Scott enjoys pulling Alexa around the lake on the water tube or just relaxing in the sun. Alexa and Kristina enjoy making sand castles on the shore – and then smashing them! We look forward to the day when we can share these moments with another little one and watch the joy on his or her face as they experience the water for the first time!



Repelling in Costa Rica
Repelling in Costa Rica
Feeding Birds at the Zoo
Feeding Birds at the Zoo
Halloween at Disney World
Halloween at Disney World
Getting Messy Making Christmas Cookies with Oma
Getting Messy Making Christmas Cookies with Oma
Hiking with Dad
Hiking with Dad
Ready to Roll!
Ready to Roll!
We Love Disney World!
We Love Disney World!
Fun at the Lake
Fun at the Lake
On the Polar Express with Grandma and Grandpa
On the Polar Express with Grandma and Grandpa
Exploring Beautiful Costa Rica
Exploring Beautiful Costa Rica
Tubing with Daddy
Tubing with Daddy
We Can't Wait to be a Family of Four!
We Can't Wait to be a Family of Four!
1 / 12
Repelling in Costa Rica
Repelling in Costa Rica
2 / 12
Feeding Birds at the Zoo
Feeding Birds at the Zoo
3 / 12
Halloween at Disney World
Halloween at Disney World
4 / 12
Getting Messy Making Christmas Cookies with Oma
Getting Messy Making Christmas Cookies with Oma
5 / 12
Hiking with Dad
Hiking with Dad
6 / 12
Ready to Roll!
Ready to Roll!
7 / 12
We Love Disney World!
We Love Disney World!
8 / 12
Fun at the Lake
Fun at the Lake
9 / 12
On the Polar Express with Grandma and Grandpa
On the Polar Express with Grandma and Grandpa
10 / 12
Exploring Beautiful Costa Rica
Exploring Beautiful Costa Rica
11 / 12
Tubing with Daddy
Tubing with Daddy
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to be a Family of Four!
We Can't Wait to be a Family of Four!

Our Extended Families

Dinner with Both Families

Kristina is the middle of three children. She is very close to her sister Carrie; even though Carrie lives in Arizona, Kristina never misses the important milestones – it is just a short plane ride away! These trips are full of adventure for the whole family. We spend time on ATV's during the day and enjoy playing Scattergories when the sun goes down! Kristina is also very close with her parents, who are only a few miles away. Our daughter, Alexa, has a special bond with Grandpa as they spend every afternoon together after school! Kristina and her mom have a tradition of making Christmas cookies together every year. This is Alex's favorite time to bake as we continue the 4th generation of hand mixing on the counter and getting flour everywhere!

Kristina with Her Siblings

Scott has three brothers and a sister who all live nearby. His favorite memory growing up is working on cars with his dad and brothers – it is still their favorite discussion topic! His sister has two daughters who love to share new baby names with us! Alexa enjoys spontaneous visits from her uncle as he always has his guitar with him and shares his love of music with her. We always look forward to summer as the whole family joins in on weekend camping trips and music by the campfire and everyone is excited for your child to join us!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

Our home is located in a suburban neighborhood in Colorado. It is a short drive to many cultural events in the city as well as some of the best ski resorts in the nation where we enjoy our favorite snowy adventures. We chose our location because the schools in our district are rated as some of the best in the nation. The elementary school is just a short walk from our home which makes it easy to walk our daughter, Alexa, to school in the morning. Our neighborhood has huge trees that provide shade in the summer and a beautiful backdrop of colors in the fall, which are perfect for our evening get-togethers with the neighbors around the fire pit. Our community just worked together to rebuild the neighborhood park about two blocks from our house – Alexa loves to play there and she can't wait for a baby brother or sister to bring with her!

Our home is a ranch style house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. We have put our hearts into our home as we have remodeled and are currently having fun designing a nursery! We have a full basement with a game room and Scott has a hobby room where he and Alexa enjoy building remote control cars and trucks. In the summer we enjoy a good family BBQ on the back deck, and the winter brings cozy movie nights by the fire or game night playing Alexa’s favorite game – BINGO!

From Us to You

Our journey up to this point has been one of twists and turns, ups and downs, and, looking back, one great ride as it has led us to you. As we open our hearts to you we hope you’ll see not only our desire to welcome a new baby to our family, but also our compassion and understanding.

We have been happily married for 15 years - thank goodness we were fortunate enough to fall in love young! Through the years we have learned that life rarely goes as planned and we have mastered hanging on and enjoying the ride. Everything that life has thrown at us has only made us stronger as a couple. We cannot wait to begin the next big adventure of our lives - adoption!

We were blessed with our daughter, Alexa, 11 years ago and, though she was born with a rare genetic disorder that has presented many challenges, we have loved every minute of being her parents! Testing found that this disorder was hereditary and left us with only a 25% chance of having a typical, healthy baby. We always wanted to have more children and knew adoption would be our choice when the time was right. Alexa needed a lot of extra attention when she was younger and we wanted to wait to expand our family until we knew we could devote as much attention to our new child. Alexa is now a strong and independent little girl who looks forward to being mommy's helper!

Kristina is looking forward to staying home with the baby. She cherished her time with Alexa and knows how precious those first few months are. Both Scott and Kristina's parents are close and are already talking about trips to the zoo and the Butterfly Pavilion when Kristina returns to work part time. We have worked hard in order to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. Both of our schedules allow us to always make family a priority with family dinners, weekend excursions to the lake or the children's museum-or just a day of fun with aunts, uncle and cousins-who are ready to embrace a new baby!

We are excited to be able to stay connected with you. Taking extra pictures for you will be a great way to encourage open dialog about adoption with your child and to share important milestones with you. Friends of ours adopted a few years ago and shared their idea of creating a special Facebook page for their birth mother ?" giving her access to updates whenever she chooses. We are also open to any ideas you may have to help you stay connected. We cannot begin to express how grateful we'll be for your incredible gift and for trust in us.

We can’t promise to you that we will be perfect, but we can promise that your child will always feel loved. Your child will have adventures making s’mores by a campfire, hiking in the forest, learning to wakeboard behind our boat and meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World. Dreams will be encouraged and supported in any way possible. Whatever life may bring our children will be happy and have the opportunity to make great childhood memories.

We are excited to talk with you and share your dreams for your child in this journey.

Best Wishes,

Scott & Kristina


Paul Walker
Matthew McConaughey
Jessica Beil
Sandra Bullock
Nora Roberts
JD Robb-in Death series
Candy Bar
Mr. Goodbar
Three Musketeers
Road Runner
Childhood Memory
Staying in the Country for the Summer with my Uncle
Making Dandelion Crowns in a Field at Yellowstone Park
Childhood Toy
GI Joes
Children's Book
Ramona series
Classic Movie
Dirty Dancing-I guess I can call it a classic!
Copper Orange
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Anything Chocolate
Disney Movie
Herbie the Love Bug
Dream Car
70 Chevelle
Audi Q7
Dream Job
Fabricating Off-Road Rock Crawlers
Dream Vacation
Moab, Utah
Canyoning in New Zealand
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Birds of Paradise
Form of Exercise
Ticket to Ride
RC Cars
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
Do You Hear What I Hear
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Dinner
Polar Express Train ride with daughter and grandparents
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Junk Food
Cool Ranch Dortios
Chips with sour cream and onion dip
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
4-Wheel Drive and Sport Utility
Memory with a Child
Family Brunch with Minnie Mouse
Taking Our Daughter to Disney World
Memory with Spouse
Costa Rica
Repelling in Costa Rica
Dirty Dancing
Movie Munchie
Cookie Dough Bites
Popcorn - with lots of butter
Movie Quote
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner"
Movie Type
Sound of Music
Sound of Music
Musical Group
One Republic
One Republic
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
my daughter
Quality about my Spouse
Her Determination
His Huge Heart
Hacienda Colorado or Texas Roadhouse
Peanut Butter and Jelly
California Club
Shopping Store
Best Buy
I Lived
Counting Stars
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Off Road Crawling
Sports Team
Subject in School
Captain America
Thing to Cook
I love to cook anything when entertaining
Time of Day
Black Friday with my mom
TV Show
Parenthood or Last Man Standing
TV Show Character
Mike Baxster
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Anywhere on a boat

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