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Braden & Andrea

Hello! Two years ago, we received the gift of our daughter, Mazie, through adoption. Mazie brings us much joy and she loves other children. We always envisioned having at least two children, and are hoping to grow our family again. Thanks for visiting our profile page. May God bless you with strength and courage as you choose a family to raise your child. We are honored that you would consider us.

About Us

Tech Support Analyst
Music Teacher (Part-Time)
Bachelor's Degree in Interactive Digital Media, Computer Information Systems
Master's Degree in Music Education
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Family

Adoption has already touched our lives in the most amazing way! Our daughter, Mazie, came to our family through adoption. She is affectionate, adventurous, and a quick learner. Mazie likes to greet family with a hug and a high five. She likes to read books, color, build castles with blocks, and play hide and seek, too.

Through our adoption journey with Mazie, we have come to realize just how precious our relationship with her birth family is. Mazie's birth family lives in neighboring communities, so frequent visits are possible. We have regular visits with her siblings, and love watching their faces light up as they play. We stay in contact with her birth mother, grandmother, aunt and uncle through text messages and see them several times a year. We send pictures very often (for the first year, one a day!), and know how comforting this is for them. We think of Mazie’s birth family as part of our family now. Our situation has been such a blessing for everyone, especially our daughter.

We believe that family is all about love, and we hope our future children have the opportunity to develop relationships with their birth families. We know that a child knowing all the people who love them is a blessing beyond measure. We are aware that everyone’s needs and situations are different, and will of course be respectful of the amount of contact desired by birth mom and family.

Our Leisure Time


We enjoy a variety of activities when we're together as a family. Fortunately, we work regular daytime hours and never work weekends, so we have lots of quality family time! In spring, we take advantage of the weather, going for walks around town and taking our first fishing trip. We also enjoy cleaning the yard and planting flowers. Our tulips and daffodils bloom at Easter, in time for egg hunts! When summer arrives, we attend our town's homecoming festival, which has a parade, carnival, and delicious food. We go to free concerts in the park, where we hear jazz or folk music while eating our picnic dinner. We like to vacation in national parks, as we love exploring nature and camping. Andrea teaches part-time and has summers off, which leaves lots of time for adventures! In the fall, we attend our town's art festival, go apple picking, and soak up the sun before winter arrives. We host a Halloween party, where friends compete for best costume, and kids have fun playing games. As winter approaches, it's time to make pumpkin pies and homemade rolls for the Thanksgiving feast at our house. After that, we decorate our house with our Lego village and a Christmas tree filled with musical instruments. We enjoy snuggling up and watching a classic like The Sound of Music. On snow days, we trek to the park to sled or build a snowman in our yard. We can't wait to share these experiences with our children!

What It Means to Be Parents

Playing at the Park

Being a parent is the most important role we will ever have. We have been striving to raise our daughter to be healthy, confident, and responsible, and are ready to do the same for this child. We hope to pass on strong morals and values to our children. This is not easy, and things don't always go according to plan, but we look for learning opportunities in our everyday interactions and provide a loving environment where our children will feel accepted and safe no matter what happens. We will rejoice in our children's successes, encourage them in times of failure, and help them learn through their mistakes. Our children will know that we love them just the way they are.

Parenting is serious business, but we are looking forward to the fun, too! As creative people, our children will have opportunities to explore their artistic talents in music, art, theater, dance - whatever they have an interest in. We will encourage our children to try sports and learn the value of teamwork and practice. We will play "make-believe" anything, following our children's leads and encouraging imagination. Our favorite playtime tools are blocks, books, and the great outdoors. Andrea is looking forward to baking holiday cookies, singing and dancing to silly songs, and going on daily adventures around town in the summer. We have so many activities we can walk to! Braden is looking forward to nightly story time, building crazy Lego creations, and Nerf wars in the backyard. Our dog, Winny, is looking forward to having a new friend to play ball with.


Trip to Florida
Trip to Florida
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
Braden's Live on the Air
Braden's Live on the Air
Andrea Teaching
Andrea Teaching
Braden Hiking
Braden Hiking
Fall at the Park
Fall at the Park
Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
Andrea and Our Dog, Winny
Andrea and Our Dog, Winny
Hiking in Glacier National Park
Hiking in Glacier National Park
Trip to the Apple Farm
Trip to the Apple Farm
Happy Together
Happy Together
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Trip to Florida
Trip to Florida
2 / 12
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
3 / 12
Braden's Live on the Air
Braden's Live on the Air
4 / 12
Andrea Teaching
Andrea Teaching
5 / 12
Braden Hiking
Braden Hiking
6 / 12
Fall at the Park
Fall at the Park
7 / 12
Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
8 / 12
Andrea and Our Dog, Winny
Andrea and Our Dog, Winny
9 / 12
Hiking in Glacier National Park
Hiking in Glacier National Park
10 / 12
Trip to the Apple Farm
Trip to the Apple Farm
11 / 12
Happy Together
Happy Together
12 / 12

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our home is located near the middle of our historical town. It is within walking distance of schools, the library, parks, city pool, several restaurants and shopping. We live less than a mile from the hospital. Since we've moved in, we have remodeled nearly every room, creating the ideal place to raise our family. We have a family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, large loft area (the size of two bedrooms) for the kids, two full baths, and a basement. Our home is surrounded by trees and is in a quiet neighborhood where many children play. It is not uncommon to hear music (live or recorded) coming from our house, or to smell a delicious home-cooked meal!

Our town has a lot of pride in its rich history, and residents ensure the town remains active, beautiful, forward-thinking, and safe. Our town has festivals almost every week of the year. These events are free and provide a rich cultural experience. We have several parks; some have playground equipment, while others offer nature trails or sports fields. We are active members in our town and our church community, and often see friends while we are out and about. We are glad to live in family-centered community. Our small town is also a short drive away from a major metropolitan city that offers a zoo, botanical garden, children's museum, sporting events, live theater, music, restaurants, and cultural diversity.

Our Extended Families

Andrea's Family is Excited About Our Adoption Plan!

Family time is a priority for us. We are lucky to live close to Braden's extended family, and have frequent dinner gatherings and celebrations with them. On Halloween, the grandkids Trick-or-Treat to Grandma's house and enjoy a bowl of chilli. At Christmas, Braden's family rents a big room and spends the evening eating, playing games and opening presents. In summer, we travel to the family cabin in the Ozarks, where we fish, hike, roast marshmallows, and swim in the lake. Braden is an only child, but grew up with 17 cousins, and thinks of them as siblings.

With Braden's Parents

Andrea's family is scattered across the country, but remains close. We visit several times a year, and use Facetime frequently. We love visiting Wyoming to see Andrea's sister, whose family lives near the mountains. We enjoy hiking and camping together while there. When Andrea's brother's family comes to visit, we make time for a trip to the park or zoo. We also love having sleepovers with our nieces and nephews, making a tent out of a big blanket in the living room and reading bedtime stories by flashlight. Andrea's parents come home often, especially for Andrea's Thanksgiving dinner. They can't wait to take their grandchildren fishing!

Our families are eagerly awaiting the day we bring a baby home. They've been supportive and encouraging of our decision to adopt, and will shower all of our little ones with love!

From Us to You

Words can't express our admiration for you. We want you to know that we are forever grateful to you for the gift of your child, which is the most precious gift we could receive. Your child will grow up knowing about your loving choice to place him or her for adoption. We will talk openly about adoption with our child, and answer any questions with honesty. We are excited to share important milestones in our child's life with you and will encourage a loving relationship between you and your child. Each night, we will say our bedtime prayers as a family, and include a special prayer for you. Although your child will not know you as the mother who raised them, your child will know you as the mother who gave them the wonderful gift of life! You will not be a stranger to them. We will raise our child to think of you with respect and love, and to know that you love them so very much.

We are so excited to be parents! We've been married ten years, and from the beginning, we've dreamed about how wonderful it will be to have children to laugh with, sing to, and rock to sleep each night. Sharing our lives with Mazie has filled us with joy. We know that all three of us will be overjoyed to share our lives with this child! We look forward to holiday traditions, new adventures, and watching our children develop that special sibling bond. We think about how children effect the lives of those they touch, and realize that spending time with children brings about hope for a better world. We feel that the future truly is in the hands of our children, and we hope to instill in them values like honesty, dedication, cooperation, and compassion, so that they can make the world a better place. This is probably the main reason we have wanted to be parents - to share our unconditional love with children, and to teach them everything we can so they can have a positive influence on the world. We know your child will make our own world better just by being in it!

Braden is a wonderful father. He loves to have fun and make people laugh. He enjoys reading books to children, bringing the stories to life by using character voices. So far, he's mastered Elmo, Yoda, Kermit, and Animal. Mazie loves hearing him read or sing in these silly voices. Braden is looking forward to playtime and fostering creativity. Braden is also very nurturing. He notices when someone needs a listening ear, and does what he can to solve problems. He's a dependable and loving husband, and has brought all of these qualities to his new role as Dad.

Andrea has been preparing for motherhood since the day her baby sister came home from the hospital. She always watched over her younger siblings and attended to their needs. Andrea enjoys being there for her friends and family in any way she can, whether it's preparing a meal, watching a child, or celebrating a milestone. Andrea certainly does all of these things and more for Mazie, and she can't wait to open her heart and home to a new baby! Andrea looks forward to nurturing her children's imaginations. She will love to watch them grow and support them in any of their endeavors - after school activities, new friends, hobbies, and eventually career choices and their own families. Andrea will want her children to know that she loves them forever, just as they are, and that she will always be there to help and guide them when they need it.

We thank you so much for considering us as parents for your child. We know that this decision will not be easy, and we pray that God will give you strength throughout this journey.

May God bless and keep you!

Braden & Andrea


Al Pacino
Hugh Jackman, Cary Grant
Natalie Portman
Gwyneth Paltrow, Audrey Hepburn
Dogs and Tigers
Ayn Rand
Agatha Christie
Atlas Shrugged
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Dark Chocolate
Muppet Babies
Childhood Memory
Family fishing trips
Dad reading bedtime stories with his "story-telling" voice
Childhood Toy
Play kitchen
Children's Book
Tom Sawyer
Berenstain Bears and Matilda
Hermann, MO
Classic Movie
The Godfather
Roman Holiday, Singin' in the Rain
Day of Week
Apple Pie
Disney Movie
Toy Story Trilogy
Sleeping Beauty
Dream Car
Self-Driving Car
One with Kids Giggling in the Back Seat
Dream Job
Media Company Proprietor
Symphony Orchestra Conductor
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Camping Trips
Picnics in the park
Flower / Plant
Jade - Andrea grows them in our kitchen window
Daffodils - Spring is here!
Apple Pie
Form of Exercise
Jonathan Apples picked from the orchard
Cards - Euchre or Pinochle
Cards - Euchre or Pinochle
Podcasting, Filmmaking
Music and Quilting
Holiday Song
Same Old Lang Syne
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) by Nat King Cole
Holiday Tradition
My entire family gathers in a hall on Christmas Eve. We open gifts with Grandma and Grandpa, then play games.
Christmas Caroling and Carving Jack-o-lanterns
Ice Cream
Cookies n' Cream
Junk Food
Ice Cream
Leisure Activity
Video Games
Playing Piano
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Father-daughter nights when mom is out, and sending mom pictures of our hijinks, like playing bandits with bibs.
When Mazie first came to us, she would stay awake just long enough to hear the end of my lullaby, then smile in her sleep.
Memory with Spouse
The first time we met - I asked her to dance, and she said, "yes."
He drove 2 hours to surprise me on St. Nick's Day when I was in grad school.
Star Wars, Ep. 4, 5, 2, 3, 6
The Blues Brothers (original)
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Life's Easier fixing things." - Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
"When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window." -Sound of Music
Movie Type
Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Avenue Q
Annie, The Music Man
Musical Group
Ben Folds Five
Jack Johnson
Nursery Rhyme
Jack and Jill
Hey Diddle Diddle
Olympic Event
Beach Volleyball, Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Kevin Rose and Brian Brushwood
My Grandmothers
Visit to a Small Planet
A Christmas Carol
William Shakespeare
Robert Frost
Quality about my Spouse
How great she is with kids - her nieces and nephew and the kids at her school
He's adventurous, fun-loving, and the best dad!
"The most sophisticated people I know - inside they're all children." - Jim Henson
"Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love." -Mother Teresa
Local Sushi Restaurant
The Fountain - homemade soup, sandwiches, and ice cream!
Grilled ham and cheese
Matthew 7:12
Philippians 4:4-13
Shopping Store
Micro Center
Old Navy
The Luckiest by Ben Folds
Tiny Dancer by Elton John
Sport to Play
Softball and Volleyball
Sport to Watch
Baseball or Football as a member of the marching band
Sports Star
Simone Biles
Sports Team
Subject in School
Music and Jazz Band
Band and Science
Scott Pilgrim
Thing to Cook
Homemade Pizza
Breakfast: Pancakes from scratch, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit
Time of Day
Yearly family canoe trips over Labor Day weekend
Picking apples in September, then making apple pie and applesauce
TV Show
LOST, Sherlock
How I Met Your Mother
TV Show Character
Benjamin Linus from LOST
Ron Swanson from Park and Recreation
Type of Music
Acoustic Folk Rock
Vacation Spot
Grandfather's Cabin
National Parks, Mountains
Video Game
Mario Cart

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