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Chet & Nelle

We are so excited to complete our family through adoption. Doing things together is the heart of our lives, and we can't wait to share this happiness with another child. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

About Us

Senior Finance Manager
Family Physician
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Doctoral Degree in Medicine
Ethan, Jack
Legally Married

Discussing Adoption

Telling stories has been a special part of our family for generations. We both grew up hearing family stories about our relatives and family friends that entertained us and ingrained a strong sense of family. Now that we are parents, we smile when our kids ask us to "Tell us the one about..." It has become a nightly ritual after books.

We are so excited to one day tell our own adoption story of how our family became complete. We would love to share as much about you and your family and friends as feels comfortable to you. We will always express our gratitude to you and help this child with any difficult emotions they may have regarding adoption.

We also found it helpful with our kids to use books to sort through difficult emotions, as it can be a safe way for kids to understand their feelings and relate to others in similar situations, and we will continue to do this.

What it Means to Be Parents

Ethan's Preschool Graduation

Becoming parents has been our dream come true. Because it wasn't so easy for us to become parents, it has really made us appreciate parenthood and never take it for granted. This does come in handy during an especially loud toddler meltdown or the like! It is the day to day of just being together that is the best part of parenting for us. Here are just a few of the special moments that come to mind when we think of being parents:

  • Rocking our babies at night. That expensive glider with the footrest was so worth it!
  • Protecting them and keeping them safe. Knowing there is nothing we wouldn't do to help them reach their full potential.
  • Watching their unique personalities develop.
  • Teaching them a variety of things like riding a bike, house repairs, and cooking, but also how to be a good friend, how to have faith during a challenge, and how to show kindness to others, and then seeing them do it themselves.
  • Playing, laughing, getting hugs, or a heartfelt "I love you!"
  • Seeing them succeed at something that has been difficult.
  • Going on family trips together to the beach, the library, a hike, to visit family or friends, the aquarium, the museum and our neighborhood playground. We really look forward to traveling more and more to show our kids different places and cultures and learn by doing.

Our Children

Ethan is seven years old. He loves being a big brother. He is in the First Grade and is having so much fun that he comes home from school and plays school with his little brother. We especially like this because it gives us a glimpse of what he does during the day. He is very patient and could spend hours building things with his Legos, Mag-formers, and our couch cushions. He enjoys listening to stories and loves going to library programs.

Jack is three and is a sweet snuggle puppy. He wants to do everything "like brother." He also loves going to the library and listening to books and stories. He is always laughing — often at himself in the mirror — and can bring a smile to any face. He is very proud to be in "Pre-K" and loves his friends and teachers there. It is often a long process saying good bye because he has to hug every friend and teacher. He is amazing on his balance bike and could play for hours at the playground.

Ethan and Jack have so much fun playing together and are excited about having another sibling. When our friends come over with their baby, Ethan finds things to entertain her and makes sure she is safe. Jack loves to make her laugh by tickling her toes. We know they will be sweet and caring big brothers!



Our Family
Our Family
At the Lake
At the Lake
Having Fun at the Lake
Having Fun at the Lake
Out at Our Favorite Restaurant
Out at Our Favorite Restaurant
Jack's First Golf Lesson with Dad
Jack's First Golf Lesson with Dad
Family Weekend Bike Ride
Family Weekend Bike Ride
Guys in the Snow
Guys in the Snow
Family Selfie
Family Selfie
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Fun with Friends at the Boardwalk
Fun with Friends at the Boardwalk
Kayaking Fun in Florida
Kayaking Fun in Florida
Football Fun
Football Fun
1 / 12
Our Family
Our Family
2 / 12
At the Lake
At the Lake
3 / 12
Having Fun at the Lake
Having Fun at the Lake
4 / 12
Out at Our Favorite Restaurant
Out at Our Favorite Restaurant
5 / 12
Jack's First Golf Lesson with Dad
Jack's First Golf Lesson with Dad
6 / 12
Family Weekend Bike Ride
Family Weekend Bike Ride
7 / 12
Guys in the Snow
Guys in the Snow
8 / 12
Family Selfie
Family Selfie
9 / 12
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
10 / 12
Fun with Friends at the Boardwalk
Fun with Friends at the Boardwalk
11 / 12
Kayaking Fun in Florida
Kayaking Fun in Florida
12 / 12
Football Fun
Football Fun

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

After we had searched for the perfect house for months, our realtor took us to a house by accident, but when we walked in, we knew it was our home.

Our house has a big kitchen and an open feel. We love cooking together and have the perfect kitchen for it. The backyard is private, and it has just enough room for a small garden and play area. The boys love helping us decide what to plant in our garden, helping us take care of it, and trying fresh vegetables from it.

We live in an old neighborhood in the center of town with mature trees, many nearby parks, and a blue ribbon school that is within walking distance. The hands-on museum is another favorite place.

Our neighborhood is a great place for an evening walk together, and we often run into other kids playing in their yards or selling lemonade. Once a year, our neighborhood shuts down a street and we all get together to eat, play, and catch up.

The library is only a few minutes away, and they have an amazing children's program that we all look forward to weekly. Our whole community is very family-oriented. We love the opportunities to be on a bike, a hike, or at a swimming hole in just a few minutes.

We have made a lot of happy memories in our home and look forward sharing these special times with a new child.

Our Extended Families

Nelle's Family

Family means everything to us, and we think we have a great one! We live in the town where Nelle grew up, and her parents and siblings still also live here. Nelle's parents have everyone over for dinner every Sunday night. Her mom, "Mom-Mom," is a gourmet cook and loves to have parties, so we celebrate everything from regular holidays to neighbors' birthdays. Nelle's dad, "Pop-Pop," loves taking the kids on nature hikes and teaching them all about nature. He is also "an expert on waffles," as our son said after spending the night at their house.

Chet's Family

Our kids love getting together with their cousins and we love seeing them have such a special relationship. Every summer, we go to the same beach that Nelle has been going to since she was a child, and we get to hang out with extended family and friends who have become family through the years. Our whole family talks about this trip all year long.

Chet's family doesn't live here, but we still see them regularly on Facetime. They also visit for birthdays or long weekends at the lake. Chet's parents, "Nana and Poppy," are involved grandparents who love hearing everything their grandkids are doing. They love spoiling their grandkids and make all the time we have together extra special. They live on one of the country's most beautiful beaches, and we visit there at least once a year.

From Us to You

Being a family has been our biggest dream come true. While we struggled with infertility and miscarriages, we always kept in mind our ultimate dream of becoming parents. Adoption has always been something in our hearts since beginning trying to start our family, and we are so excited to complete our family in this way. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us.

We were first introduced by Chet's cousin, who was Nelle's good friend from medical school. She knew we both had family as our priority and would enjoy meeting each other. She was right! A year and a half after meeting we were married, and we have now celebrated our tenth anniversary. We have two amazing boys, Ethan (7) and Jack (4), who are looking forward to having another baby in the house. Ethan is in First Grade and is loving it so much that he comes home and plays "school" with his brother and cousins. He also enjoys building things with Legos, mag-formers, and every cushion in our house. Our home is often transformed into one big fort on Saturday mornings. As parents, there is nothing better than watching our boys spend time building and pretending together. Jack is sweet and affectionate and wins the heart of everyone who sees him smile. He is a snuggle puppy and is often laughing - frequently at himself in the mirror!

Our weeks are filled with special time together. We enjoy being outdoors and live in an area with four beautiful seasons. Soccer, biking, hiking, sledding, and playing at various playgrounds are frequent outings. Our town is rich with museums, pools, and community resources. Our public library has an amazing children's area and program, and we attend different activities there weekly. Passing on a love of books and learning is important to us, and the fun atmosphere at our library makes that easy! Snuggling together to read books is part of our nightly bedtime routine.

One of Chet's talents, passed down from his dad, is the ability to fix anything around the house (score!), and passing this on to our sons has been important to him. They love to help their dad with house projects and are learning the importance of figuring things out, even if they don't initially know how. Nelle received her mom's love of cooking and baking and some of her talent in this area. This is also a fun activity for her to share with the kids.

Really, the best part of our family is the amazing love and support from our extended family and friends. We love to celebrate and use any occasion to get together for dinner or a party. Every summer, we take a trip to the beach town where Nelle has been going since she was 5 years old. This is such a special time for our whole family to relax, play at the beach, and continue to build on special relationships with our extended family and friends. The kids and cousins talk about this trip all year long. This year, Ethan wanted his birthday party to have a beach theme to recreate the special feeling we get when we are there together.

We hope that we are able to convey how important our family is to us and how loved another child would be in our home. Nelle enjoys keeping memory books, and we would gladly share pictures and letters with you. Please be assured we will always talk about you in a loving way and want to share as much as your guidance directs.

Chet & Nelle


Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson
John Steinbeck
Harry Potter
The Grapes of Wrath
Candy Bar
3 Musketeer
Just me- The Simpsons, with my kids- Handy Many
Doc McStuffins
Childhood Memory
Riding on the Sailboat My Granddad Built
Searching for Salamanders on Hikes with My Dad
Childhood Toy
My Cabbage Patch Kids
Children's Book
The Little Engine That Could
Goodnight Moon
Sanibel, FL
Cape May, NJ
Classic Movie
Star Trek
The Princess Bride
Day of Week
German Chocolate Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Disney Movie
Monsters Inc
Dream Job
Business owner
Being a mom and doctor is my dream
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Bird of paradise
Homemade Ravioli
Form of Exercise
Apples to Apples
House projects
Making family picture books/ party and holiday planning
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Holiday Tradition
Cutting down Christmas tree
Making cookies with my mom and sister for cookie trays
Ice Cream
Soft serve custard with sprinkles
Junk Food
Funnel cake
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Popular Science
Memory with a Child
Teaching My Son to Ride a Bike
Rocking My Babies at Night
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon in Antigua
Honeymoon in Antigua
Top Gun
Out of Africa
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and chocolate
Movie Type
Comedy or Drama
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Row, row, row your boat
Olympic Event
Beach Volleyball
Ice Skating
Quality about my Spouse
She is caring and giving
Family is his true priority and he can figure anything out
The Green Flash- overlooks the water on Captiva, FL
Louisa's- a small, delicious restaurant in Cape May, NJ
Turkey, ham, and roast beef- I am a sandwich connoisseur
Grilled cheese and tomato
Shopping Store
Home Depot
TJ Maxx
Keep on the Sunny Side of Life
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College football
Sports Team
Florida Gators- Go Gators!
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Time of Day
Easter Egg Hunts
Sunday Night Dinner at My Parents' House
TV Show
Treehouse Guys
Vacation Spot
The beach
The beach
Video Game
Madden Football
Candy Crush

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