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Chris & Courtney

We are so very appreciative that you're taking the time to view our profile. But above that appreciation, we have so much respect for the intentional approach you are taking to provide your child with the best life possible. We currently have one son and are thrilled at the prospect of adding another child - there is truly no greater gift in the world! We hope that our profile provides you with the look into our lives you'll need to determine if we are the family unit you are looking for.

About Us

IT Systems Administrator
Human Resources Manager
Some College - Studied Geology
Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We had always intended to have more than one child. Chris has a brother who he is very close to, and Courtney has a brother and a sister who play huge roles in her life. Our parents all had siblings (our aunts and uncles) and they are all still very close. So, for Dylan to have a sibling was something we had always envisioned and was very important to us.

Though we had no struggles with fertility when we tried for our first child, when it came time to have another, that was not the case. We encountered what is called “secondary infertility," and after some tests and treatments - though we had not exhausted our options - it felt to us that more biological children were not in the cards for us. Rather than continuing to pursue additional opinions or treatments, we felt adoption was the right choice for us.

Though we’ve never placed a child for adoption, we believe that the reasons we want to adopt are similar to the reasons birth parents choose adoption; because all children deserve a life of love, security and joy. All children deserve to maximize their potential and to chose a path that brings them happiness and fulfillment. It will be our greatest privilege to provide that life for two children, and we truly believe that the way those children make their way into our lives will be they way they were meant to. The child we adopt will naturally complete our family.

Our Leisure Time

At a Community Festival with Our Own Superhero

Because we both work full-time, it is important to us that we maximize our leisure time. At this stage in life, leisure time is primarily spent as a family, though we recognize that as our children become more independent, that dynamic could change. For now, we’ll enjoy making memories as a family unit!

Most of our leisure activities fall into two categories - being outdoors or sports events ... sometimes they are one in the same! Courtney grew up with a family who loved to watch sports and she married a guy who does too! We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a variety of sports live - including hockey, baseball and football. We also enjoy rooting for our favorite teams from home - football Saturdays generally mean we throw on our sports gear and make special snacks for the game. Dylan is also beginning to play sports and has gotten involved in Little League. We’ve all enjoyed the sense of community that we’ve gained from his participation. In general, the camaraderie and tradition that come from being sports fans is what we love the most.

We also love the outdoors and are lucky to live in a state with mild seasons - it allows us to have year-round outdoor fun. Most evenings someone from our family can be found in the driveway or backyard, and we can frequently be seen walking in the neighborhood or at the park. Our weekends and vacations also always have an element of the outdoors baked in.

Our Family Traditions

Our family traditions vary from the most basic weekly traditions to only slightly larger, less frequent traditions. Every Friday night without fail, we dedicate to family time. After a long week of work and school, it has become a favorite time for all three of us to wind down and begin our weekend. Chris prepares homemade nachos every Friday night - they are one of our son’s favorite foods. While Chris cooks, we typically have some sporting event or other family show on the TV; often Dylan and Courtney will play a game or with toys in the same open living area. While portions of the meal are cooking, Chris takes the dogs out in the backyard to play fetch; Dylan will often join them. When the nachos are ready, the dogs and cat get treats, and then Chris, Courtney and Dylan gather around the coffee table for a special treat to eat and watch cooking shows. It may seem simple, but it is one of our favorite times as a family.

We certainly have other traditions, too, with our extended families. We spend every Thanksgiving at the home Chris grew up in with his family, and we spend every Christmas at Courtney’s parents’ house with about 15 other family members - Christmas morning is magical! We also take an annual Easter trip to Florida, and have several other traditions throughout the summer - mostly involving travel - with friends and family. Tradition is very meaningful to both of us!



So Happy Together
So Happy Together
Annual Spring Trip to the Beach
Annual Spring Trip to the Beach
Fun on the Jet Ski
Fun on the Jet Ski
Outdoors as a Family is a Norm for Us
Outdoors as a Family is a Norm for Us
Sports Fans!
Sports Fans!
Best Friends
Best Friends
We Love to Take Part in Community Events That Match Our Son's Interests - Superheros for the Win!
We Love to Take Part in Community Events That Match Our Son's Interests - Superheros for the Win!
We Love the Beach!
We Love the Beach!
Every Summer, We Go to the Lake with This Group - This Was Our 10th Year in a Row!
Every Summer, We Go to the Lake with This Group - This Was Our 10th Year in a Row!
Chris and Dylan - Two Peas in a Pod
Chris and Dylan - Two Peas in a Pod
We Love Being Parents!
We Love Being Parents!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
1 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
2 / 12
Annual Spring Trip to the Beach
Annual Spring Trip to the Beach
3 / 12
Fun on the Jet Ski
Fun on the Jet Ski
4 / 12
Outdoors as a Family is a Norm for Us
Outdoors as a Family is a Norm for Us
5 / 12
Sports Fans!
Sports Fans!
6 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends
7 / 12
We Love to Take Part in Community Events That Match Our Son's Interests - Superheros for the Win!
We Love to Take Part in Community Events That Match Our Son's Interests - Superheros for the Win!
8 / 12
We Love the Beach!
We Love the Beach!
9 / 12
Every Summer, We Go to the Lake with This Group - This Was Our 10th Year in a Row!
Every Summer, We Go to the Lake with This Group - This Was Our 10th Year in a Row!
10 / 12
Chris and Dylan - Two Peas in a Pod
Chris and Dylan - Two Peas in a Pod
11 / 12
We Love Being Parents!
We Love Being Parents!
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a mid-sized suburb of a large city in Tennessee. When we relocated to this area just over three years ago, we weren’t sure where to live, and wound up picking our home based on the fact that it had a huge yard - great for playing! A big yard is important to both of us - having a fenced in area for our children and pets to play and enjoy the outdoors was an important part of the life we envisioned for our family.

Our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and is two stories. The upstairs of our home has a bonus room, a guest room, and a bathroom. The downstairs is where most of the “living” happens - our family room is open to our kitchen and that area is truly the heart of our home. The master and children’s bedrooms are all on the first floor.

Our home is exactly that - a home. It is cozy and comfortable, generally with some toys strewn about and always decorated for the given season. It is so important to us that our friends and family feel comfortable in our house, and truly, there is no place we’d rather be!

Our town is made up primarily of families with school-aged children. The entire community is focused on family and events - parades, little league, festivals, rec center activities - we couldn’t ask for a better place to raise our family. It is safe, clean and friendly.

Our Extended Families

Blessed to Have a Big Family

We are both fortunate to say that we grew up in very family-centered homes, and we do our best to emulate that same home environment as adults raising our own family. Chris has an older brother and Courtney has an older brother and an older sister. Combined, we have five nieces and three nephews. Our son is the youngest and he gets LOTS of attention - he adores his big cousins! Our families have both been supportive out of the gate regarding our plans to adopt. Though we didn’t expect them to have concerns, I’m not sure we knew they would all react so enthusiastically! Like us, they are so excited to meet the next member of our family and for Dylan to be a big brother. When Courtney’s dad found out they were pregnant with their son (his fifth grandchild), he beamed and exclaimed “That’s five! And I ordered six! We’re almost there!" We’ll be so glad when we complete his order!

Though we are certain that our parents would have accepted any decisions we made about expanding our family, they are thrilled we have chosen adoption and have enjoyed learning about the process as we’ve moved through it. We are extremely fortunate to have such truly supportive families.

From Us to You

Let us start off by saying that it is going to be nearly impossible to put into words the gratitude and respect we have for you as you move through the difficult task of weighing all of your options. We are touched by your spirit and though we don’t know you, we are so proud of who we envision you to be! No matter what decision you wind up making for your child, take heart in knowing that it will be the right one; you clearly have your child’s very best interests at heart and for that, we commend you.

We’d also love to help you better understand us and what brought us to this part of our journey. We were married in April 2010 after three years of dating; as cliché as it sounds, we are best friends, and we love doing life together! We found out that we were pregnant just shy of our 1-year wedding anniversary. We were elated (and a smidge terrified), and were filled with total awe and mind-blowing love for the son we welcomed in December 2011.

Parenting has given us a tremendous sense of purpose and pride, and has truly made us better people. We take parenting very seriously - but not in the way that we’ve read every book and claim to be experts; that is certainly not the case. We were given a piece of advice by Courtney’s mom when our son Dylan was just under three weeks old: “Love that baby and trust your instincts; everything else will come.” How right she was.

After applying mom’s advice for about a year (Love! Trust! Instincts!), we decided we were going to add another little one to the family. Unfortunately, Courtney’s body had a different agenda; a diagnosis of secondary infertility sent us down a road of tests and procedures and none of the things that felt natural about having a baby. But one thing did seem natural: adoption.

We had to look at the big picture and evaluate why we wanted another child ... and there were a lot of answers! We want Dylan to have a sibling. We want to experience another round of “firsts." We know how great of a gig it is and can’t fathom not having another! But most of all, what it boiled down to was the ability to love, protect and nurture another child. And for us, it didn’t matter whose belly the baby grew in or whose genes it carried – those will just all be a part of the child’s story – and what a beautiful one it will be!

The child we adopt will always know their story from chapter one. It will be one of our greatest honors and responsibilities to teach our next child that it came purely from a place of love and goodwill. Also a part of those honors and responsibilities will be to teach our older son all of the same concepts about adoption, and we will certainly be keeping the birth parents updated on progress via letters and pictures. We would never want to withhold such valuable moments and treasures from someone who chooses to give us the greatest gift of all time.

In closing, we want you to know that the children we love and raise are everything to us. We firmly believe that a child should be a child – they should be protected and loved, and should experience and feel the things that are age-appropriate. They should respect others and be treated with respect, and our greatest wishes for our children is that they have the confidence to do what makes them happy, to excel at what fulfills them, and to know only a life of love.

As you go on to make your decision, feel free to use our favorite advice from Courtney’s mom. The love that you have for your child paired with your instincts will most certainly guide you to the right decision for you.

With deepest respect,

Chris & Courtney


Bill Murray
Tom Hanks
Cissy Spacek
Meryl Streep
Jody Piccoult
Ethan Frome
The Great Gatsby
Candy Bar
Bugs Bunny
Curious George
Childhood Memory
Disney World
Trips with my family
Childhood Toy
GI Joes
Children's Book
The Lorax
Goodnight Moon
Classic Movie
In The Heat of the Night
Day of Week
Chocolate pudding
Apple Pie
Disney Movie
Toy Story
The Lion King
Dream Car
Volvo Station Wagon
Dream Job
Some in non-profit
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Roller Skating
New Adventures
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Form of Exercise
Lifting weights
Snow skiing
Fourth of July
Holiday Song
The First Noel
It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Christmas at my parent's house
Ice Cream
Chocolate Marshmallow
Junk Food
Corn chips
French fries
Leisure Activity
Walking the dogs
Memory with a Child
First t-ball game
Watching my son succeed at anything he's unsure of
Memory with Spouse
Trip to Chicago
The moment he became a daddy
Coalminer's daughter
Love, Actually
Movie Munchie
Milk Duds
Movie Quote
"Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'"
"It's the saddest part of my day, leaving you."
Movie Type
Romantic comedy
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Pink Floyd
Traveling Wilburys
Nursery Rhyme
Little Miss Muffet
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My mother
My parents
The Brecht Files
Say Anything
Robert Frost
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quality about my Spouse
Her thoughtfulness
His kind heart
"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way". -Babe Ruth
Bellas Pizza
Any great burger place
French Dip
PB & J
Mark 10:27
Shopping Store
Sweet Baby James
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Peyton Manning
Michael Jordan
Sports Team
Carolina Hurricanes
Chicago White Sox
Subject in School
Social Studies
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Friday Night Tacos with My Family
Decorating for the Holidays
TV Show
TV Show Character
Buster from Arrested Development
Elaine from Seinfeld
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
The Mountains
My Parents' Lake House
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