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Sam & Christina

Hello from Georgia! After many years together, we have a lot to be thankful for, but a son or daughter would be the greatest joy in our lives. We are so very excited at the opportunity to share our love with a precious child. We understand how important it is to find the right family for your child, and how overwhelming the options can be. Thank you for taking time to learn about us!

About Us

University Professor
Educational Design
Ph.D. in Business
Ph.D. in Food Science
Legally Married

Education We Will Provide

Exploring Costa Rican Culture

Children are naturally curious, and we will do our very best to ensure that our child experiences the joy of learning. Education has been a central aspect of our own lives; we both have completed advanced degrees, and we both work in educational fields. Needless to say, we realize the importance of formal education in developing a child intellectually and preparing them for the future. Therefore, we both plan to take an active role in our child’s school studies. To help them excel academically, we will stay engaged with their teachers, monitor their progress, and make sure that they are adequately challenged. Most important, we will provide enthusiastic guidance and encouragement along the way.

However, we will be sure not to limit life’s lessons to the classroom. To help our child develop social skills, we will encourage them to interact with other boys and girls across diverse settings (sports, camps, club activities, etc.). To help our child experience hands-on learning, we will provide plenty of opportunities for arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, and hobbies. In addition, we both believe in the importance of “quiet time” - a chance for children to play independently and learn to be comfortable on their own. Above all, we will respect our child as an individual, with their own unique personality, curiosity, and passions. Our goal will be to provide constant love, support, and encouragement as they explore the world around them.

Our Leisure Time

So Many Games, So Little Time!

Both of us have parents who are avid gardeners, so "working the soil" comes naturally. Every spring, Sam plants miniature peppers and cherry tomatoes in the back yard, and by summer they are ready to be eaten (straight from the garden!). Christina takes pride and joy in growing beautiful roses, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons. In addition, Christina has arts and crafts in her blood, and she always has a project going. She enjoys getting together with friends to dye fabrics, paint Easter eggs, decorate soaps, etc.

We are also children at heart, and we look forward to all kinds of family fun time. In particular, we love to work puzzles and play games together. Christina is especially fond of social games (one of her favorites is charades), and Sam enjoys strategy games (like Scrabble and chess). It's a sure bet that when there is a family get together, a game will break out! We can't wait to share these fun experiences with our growing child.

Another of our favorite pastimes is cooking. Christina enjoys experimenting with different recipes at suppertime, and she loves creating "culinary masterpieces" for friends, parties, and family get-togethers. Sam usually sticks to the things he knows best, like "pancake breakfasts" on Saturdays and fresh-baked bread on Sundays. Between the two of us, there is always something tasty in the house!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Christina recently completed a half-marathon with her sister to raise money for Crohn's and Colitis research.
  • Christina loves cooking for parties and special events. She has even baked wedding cakes!
  • Sam is a "night owl," and finds that he can get a lot done while others are sleeping. He promises to take night shift watching the baby!
  • Sam makes homemade bread almost every weekend (honey wheat is his favorite, but he is always open to requests).
  • We took a cruise to Alaska for our honeymoon. We saw lots of reindeer, grizzly bears, and even bald eagles!
  • We do almost all of our shopping together – groceries, hardware, clothes, you name it!
  • We enjoy organizing taste-tests of common, everyday foods. Some of our recent taste-tests included cheddar cheese, apples, and yogurt. (It turns out we both love gala apples!)
  • We are devoted to our "crazy," 14-year-old cat named Sanka.
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    Fun Times at a Philadelphia Museum
    Fun Times at a Philadelphia Museum
    Beautiful Alaska
    Beautiful Alaska
    Playing With Puppets at the Puppet Museum
    Playing With Puppets at the Puppet Museum
    Time Spent on the Porch With Our Niece
    Time Spent on the Porch With Our Niece
    Exploring Poseideon's Temple in Greece
    Exploring Poseideon's Temple in Greece
    All Smiles
    All Smiles
    Vactioning in Costa Rica
    Vactioning in Costa Rica
    Hot Air Balloon Festival
    Hot Air Balloon Festival
    Great Fun Sledding in Alaska
    Great Fun Sledding in Alaska
    Showing Off Our Easter Egg Creations!
    Showing Off Our Easter Egg Creations!
    Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Colors
    Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Colors
    Visiting the Lighthouses in Maine
    Visiting the Lighthouses in Maine
    1 / 12
    Fun Times at a Philadelphia Museum
    Fun Times at a Philadelphia Museum
    2 / 12
    Beautiful Alaska
    Beautiful Alaska
    3 / 12
    Playing With Puppets at the Puppet Museum
    Playing With Puppets at the Puppet Museum
    4 / 12
    Time Spent on the Porch With Our Niece
    Time Spent on the Porch With Our Niece
    5 / 12
    Exploring Poseideon's Temple in Greece
    Exploring Poseideon's Temple in Greece
    6 / 12
    All Smiles
    All Smiles
    7 / 12
    Vactioning in Costa Rica
    Vactioning in Costa Rica
    8 / 12
    Hot Air Balloon Festival
    Hot Air Balloon Festival
    9 / 12
    Great Fun Sledding in Alaska
    Great Fun Sledding in Alaska
    10 / 12
    Showing Off Our Easter Egg Creations!
    Showing Off Our Easter Egg Creations!
    11 / 12
    Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Colors
    Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Colors
    12 / 12
    Visiting the Lighthouses in Maine
    Visiting the Lighthouses in Maine

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Home Sweet Home!

    We live in a residential community in Atlanta, GA. Just a few minutes from our home are major art and children's museums, as well as one of the world's largest aquariums. Also nearby is Christina's favorite museum, the Center for Puppetry Arts, which offers puppet shows and puppet-making workshops!

    Our neighbors are extremely diverse in race, age, and background, and many of them have young children themselves. The neighborhood has lots of everyday activities for parents and kids - we look forward to taking our child to the playground, the YMCA, and the walking trail leading to our local elementary school.

    Three years ago, we moved into a new home with the specific goal of starting a family. We made sure that the house was very child friendly, with a large living area for family activities, a child's bedroom with plenty of space, and all the latest safety features. Outside, there is a flat front yard to play in, a large flower garden, and Sam's vegetable garden in the back. The street is quiet, and the area is very safe. We fell in love with the home at first sight, and we know it will be perfect for a growing child.

    Our Extended Families

    Christina & Her Sister Crossing the Finish Line

    Christina’s father grew up on the Caribbean island of Tobago. He was very active in the church, where his wisdom and Caribbean accent made him a popular speaker. Christina’s mother worked as both a substitute teacher and a daycare manager. Today she lives just a short drive away from us, dropping in at least once a week. Christina's sister lives in New York. She, her husband, and her young daughter are a loving family, and we look forward to the time when our children can play together.

    Fun With Our Nieces

    Sam has three brothers, including a twin (not identical!). He grew up in Alabama, where his father worked as a doctor and his mother was a children's nurse. They provided their children with a good education, strong morals, and lots of family activities. Sam fondly remembers playing baseball and basketball, trips to the beach, and family games on the weekends. All his brothers still live in the South, and the whole family gets together 3-4 times a year.

    Together we have three young nieces, and taking care of them has taught us a lot about being parents. To help out with our youngest niece (and prepare for our own future child), we attended a “baby boot-camp,” took CPR classes, and learned all about choosing baby clothes, diaper changing … and making animal noises! Christina (“Auntie Coco”) and Sam (“Uncle Sam”) cannot wait to put these skills to use with their own little one!

    From Us to You

    This is a difficult letter to write. We know very little about you, except that you are looking to provide your child with a loving family, and you know very little about us, except that we are searching for a little one to nurture, protect, and cherish. Fortunately, however, we are confident that we and you are looking for the very same thing!

    Over the past few years, we struggled to have children on our own. Although the repeated failures were discouraging, they led us to a very important discovery: What we were seeking was simply a child to love and care for, and it was not important how that child came into our lives. Having made that discovery, we explored different options and decided that adoption was right for us. We learned a lot about open adoption, and we became very enthusiastic about the idea. If we were to adopt your child, we would be excited to share information, updates, and pictures over time, and to keep in touch through texts, emails, and letters.

    As a mixed-race couple, we have always appreciated the value of diversity, and through our very own experiences, we have seen how diversity enriches lives. Both of us were raised in the South. Sam's parents were both from Tennessee, while Christina's upbringing was a mix of the Midwest (mother) and the Caribbean (father). Through the years together, we have blended our different backgrounds to create new, shared experiences and traditions. On occasion, we have been known to eat chicken and dumplings for dinner, and coconut-ginger tarts for dessert! We still make regular visits "home" to Alabama, Indiana, and the islands.

    Both of us have advanced degrees, and both of us have jobs in the education field. Christina designs educational material about public health and food safety, which is used in both professional and school settings. She works mostly from home, giving her a great deal of flexibility to spend time with family. Christina has always been outgoing and generous by nature, and she is constantly supporting and encouraging the people around her. She is incredibly excited to become a mom, to share her love and care with a child, and to watch that child grow into a confident, successful adult. Sam works on the business school faculty at a local university. People who know him say that he is very easygoing, calm, and curious about everything! Sam is eager to become a father so that he can share that curiosity, helping his child to learn about the world, discover new things, and appreciate all that life has to offer.

    For more than 15 years together (10 of them as a married couple), we have approached life as a single "team," with the same goals and aspirations. On occasion, each of us encountered major personal challenges in health, career, etc., that seemed almost "too much to handle." Rather than lose hope in the face of those challenges, we relied on each other for love, understanding, and support, and we worked through the challenges together. As a result, our relationship has grown even closer and stronger over the years, and we have come to appreciate the "big picture" about things that matter most in life. One of those things is family, and we are truly ready to start a family of our own. Our life experiences will help us to be grounded, patient, and understanding parents. We will maintain our focus on the long run while working through short-run obstacles. At the same time, however, we will ensure that our child learns to appreciate all of life's blessings along the way.

    We are so very excited to be this close to parenthood! We truly respect you for considering adoption as one of your options, and would absolutely love the opportunity to welcome both you and your child to our "team!" We sincerely thank you for reading our heartfelt message, and we wish you all the best in the days ahead.

    Sam & Christina


    Kevin Bacon
    Cary Grant
    Cote de Pablo
    William Styron (Sophie's Choice)
    Paulo Coehlo
    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Any books about fairy tales from around the world
    Candy Bar
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    Chocolate truffles
    Scooby Doo
    Childhood Memory
    Little League baseball
    Camping with my dad & sister
    Childhood Toy
    Stuffed animals
    Children's Book
    Choose-Your-Own Adventure series
    Cars and Trucks and Things that Go (Richard Scarry)
    Atlanta, GA
    Paris, France
    Classic Movie
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    The Princess Bride
    Crimson red
    Day of Week
    Disney Movie
    Pete's Dragon
    Dream Car
    Flying car
    Dream Job
    Professional Scrabble
    Queen of England
    Dream Vacation
    Trip to the Moon
    A trip to Ireland
    Family Activity
    Board Games
    Flower / Plant
    Fusion - Mexican and Korean
    Form of Exercise
    Jumping rope
    Arts and Crafts
    Holiday Song
    Little Drummer Boy
    O Holy Night!
    Holiday Tradition
    Fourth of July Barbecue
    Christmas breakfast
    Ice Cream
    Rich chocolate
    Almond Brittle
    Junk Food
    French Fries
    Tater tots
    Leisure Activity
    Relaxing with my phone
    The Week
    Memory with a Child
    Picking fruit with my nieces
    Painting Easter eggs with my friend's three children
    Memory with Spouse
    Time spent in the mountains
    Time spent in the mountains
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Movie Munchie
    Popcorn (extra salty)
    Popcorn and Diet Coke
    Movie Quote
    "Each man's life touches so many other lives." -- It's a Wonderful Life
    "Run away! Run away!" -- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Movie Type
    Romantic comedies
    Fiddler on the Roof
    Moulin Rouge
    Musical Group
    Fleetwood Mac
    Nursery Rhyme
    Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Humpty Dumpty
    Olympic Event
    Freestyle skiing
    Women's gymnastic floor exercises
    Personal Hero
    Sheridan's The Rivals
    TS Eliot
    e. e. cummings
    Quality about my Spouse
    Caring nature
    "Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years." -- Bill Gates
    If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way. -- Martin Luther King, Jr
    Romano's Macaroni Grille
    Cheesecake Factory
    Subway Spicy Italian
    Mozarella and Basil Panini
    The Beatitudes
    Corinthians 13: "Love is patient, love is kind ... It always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres."
    Shopping Store
    Best Buy
    Whole Foods
    "On the road again"
    Hello Dolly! (from the musical)
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Charles Barkley
    Stephen Curry
    Sports Team
    Atlanta Braves
    Atlanta Braves
    Subject in School
    Social Studies
    Food Science
    Green Lantern
    Elastigirl from The Incredibles
    Thing to Cook
    Everything ... but using my own recipes
    Time of Day
    Heading home after work
    Just after my first cup of coffee (morning)
    Gathering for Holidays
    Christmas Breakfast
    TV Show
    Impractical Jokers
    Rizzoli and Isles
    TV Show Character
    Homer Simpson
    Doctor Who
    Type of Music
    Vacation Spot
    Smoky Mountains, TN
    Smoky Mountains (TN)
    Video Game
    Candy Crush
    Any karaoke video game

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