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Lance & Brooke

We are excited for the possibility of expanding our family through adoption and feel grateful for the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves. Our family is built on love, kindness, and appreciation. We feel these are the qualities needed to build a strong, happy and healthy family. Our family has so much love to give! Thank you for viewing our profile and considering adoption.

About Us

Environmental Manager
Audit Manager/ CPA
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Family Fun on the Lake

Our favorite summer vacation spot is Shaver Lake in the Sequoia Mountain Range. Brooke’s family has been going there ever since she was a little girl and some of her favorite childhood memories were made there. We camp at the same campground every year, usually in the same spot. It has wonderful facilities and fun activities, such as scavenger hunts and bird watching for kids. Some of our favorite daytime activities we enjoy while there are jet skiing, boating, horseback riding, having picnics and playing games lakeside. In the evenings we love to barbeque, hang out around the campfire and eat S'mores.

We also enjoy snowboarding and skiing! We love traveling nationwide to find great snow, but our favorite winter vacation spot is located in our home state of California, Mammoth Lakes. Days are spent on the slopes, taking classes to improve our skills or hanging out as a family off the lifts, drinking hot cocoa at the lodge or venturing out on snowshoes to take in the beautiful surroundings. In the evenings we enjoy outings in the village, eating dinner at a local restaurant or ordering pizza and watching movies in our hotel room. These are both perfect locations for us to spend time together relaxing, having fun as a family and making lifetime memories. We would love for your child to be a part of these memories and for them to be a part of ours!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

So Happy Together

Brooke About Lance:

One of my greatest blessings in life is my husband Lance. He is caring, reliable, responsible and supportive. He's loving, affectionate and a fantastic dad to our son and fur babies. He works hard to help support our family and I always feel that I can trust his judgment. Lance has a great sense of humor that helps us get through tough times. He is my teammate in life and I don't think I could have made a better decision in life than marrying him.

Lance About Brooke

I am truly the luckiest man on earth in that Brooke is my wife. She is the most caring and loving person I have ever met. Brooke is always thinking of others and what fun, nice or sweet things she can do for them. Her love for our son is like no other I have ever witnessed. The two of them together are always having the greatest time, each day is better than the previous. Brooke wears her heart on her sleeve. She is one of the funniest people I know. Her sense of adventure is amazing and is one of the reasons we travel and see new things.

Why We Chose Adoption

When we envision our future we have always pictured ourselves with a large family, with children that are close and will be lifelong friends, much like the relationships we have with our siblings. When our son was three we received the news that it was no longer safe for Brooke to carry a baby. Once we had a chance to reflect and accept that truth, we began to discuss the opportunity of adoption. Now with the hope of adopting in our future, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement. We are looking forward to the day when we receive the call that we have been selected to be the parents of a child and that our dreams of expanding our family are coming true. We are so excited to be parents again and thankful adoption gives us this chance. The chance to experience all the special firsts and have another child to love would mean the world to us!



Family Vacation to Lake Louise
Family Vacation to Lake Louise
Enjoying a Warm Weather Treat
Enjoying a Warm Weather Treat
Fun at the Fair
Fun at the Fair
Golfing in Maui
Golfing in Maui
Heading Up the Ski Lift
Heading Up the Ski Lift
Heading Out for Some Snorkeling
Heading Out for Some Snorkeling
Snowshoeing in Colorado
Snowshoeing in Colorado
Blowing Bubbles in the Backyard
Blowing Bubbles in the Backyard
Ready to Play Some Ball
Ready to Play Some Ball
Our Easter Bunny, George
Our Easter Bunny, George
Having Fun on a Pineapple Tour in Hawaii
Having Fun on a Pineapple Tour in Hawaii
Just Waiting on a New Addition to the Family!
Just Waiting on a New Addition to the Family!
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Family Vacation to Lake Louise
Family Vacation to Lake Louise
2 / 12
Enjoying a Warm Weather Treat
Enjoying a Warm Weather Treat
3 / 12
Fun at the Fair
Fun at the Fair
4 / 12
Golfing in Maui
Golfing in Maui
5 / 12
Heading Up the Ski Lift
Heading Up the Ski Lift
6 / 12
Heading Out for Some Snorkeling
Heading Out for Some Snorkeling
7 / 12
Snowshoeing in Colorado
Snowshoeing in Colorado
8 / 12
Blowing Bubbles in the Backyard
Blowing Bubbles in the Backyard
9 / 12
Ready to Play Some Ball
Ready to Play Some Ball
10 / 12
Our Easter Bunny, George
Our Easter Bunny, George
11 / 12
Having Fun on a Pineapple Tour in Hawaii
Having Fun on a Pineapple Tour in Hawaii
12 / 12
Just Waiting on a New Addition to the Family!
Just Waiting on a New Addition to the Family!

Our Extended Families

Brooke's Family

Your child would be joining a family that includes loving grandmas, grandpas, nanas, papas, aunts, uncles and cousins. We enjoy spending time together watching our nephews or son play baseball, soccer, or football, and having fun at various school functions. When the family gets together on weekends we like to play games, swim in the pool, play bocce ball or badminton, karaoke, dance, and EAT! Lance and his brothers are fantastic cooks, so there are always lots of yummy foods around, especially Lance's famous stuffed jalapenos!

Lance's Family

We look forward to taking family vacations with our immediate and extended families. Last year a few places we traveled to included Maui, the Canadian Rockies, New Orleans and Snowbird, Utah! Some of our families’ favorite holidays include Easter, with egg hunts, church, and brunch; 4th of July, which we celebrate with a block party, kids carnival games and fireworks; and Thanksgiving with a dinner hosted by us surrounded by family and friends. Our absolute favorite holiday though is Christmas. Putting out our holiday decorations, including a tree in our son's room, baking cookies and bread for our friends and family, driving around looking at Christmas lights, and fun family celebrations. We feel very lucky to live near so many members of both sides of the family, all of whom are excited to have an addition to the crew and are there to support us through this process.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a single story home, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s warm and welcoming decorated with traditional pieces and we love decorating for the different holidays. Our favorite room is the family room where we spend time together watching our favorite shows, having movie nights, playing cards and board games, or just sitting around talking about our day. We love to spend time outdoors working in the yard, planting vegetables and maintaining a garden with our son, visiting with our neighbors or playing with our dog, George. We have a gated pool that we enjoy all summer long and in the evening we love sitting around our fire pit.

Our home is in a wonderful, mature, and safe neighborhood! There is little traffic and our son's evenings are spent outside until the street lights come on, playing with friends and enjoying after dinner ice-cream. We like to host dinner parties, have the neighborhood kids over to play board games or help make baked goodies for a special treat. Barbecues, swim parties, water balloon fights, and baseball and basketball games are common. Our neighborhood is in a great school district with fantastic teachers. We have many parks in our community, some with water features for the kids to play in during the summer. There is also a nearby kid’s gym, bike and hiking trails, trampoline park, and farmers markets to keep us busy,! We love enjoying our community’s sports teams, concerts in the park, art exhibits and museums. We can’t wait to share these activities with another child!

From Us to You

We are Brooke and Lance and we want to thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us. We are extremely grateful to be considered as potential parents should you choose adoption. Hopefully our profile allows you a glimpse into who we are as a family and we look forward to the possibility of getting to know you better in the future!

We have been together for ten wonderful years. In October 2010 we became a family when we were married and had our son, Tucker. We have spent these past years building a strong, loving, and supportive relationship. When we found out we could not have any more children we were devastated, but after much thoughtful discussion decided that adoption would be the best opportunity to expand our family. We have been preparing for this journey and are ready to welcome another child into our family.

Our son is now six and is very excited to become a big brother. He is such a smart, sweet, witty and sensitive boy. We love him to pieces and he is the center of our universe. He’s looking forward to teaching his brother or sister to color in the lines, ride a bike, build a pillow fort and get the most out of their grandparents. He also wanted us to tell you that when the baby arrives he will probably be able to read them a bedtime story, because he has been working hard on learning his sight words. He has also set a few of his babies (his stuffed animals) aside to share with his new sibling in hopes this will make them feel welcome and at home.

We promise to provide your child with everything we have been blessed with. Your child will grow up in a happy and healthy environment. They will have fantastic educational opportunities and have the ability to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as learning to play an instrument, enjoying art classes, participating in a variety of sports, and being active in the community through different social groups. We love watching the young people in our lives find what they are interested in and pursuing those interests. We will be very involved in their schooling, helping them with homework, volunteering in their classrooms and encouraging a love of learning. When the time comes, we will go and visit the colleges they are interested in attending or explore other opportunities they are passionate about.

They will have the opportunity to travel to other countries, experience different cultures and to try new foods. We will visit national parks and monuments, fun and educational museums and see an occasional Broadway show. There will be family vacations where they will learn to ski, boogie board, snorkel, and make S ‘mores. Your child will grow up in a household with fun traditions, lots of laughter and happy times. Music will be played while dinner is cooking and the occasional dance party might break out. Movie nights are on Friday, complete with popcorn and pajamas. In the summer they will most likely root for the Dodgers and in the fall they will cheer on the Cowboys. We will finish every day by reading books and talking about the best parts of our day. There will be excessive amounts of love and support given forever.

This is hopefully the start of a lifetime of exchanges between us. The sharing of pictures, writing of letters and updates on accomplishments and milestones will keep us connected. Your child will know where they came from and we will share with them your story, which is the beginning of their story. They will know that you love them so much and wanted to give them the best that life has to offer. They will know that you made this incredibly difficult and selfless decision with their health, happiness and future in mind.


Lance & Brooke


Robert Duvall
Tom Hanks
Julia Roberts
Kate Winslet
George, our dog. But shhh...don't tell Kasey and Maggie, our cats.
Good to Great, by Jim Collins
Candy Bar
Twix, 100 Grand, Butterfinger
Older Disney Cartoons
Childhood Memory
Camping with Family
Family Trips to the Lake
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Scuffy the Tugboat
Richard Scarry's Busytown
Washington D.C.
Portland, OR and NY, NY
Classic Movie
It's a Wonderful Life or National Velvet or Little Women
Not Orange
Day of Week
Ice Cream Cake
Apple or peach pie with vanilla ice-cream
Disney Movie
Too many to choose from!
Dream Car
67 Shelby GT 500
Old Truck
Dream Job
Game Warden
Event Coordinator
Dream Vacation
Spending an entire year skiing around the world
Family Activity
Family Dinners
Flower / Plant
Mexican or pizza
Form of Exercise
Boot Camp
Watermelon and cherries
Traveling/ Blogging
Holiday Song
12 Days of Christmas
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the House for Christmas
4th of July Block Party
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Butter Pecan or Black Cherry
Junk Food
Mike and Ikes
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Day our son was born
Birth of our son
Memory with Spouse
Wedding Day
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with real butter
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Nursery Rhyme
Hush Little Baby
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Snowboarding Half Pipe
Swimming, Gymnastics, Ice Skating
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Mom
Quality about my Spouse
Caring & Loving
If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane- Jimmy Buffett
It is what it is.
Eureka Burger
Proverbs 22:6 Isaiah 41:10
Shopping Store
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Bo Jackson
Sports Team
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Annual family vacations
Dinner with my family
TV Show
The Walking Dead
TV Show Character
Walter White, Breaking Bad
Type of Music
Love all types
Vacation Spot
The lake
Video Game
Mario Cart

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