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David & Sandy

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. While this is a very exciting time for our family, we want you to know that we understand what you are going through must be extremely difficult. We want you to know that we have a lot of love in our hearts, and look forward to the journey ahead of us. We will always appreciate the difficult decision you are making.

About Us

Systems Administrator
Human Resources Manager
Associate's Degree in Accounting
Bachelor's Degree in Personnel
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Meeting Emily for the First Time

Adoption and parenthood have completely changed our lives in the best way possible. After struggling with infertility, we chose adoption after deciding that fertility treatments were not the way we wanted to expand our family. We have been blessed to have adopted our daughter Emily. It is indescribable how much joy Emily has brought to our lives! We enjoy planning for our daughter's future and watching her grow and learn and teach us things along the way. We look forward to adopting another child to love and encourage and share our lives with. Emily will be a loving big sister to her younger sibling!

We became very familiar with adoption as we supported Sandy's twin sister and her husband as they adopted their first child from Russia. Nancy's son was the first grandchild on Sandy's side of the family and was waited for, wished for and loved, even before the family met him. We lovingly supported them again as they adopted their daughter from Russia just five years later. Adoption is incredibly meaningful to us as well as our extended family!

Our Lifestyle

Family Bowling Time

Our lifestyle is fairly laid back. We both work, Dave works full-time and Sandy works part-time and is home with our daughter Emily two days a week. We put family first and enjoy spending time with each other. We are members of the United Methodist Church and enjoy attending church regularly. Dave plays softball in the spring and summer and both of us enjoy bowling. Dave participates in two bowling leagues one of which Sandy is also a member. We enjoy going for walks. When it is possible we like to vacation at the beach. We enjoy spending some of our weekend time at Sandy's family cabin as well.

Because family is important, we do spend a lot of time with Dave's family (which is local) doing various activities from dance recitals to basketball games. We also will travel occasionally to spend a week with a member of Sandy's family, or have them stay with us for a week. We are very fortunate to have a lot of involvement with our extended families in our life.

Discussing Adoption

We have plans to discuss with our children how each was adopted. We understand that while some adoptions are similar, each adoption is unique and each adoption story is something to be treasured. We plan on telling each of our children their adoption story at as early an age as possible and will repeat it and answer questions that the children may have as they mature in age. We will include as much information we can about each of their birth families and let them know that they were loved by their birth parents and that their birth parents chose us as forever parents because they felt strongly that we would be loving and supportive parents to them. We are sure that our children will have a lot of questions as they get older and understand things better. We will be open and honest with them, and answer their questions as best we can. We will hold each child's story in our hearts and be the keeper of these stories and share them with others as our children feel is appropriate.



Headed to Church
Headed to Church
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
Riding the Carousel with a Cousin
Riding the Carousel with a Cousin
Taking a Family Stroll
Taking a Family Stroll
Walking for a Cure
Walking for a Cure
Visit with Gammy & Poppy Bob
Visit with Gammy & Poppy Bob
Swinging with Dad
Swinging with Dad
Summer Fun
Summer Fun
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
Ice Skating Fun!
Ice Skating Fun!
Beach Time with Daddy
Beach Time with Daddy
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!
1 / 12
Headed to Church
Headed to Church
2 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
3 / 12
Riding the Carousel with a Cousin
Riding the Carousel with a Cousin
4 / 12
Taking a Family Stroll
Taking a Family Stroll
5 / 12
Walking for a Cure
Walking for a Cure
6 / 12
Visit with Gammy & Poppy Bob
Visit with Gammy & Poppy Bob
7 / 12
Swinging with Dad
Swinging with Dad
8 / 12
Summer Fun
Summer Fun
9 / 12
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
10 / 12
Ice Skating Fun!
Ice Skating Fun!
11 / 12
Beach Time with Daddy
Beach Time with Daddy
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!

Our Extended Families

Family Christmas

Between the two of us we have five siblings and nine nieces and nephews, which makes family gatherings lots of fun. Everyone is so excited about our adoption plan and looks forward to having a new addition to the family!

Sandy has three siblings, including a twin sister who is married with two children who were adopted from Russia. We are excited that our children will share the bond of adoption with these cousins. One of Sandy's siblings is lives nearby so we visit with their family frequently. Although Sandy's other siblings are not as close, we find time each year to visit them. The cousins have so much fun running around and playing together!

Thanksgiving with Family

Dave has two siblings who live nearby, each with their own children. It is important to us that we stay active in each other's lives. When we get together with extended family we enjoy game nights or simply getting together for a delicious dinner. Some other fun things we have done together include attending dance recitals, ice skating, swimming with cousins and charity walks. No matter what we’re doing, it is always a great time when we’re with family.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We reside in Maryland in a community of single family homes. Our house has four bedrooms and has ample room for a new addition to the family. We currently have a play room as well as a family room and enjoy spending fun time with our daughter there. We have a swing set and a sandbox in the backyard that Emily loves.

There are several parks in and around our neighborhood as well as lots of places to interact with other children such as libraries, playgrounds, and swimming pools. It is always fun to walk to the park and watch when soccer games are held for elementary school aged children.

We have family that is local to us as well as lots of friends in the area. There are fun things to do such as swimming, playing on a trampoline or swing sets at Grandma's and Aunts and Uncles houses.

From Us to You

It is with great excitement that we write you this letter. We are grateful that you are considering adoption as a choice for your child. We know that if you are considering adoption, that you have a lot of love in your hearts and want the best for your child. We have prayed for this child to love and care for and are ready to open our hearts once again to welcome a child into our family. We would like to thank you for considering us as part of your adoption plan. We understand this is probably the most difficult and probably the most important decision you may make in your life. We are a fun loving family who enjoys spending time together. We look forward to sharing our family time with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

We have been married for almost eight years and were together for thirteen years prior to that. We were blessed in 2013 to have adopted our daughter, Emily. Emily is three years old and is looking forward to becoming a big sister!

Should you choose adoption for your little one, we are open to sending you letters and pictures to keep you updated on each important milestone as well as the little accomplishments and events. We want you to feel that in selecting us as adoptive parents that you have placed this child in a family that will love, provide for, and always support your child and we pray that you will find the peace there is in knowing that this child is wanted and loved.

We lead somewhat active lives. We bowl together, Dave plays softball, and Sandy has interests in cooking, gardening and crafts. We also enjoy going to sporting events and look forward to sharing this with the child. We are very involved with our families, and travel to see them when time permits. Our extended family looks forward to welcoming this child into our family.

The community we live in is very kid friendly, offering parks and playgrounds just a short walk away. There are good schools in our neighborhood that are within walking distance as well. There are plenty of kids in our community, and a loving big sister at home so there shouldn’t be any problem finding friends! There is also an annual carnival put on by the local fire department, which is a lot of fun for kids. We look forward to introducing the child to many different activities and are interested in seeing the activities they enjoy and excel at.

We pray that you are able to make a decision that you are comfortable with and hope that you will select us to participate in your adoption plan. We will make sure that the child understands how they came into our lives, and how you loved them very much in order bring them to us. Should you choose to select us as a forever family, we will be eternally grateful. We know that there is no better way to say thank you for such a precious gift than to shower the child with our love, admiration, and respect. We pray that you are content in whatever choice you make.

We look forward to introducing this child into our family and showing the child all the love and support our happy family of three can provide. Thank you for your time and consideration.

David & Sandy


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The day we met our daughter
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