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Chad & Stacey

We are a happily married couple that longs to bring a child into our home. We feel as though fate has brought us to adoption. As we begin our journey, we are very honored that you are reading our profile! We hope that you consider us as adoptive parents as we offer a house filled with love and stories!

About Us

IT Technical Analyst
Marketing Coordinator
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
bachelor's Degree in Advertising
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

We Love the Beach!

We love visiting warm places with a beach for our vacations. Our honeymoon was to St. Lucia in the Caribbean and it was the first time both of us traveled to an island. We enjoyed a lot of time on the beach and even snorkeled and stood under a waterfall. We would love to go back someday to a kid friendly location!

Our other favorite vacation spot is Florida. Stacey has been to Walt Disney World a few times and we are both very excited to experience Disney World with a child! We both love to go to the beach and also visit and interact with animals. Our trip to Florida last year was to West Palm Beach and we discovered some places that allowed us to actually touch and pet animals. We got to play with lemurs, pet kangaroos, hold snakes and even hold a lion cub! Even better, the attraction placed a lot of emphasis on animal education and saving endangered species. We can't wait to take a child to these places and create special memories!

Our Leisure Time

Game Night

We both love to spend quality time together and enjoy going to the movies and special events for date nights. We have two cats, Tippy and Kyra, who we love to spend time with. Tippy is about 9 years old and she is a very affectionate kitty who loves to lay on Stacey's lap. Kyra is 5 years old but still has the energy of a kitten and loves to keep Tippy on her toes chasing and playing with her. We are excited about introducing our child to our cats and teaching them how to love animals.

Stacey loves to dance and Chad loves to play video games, however we both love to read and we plan on reading a story to our child each night at bedtime. We also love to play card and board games, either just us or with friends and family. Some of our favorites are Chess, Rummy, Aggravation and Loaded Questions. We look forward to many family nights playing games with a child.

During the summer, we like to swim in our subdivision pool and are looking forward to seeing a child have fun in the water with us. Our community and city also have many events and attractions that we like to visit and there is never a shortage of things to do!

Why We Chose Adoption

We went through many infertility procedures to try to become parents. Unfortunately, none of these procedures worked and we realized we would rather adopt a child. We have so much love to give and we want to provide a home filled with fun and joy. This will be our first child and we look forward to creating a wonderful bond and to support the child as they grow.

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are at the possibility of receiving a child through adoption. While we cannot experience the joys of pregnancy, there are joys to be found with adoption. In example, there is the knowledge that we can provide a good home and life to your child and provide you with peace of mind that he or she is being well cared for and loved.



Date Night
Date Night
Feeding Baby Goats
Feeding Baby Goats
Paint Night with a Friend
Paint Night with a Friend
We Can't Wait to Take Our Child to the Zoo
We Can't Wait to Take Our Child to the Zoo
Uncle Chad with Our Sweet Niece
Uncle Chad with Our Sweet Niece
Stacey and Her Mom at the Ballet
Stacey and Her Mom at the Ballet
Strolling Through the Botanical Garden
Strolling Through the Botanical Garden
Meeting Gabriel Iglesias
Meeting Gabriel Iglesias
Snuggling with Kitty
Snuggling with Kitty
Aunt Stacey Having Fun with Our Niece
Aunt Stacey Having Fun with Our Niece
Feeding a Cub on Vacation
Feeding a Cub on Vacation
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
1 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
2 / 12
Feeding Baby Goats
Feeding Baby Goats
3 / 12
Paint Night with a Friend
Paint Night with a Friend
4 / 12
We Can't Wait to Take Our Child to the Zoo
We Can't Wait to Take Our Child to the Zoo
5 / 12
Uncle Chad with Our Sweet Niece
Uncle Chad with Our Sweet Niece
6 / 12
Stacey and Her Mom at the Ballet
Stacey and Her Mom at the Ballet
7 / 12
Strolling Through the Botanical Garden
Strolling Through the Botanical Garden
8 / 12
Meeting Gabriel Iglesias
Meeting Gabriel Iglesias
9 / 12
Snuggling with Kitty
Snuggling with Kitty
10 / 12
Aunt Stacey Having Fun with Our Niece
Aunt Stacey Having Fun with Our Niece
11 / 12
Feeding a Cub on Vacation
Feeding a Cub on Vacation
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Our Extended Families

Being Silly with Stacey's Family

We feel very lucky that both of our families all live close by. Stacey's parents live about 15 minutes away and they still live in the same house Stacey grew up in. Chad's parents live about 30 minutes away from us.

We both are close to our families and enjoy getting together for family events or holidays. Christmas is a special holiday for our families. We spend time with each side and enjoy seeing our niece and nephew and watching them open their Christmas gifts. We also will play either a card game or board game with our families and we look forward to enjoying this same tradition with our child.

Chad's Family

Another special tradition is a New Year's Eve party with Stacey's family that has been a tradition since her mother was little. Many generations of family members get together to dance the night away and then ring in the new year at midnight with noisemakers. The neighbors will even come out and watch us do a noisy countdown to the new year! We love watching all the kids in our family enjoy this tradition and are looking forward to our child experiencing the fun along with their cousins!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a ranch-style house with 3 bedrooms. One of Stacey's favorite rooms is the living room as it has a beautiful fireplace and is also where Chad proposed. We have lived in our home 10 years and repainted a few years ago. We specifically painted the guest room in a light green color as we knew we would be adopting and wanted to have a gender neutral color. We have a deck leading out to the backyard and there is the perfect space out there for a jungle gym. We also have a subdivision pool that has a kiddie pool as well as a larger pool with a slide. We look forward to taking our child swimming during the summer.

Local Playground

Our city also hosts many family related community events such as festivals, outdoor movie nights, scavenger hunts as well as activities and classes at the recreation center. Our city also has several beautiful parks, playgrounds and pools. Currently, they are working to expand the aquatic center and add another park. We are looking forward to taking our child to these amazing parks.

From Us to You

We can only guess that you are going through many emotions. While we cannot know exactly what you are thinking, we can give you assurance that we will be wonderful parents for your child.

Being a parent is something we have wanted for many years. We hope that when you read our profile, you will learn that we are loving and caring people who want to love a child and teach them everything we can. We have been married for 7 years, but our total time together goes back 13 years as we dated for quite a few years before marriage. We knew each other in high school but we did not date until we were both out of college and were reintroduced by a mutual friend. We really hit it off on our first date!

We have always felt very comfortable around each other and we can tell each other anything which is important to both of us. We have many things in common such as our values and our love for animals, in addition to our hobbies of reading, movies, games and other shared interests. One of the things Stacey loves about Chad is that he has this adorable way of talking to our cats. He can be very goofy as he playfully chases our cats so he can hold and cuddle with them. It always makes her laugh and think of how great he will be with a child. Chad always says how he loves how caring and nurturing Stacey is as she will do many things for him such as cooking or caring for him or our cats when they are sick.

As you look through our pictures, you might notice that there is a teddy bear in some of the pictures. The bear is called Lucky and he lets you know that we are thinking of our future child when we go out and do activities. We plan to visit the same places and take pictures with our child and Lucky Bear to create some special memories. We plan to explain from a very early age that he or she is adopted so that this is normal to them. Lucky Bear will be a gift to our future child and we plan to show those pictures to our child as a way to reinforce the message that he or she will always be loved. We do plan to write letters and send pictures and are looking forward to corresponding with you.

We will provide the best future we possibly can for your child which includes plenty of love, fun, activities and a well-balanced education. We will support him or her with any interests they wish to pursue as well as going to college. Our daily lives will become much more joyful with a child and we are looking forward to completing our family. We understand that adoption is a hard decision for a birth parent to make and we hope that our profile has provided some comfort if you are considering adoption for your child. We are truly grateful you chose to read our profile and hope that you will consider us as adoptive parents.


Chad & Stacey


Christoph Waltz
Ryan Reynolds & John Lithgow
Kathy Bates
Sandra Bullock & Natalie Portman
Stephen King
Karen Marie Moning, Lynn Kurland & Donna Grant
I have many favorites, but if I had to pick only one, it's The Very Thought of You by Lynn Kurland
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
South Park
Looney Tunes/Bugs Bunny & Disney Movies
Childhood Memory
At a park, my dad tried to catch a lightning bug. He slid on the grass and fell and my sister and I laughed pretty hard.
My grandma would read my sister and I a story before bed on Christmas Eve. It's called The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree and it became a tradition that lasted even into my 20's.
Childhood Toy
Looney Tunes Sylvester stuffed animal
Flower my stuffed rabbit (which I still have)
Children's Book
Not Quite Human series by Seth McElvoy
The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree by Amye Rosenburg
West Palm Beach
West Palm Beach
Classic Movie
James Bond 007 Goldfinger
Gone with the Wind or The Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake
Disney Movie
The Muppets
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Lamborghini Aventador
Ferrari 488 Spider
Dream Job
Ferrari test driver
Dream Vacation
Caribbean, Scotland or Greece
Family Activity
Playing Games
Flower / Plant
Ribeye Steak
Italian - Chicken Spedini
Form of Exercise
Belly Dance
Magic The Gathering
Rummy and Loaded Questions
Target Shooting/Computers
Reading & Dancing
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells - Transiberian Orchestra
Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Christmas dinner
My mom, grandma, sister & I get together to make Christmas cookies every year together and sing Christmas carols while we bake.
Ice Cream
Edy's Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching TV with my husband
Memory with a Child
Getting My Nephew His First Bike
Dyeing Easter Eggs with My Niece
Memory with Spouse
Wedding Reception
Our first date where Chad kissed me for the first time in the rain.
Pulp Fiction
Just Friends
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist" The Usual Suspects
Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want - Heath Ledger, from 10 Things I Hate About You
Movie Type
Crime Fiction
Musical Group
Black Eyed Peas and Major Lazer
Nursery Rhyme
Pop Goes the Weasel
Star Light, Star Bright
Olympic Event
Figure Skating and Gymnastics
Personal Hero
Joe Rogan
My mom
The Crucible
Edgar Allan Poe
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Quality about my Spouse
She is Caring and Thoughtful
He is Kind and Playful
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything - Mark Twain
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain." Vivian Greene
Ruth's Chris
Cheesecake Factory
Cuban or French Dip
1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Shopping Store
Micro Center Computers & Electronics
Kohl's and Dress Barn
Stevie Ray Vaughn's cover of "Voo Doo Child"
Lean On by Major Lazer and Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
Sport to Play
Skeet Shooting
Sport to Watch
MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
Sports Star
Carlos Condit
Yadier Molina
Sports Team
St. Louis Cardinals
Subject in School
Math/Computer Science
Literature & History
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Italian Meatloaf
Time of Day
Annual Float Trip with Friends
Fancy Date Night on Our Anniversary
TV Show
Game of Thrones & Downtown Abbey
TV Show Character
Johnny Drama from Entourage
Daenerys Targaryen: Game of Thrones
Type of Music
Heavy Metal and Blues
Pop, International/Latin, Dance, Alternative and Classic Rock
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Quake Series
Super Mario Brothers

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