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Joaquin & Mariana

We are very excited about this journey that we have started. We have been waiting a long time to have a family and we are so thankful that you are reading our profile. We cannot wait to share our love and our lives with a child. We have so much to offer that we think we will be great parents. We would love if you read a little more about us.

About Us

Claims Representative
Master's Degree
Master's Degree
Legally Married

Our Cultural Heritage

Vacationing in Playa Del Carmen

We both grew up in Mexico. Joaquin's family is from Mexico, his grandfather and great-grandfather were from Spain. Mariana's father is from Mexico and her mother is from Minnesota. We grew up embracing the different cultures of our families, and combined them all to make our unique family traditions. Joaquin's family incorporated to their favorite meals Spanish dishes; Mariana's family incorporated American holidays like Easter egg hunting. Both of us have brought our backgrounds to make our own traditions that reflect our heritage. Joaquin likes to modify some recipes to be a little more Mexican - he likes to add hot peppers to them.

Just like our parents incorporated the different cultures that make up our families, we will do the same for the child. We know it is very important to know your background; it makes us who we are. We will also add the child’s heritage to ours, just like we did when we got married. A big part of who we are is our language, Mariana's mom always spoke to her in English since that was her mother tongue. We want to do the same for our family, we want to teach the little one to speak Spanish and be bilingual like us.

Our Leisure Time

We Love to be Outdoors

We love the outdoors! We do outdoor activities all year round. In the summer we go out to the lake and paddle board, and we also go camping. All year we hike and ride our mountain bikes, and in the winter we go skiing. There is something about being outdoors that clears the mind, and we get to see amazing places with spectacular views. We would love to share all of this with your child and make many wonderful memories.

Joaquin plays the guitar and the drums, he is pretty good. He likes to learn to play his favorite songs, but what he really likes is to jam. Mariana likes arts and crafts; she has painted a few canvases that are not too bad. She also loves the challenge of a puzzle or figuring out how to make paper flowers.

Going to concerts is also something that we enjoy very much, we both like music. We like all type of music, so we go to all different type of concerts; we go to the symphony to listen to classical music, we also go to rock and heavy metal concerts.

Discussing Adoption

We know how important it is going to be for the child to know all about where he or she came from and how him or her became part of our life and family. There is no question in our mind that we will talk openly about adoption in our house, with the child, our family and friends. We have already started talking to our family and friends about it, we want them to understand what it means to us and what it will mean to the child. We want them also to know how to answer questions that the child might have and be sensitive to the child's needs.

At every stage of the child's life we will talk about adoption, as a toddler we will use books, as he/she grows we will talk about it in terms appropriate to his/her age. We will also let him/her know all about you, it is very important to us that the child learns about you because you are part of his/her life.



Beautiful View on a Hike
Beautiful View on a Hike
Paddle Boarding at the Lake
Paddle Boarding at the Lake
With Our Goddaughter
With Our Goddaughter
Hiking with Our Dog
Hiking with Our Dog
Joaquin Enjoys Playing Drums
Joaquin Enjoys Playing Drums
Go Broncos!
Go Broncos!
Bike Ride by the Water
Bike Ride by the Water
Perfect Day for a Hike
Perfect Day for a Hike
Best Friends
Best Friends
Selfie by the Water
Selfie by the Water
Hitting the Slopes
Hitting the Slopes
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
1 / 12
Beautiful View on a Hike
Beautiful View on a Hike
2 / 12
Paddle Boarding at the Lake
Paddle Boarding at the Lake
3 / 12
With Our Goddaughter
With Our Goddaughter
4 / 12
Hiking with Our Dog
Hiking with Our Dog
5 / 12
Joaquin Enjoys Playing Drums
Joaquin Enjoys Playing Drums
6 / 12
Go Broncos!
Go Broncos!
7 / 12
Bike Ride by the Water
Bike Ride by the Water
8 / 12
Perfect Day for a Hike
Perfect Day for a Hike
9 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends
10 / 12
Selfie by the Water
Selfie by the Water
11 / 12
Hitting the Slopes
Hitting the Slopes
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in Colorado in a suburb close to many parks, green spaces, and the mountains. Our house has three bedrooms and two sitting rooms; one we use as an activity room were Joaquin has his musical instruments and Mariana has her craft projects. This would be a great play room for a child. We also have a good size yard where we spend most of our summers.

We bought this house because it was close to an open space with trails, a lake, library, schools and a community center that has year round events for the family. In the fall there is a cider day festival, with pony rides and train rides for children. They have delicious apple pies and you can take your apples to have them made cider. This is perfect for us because we have an apple tree, so having cider made from our apples is very special.

In the summers every Friday there is music downtown where families and friends get together to listen to music, we really like to hang out and catch up with neighbors and listen to some good music. In the winter they have an ice skating rink that we like to go and have some fun.

Our Extended Families

Joaquin and His Grandma

Even if we do not live close to our families we keep in touch using Skype, phone, and frequent visits. When we get together we love to play and hang out with our six nieces and nephews. We love getting together with our parents, brothers, and sisters; we love best when we get together and prepare our favorite meals, and catch up with each other. We also like to do different activities like ski trips, shopping, hiking and exploring new places. We do little trips like visit a mine, we go to a national park, and explore little towns.

Family Dinner

Mariana has one sister and one brother. Mariana and her sister are best friends they are only one year and a half apart and love to talk for hours on the phone and try to see each other as frequent as possible. Joaquin has two brothers and one sister. Joaquin is very close to his sister and his grandmother that is 93 years old, he calls her every week.

Our family is very excited about our adoption plan, they cannot wait to meet the baby and spend time with her/him and share all of our family traditions with him/her. Our nieces and nephews range from ages ten to three months, there will always be someone to play with and share holidays with.

From Us to You

We think that you are an amazing person, full of love and courage and just thinking of taking this step is proof of that. We are so grateful that you are reading about us and getting to know us.

Since we got married we always talked about adopting when we had secure jobs, savings, and a house. Now that time has come where we can provide a child a secure future, and a home full of love. We want to give her/him a wonderful childhood filled with memories and experiences for the rest of his/her life. Like bedtime stories, spending time at the park, camping, hiking, and exploring the world.

We also want to be able to give the child all the tools and opportunities, so he/she can succeed in life in whatever he/she chooses to do. We feel that our parents gave us the foundations of our lives; we were given the opportunity to go to school, and travel. We also learned from them how to be independent, help others, how to be members of our community and be able to give back. We want to share our lives and share what we have learned from our parents and our own experiences with a child.

We have been married for 15 years, we got married in Mexico after two years of dating. We lived there for a year and a half after we got married then we decided to move to Kentucky and lived there 7 years and then we moved to Colorado where we currently live. When we moved to Kentucky it was just the two of us, so we relied on each other for support, love, companionship and friendship. This made our bond and commitment to each other very strong; it also made us become very close. This is the foundation of our relationship and what we want to build the foundation of our family on.

We just love doing things together like grocery shopping, watch football, when one of us has to do errands the other goes with, if Joaquin has a tennis match Mariana goes with him, if Mariana has a work gathering Joaquin will go too. We also enjoy just sitting in our back porch, relaxing and just enjoying our company. We also love to go and explore new places, and take road trips. Sometimes we go on long trips other times we just go around the area where we live in. This are the things we want to share with a child, and we also look forward in doing many new things as a family.

We want the child to know all about you, or as much as you feel comfortable with sharing. We also want you to know all about your child. We will send pictures and letters so you know what she/he is up to, we want to share with you milestones like birthdays, first day of class, smiles and other moments. We want you to know how much he/she will be loved and cared for. We also want the child to know their adoption was a healthy, caring and loving process.

We think we have so much to offer and share with your child. We have lots of love to give, we have lots of energy and we will have lots of good times too.

Thank you for allowing us the chance to share with you our life, and what we believe in.

Joaquin & Mariana


Robert DeNiro
Brad Pitt
Winona Ryder
Christina Applegate
Louisa M Alcott author of Little Woman
The Sleeping Woman Must Give Birth
Pride and prejudice
Candy Bar
Pulparindo Mexican candy
Hershey Chocolate Bar
Pink Panther
Childhood Memory
Bike ridding
Story time at bed time
Childhood Toy
Stuff animals
Children's Book
Capulinita - Mexican cartoon
The Little House
Queretaro, Mexico
San Miguel Allende, Mexico
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Gone with the wind
Day of Week
Chocolate cake
Disney Movie
Sleeping beauty
Inside out
Dream Car
Jeep fully loaded
Dream Job
Play In a Rock Band
Own My Own Business
Dream Vacation
Any beach
Island vacation
Family Activity
Sundays dinner
Flower / Plant
Poppy flower
Meat and potatoes
Form of Exercise
Ping pong
Playing Guitar
New Year
Holiday Song
Little drummer boy
The Little Drummer Boy
Holiday Tradition
The games we play
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Junk Food
Potato Chips
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Listening to music and play guitar
Paddle board
Bike magazine
Us weekly
Memory with a Child
Playing with the Children in My Family at Christmas Time
Talking with My Niece on Our Walk to the Park
Memory with Spouse
Riding our bikes in the rain
The Goonies
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
The force will be with you
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. From Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Movie Type
Rock of ages
Musical Group
Iron Maiden
Nursery Rhyme
La cucaracha
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Bruce Dickinson
My Dad
Pastorela - Mexican representation of the nativity
Biloxi Blues
Federico Garcia Lorca - Spanish poet
Octavio Paz. Mexican poet
Quality about my Spouse
She is very organized
He is so considerate, and caring
I know someday you will have a beautiful life. You'll be a sun in somebodies else sky. But why can't it be mine. Eddie Vedder
You've got to dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth. by William W. Purkey
Golden Corral
Ham sandwich
Roast beef and provolone
Shopping Store
The number of the beast - Iron Maiden
Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Novak Djokovic - Tennis player
Usain Bolt - track and Karri Walsh Jennings - beach volleyball
Sports Team
Vikings - Minnesota
Subject in School
Natural Science
Social science
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Night time
Weekend Cookouts
Annual Camping Trip
TV Show
Walking dead
TV Show Character
Michael of the office
Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
Type of Music
Heavy Metal
Pop, Rock and classical
Vacation Spot
The Caribbean
Video Game

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