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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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David & Anna

Adoption has been a priority for us since we decided to begin our family, so the thought that you could consider us an option for your baby is an honor and makes us so excited! We live a joyful life surrounded by a close-knit community. To bring a child into our home, would bring a sense of wholeness to our family.

About Us

Dealer Sales & Marketing Specialist
Church Manager & Program Developer
Associate's Degree in IT/Multimedia
Master's Degree in Non-Profit Management
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

One of the reasons we have been emboldened to commit to adoption is because of the people in our lives who have been affected by it. Despite having not seen adoption play itself out in our immediate family, we have been so impacted by friends who are either adoptees, adopters, or birth parents.

Years ago, a close friend of the family chose adoption for her baby. We have had long conversations with her about what it was like for her to go through that and what an open adoption has looked like over the years based on the child's life stages and understanding of the situation. This helped us develop empathy, knowing that this brave decision comes at a cost, but also that with appropriate openness, the sense of family and love can grow.

Two of our closest friends had the official finalization for the interracial adoption of their 11-year-old son just recently. Over the last year we've had the pleasure of being aunt and uncle type influences in his life while they were fostering to adopt. Though the process was long, we consider this relationship to be one of the most rewarding and joy-bringing things in our lives right now.

Our Lifestyle

Our Beloved "Life Group" That Meets at Our Home

Our lifestyle choices revolve around our faith and care for our loved ones.

Our faith in Jesus is really what defines us as individuals and a couple. Because of this, we prioritize generosity, peacemaking, and creativity. In our day to day life, this means volunteering and serving in our community, investing time and energy into quality relationships, and expressing our love for God through music and art.

We cannot say enough about how amazing our friends and family are. Our favorite thing to do is play games and eat together. It may seem pretty simple, but this is intentional because we laugh a lot during games and share our hearts and lives over a good meal. We host a regular "Life Group" in our home. This group is a type of Bible study that has truly become a second family!

We are more concerned with the quality of our marriage and time together than we are with climbing the ladder of life. We take our careers seriously and try to be good stewards of our resources - but we never put achievement outside of our home before the quality of our family life. Because of this we choose to live simply, so we can splurge on trips, time off at home together, and other things that make memories and strengthen our relationship.

Cultural Diversity

With Our Best Little Bud

The church we are a part of is ethnically diverse - it is actually a core value of the congregation. There are many mixed families, and people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. Because of this, we are so lucky to have been a part of many conversations and relationships that are continually helping us learn and grow in how we address cultural diversity. We feel that because of this, we are in a good place to begin this part of our journey.

In preparation for our adoption, we have both approached close friends of ours and asked them to be intentional in helping guide us through this. For example, Anna's good friend is really excited to help her learn how to do hair that is different than hers and has already shared so much wisdom with Anna from her own life experiences as a successful, strong black woman.



Always Connected
Always Connected
Bonding Through Video Games
Bonding Through Video Games
Anna is the Go-To for Snuggles
Anna is the Go-To for Snuggles
Adventure in San Francisco
Adventure in San Francisco
We Love Slow Mornings With Home Cooked Breakfasts
We Love Slow Mornings With Home Cooked Breakfasts
Hiking in Utah
Hiking in Utah
Practicing Music for Church
Practicing Music for Church
With Our Nieces
With Our Nieces
Camping/Hiking on a Local Mountain
Camping/Hiking on a Local Mountain
Camping on the Beach in Puerto Rico
Camping on the Beach in Puerto Rico
Anna Giving Our Niece Guitar Playing Tips
Anna Giving Our Niece Guitar Playing Tips
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Always Connected
Always Connected
2 / 12
Bonding Through Video Games
Bonding Through Video Games
3 / 12
Anna is the Go-To for Snuggles
Anna is the Go-To for Snuggles
4 / 12
Adventure in San Francisco
Adventure in San Francisco
5 / 12
We Love Slow Mornings With Home Cooked Breakfasts
We Love Slow Mornings With Home Cooked Breakfasts
6 / 12
Hiking in Utah
Hiking in Utah
7 / 12
Practicing Music for Church
Practicing Music for Church
8 / 12
With Our Nieces
With Our Nieces
9 / 12
10 / 12
Camping/Hiking on a Local Mountain
Camping/Hiking on a Local Mountain
11 / 12
Camping on the Beach in Puerto Rico
Camping on the Beach in Puerto Rico
12 / 12
Anna Giving Our Niece Guitar Playing Tips
Anna Giving Our Niece Guitar Playing Tips

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home, Veggie Garden & Yard

We live in a beautiful part of New England, close to cities, oceans, and mountains. It allows us to enjoy a small town feel, with beautiful trails and playgrounds within walking distance from our home, while also being able to explore and enjoy cities full of international culture and American history. We live near splash pads that all ages enjoy in the summer, parks for picnics and bike riding, and really enjoy being a part of our local YMCA that has a climbing wall, pool, and really great kids area we can't wait to play in with our children!

Our home is a two bedroom "carriage house" apartment, which means we live above a renovated, detached, two car garage. We have a private entrance, our own backyard with a small veggie and herb garden, and a little porch area that we fill with flowers in the spring and summer. Our place is a safe haven for many of our friends who live busy lives. When they are here, they are able to relax and enjoy good conversation, board games, Bible studies, movie nights, and so on. Our living room is regularly transformed into a wilderness fort, medieval castle, or whatever else our kid friends imagine!

We do love to explore new places, but we haven't found anywhere we love more than our home and town!

Our Extended Families

David's Family

Our families are 100% on board with the adoption. When we told them about our decision, they were so excited! This child has many people waiting to love them!

Anna's Family

David's side of the family, immediate and extended, lives out of state. We make it a point to see them multiple times every year but also do video chats often to stay connected. When we visit, we make our time count. We usually do a mixture of just doing life together (going to church, grocery store, niece/nephew sporting events) and special things such as family dinner, holiday gathering, or outdoor activities. One of our favorite traditions is being together every New Years eve, playing cards, and drinking a lot of egg nog!

We live close to Anna's immediate side of the family. We have the blessing of seeing them every weekend and often times throughout the week. We have family dinner all together at least once a month - which ends up being a whole day together eating, resting, playing games and catching up. One of our favorite traditions is going over to Anna's parents late Christmas morning for her dad's fried dough! Anna also has many cousins who live all around the country, we have a lot of fun visiting them throughout the year.

From Us to You


We are David and Anna. We've been married for five and a half years now, and have known from day one that we wanted to adopt. When we decided it was time to start thinking about a family, we returned to the idea of adoption and committed to it together. When we weren't sure what type of adoption was right for us, we spoke with some incredible birth moms who chose adoption for their babies. Their stories, strength, and goodness made us desire a domestic, open adoption. Since then, we've been working hard to save money, prepare to be parents, and spread the word about the beauty of adoption. We have been so blessed to be encouraged and supported by adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth moms. With all of this, we are more than thrilled that you are considering us to adopt your baby! We don't know how you feel as you read this, but we hope you know how amazing we already know you are. You're carrying the most precious treasure we could ever hope to love, while considering the most loving decision we could ever hope to support. If we are the parents you choose for your baby, we would truly consider ourselves the luckiest people in the world!

We would describe our marriage as a team. Yes, we work together with our photography business, but being a team is so much more than that to us. It means that we are always trying to build each other up, encourage us to recognize our weaknesses while exploring how we can expand our strengths. We really are each other's #1 fan. We don't care if it sounds cheesy, but we just really adore each other! No one can make David laugh harder than Anna, and no one makes Anna feel more beautiful than David. It is the most amazing thing to be so fully known while being fully accepted by each other. We see all of the other's not-so-perfect parts (not just the morning breath or sometimes sassy tone of voice), and are still 100% committed to each other. We have no doubt that we will be married until death parts us, and that is incredibly freeing! If you were with us in person now, you would probably see David getting Anna a glass of water because he knows she's thirsty before she even does, and, you would see Anna grab David's hand while she begins a story about something amazing he did recently. We feel sure that our commitment to loving each other no matter what, will also help us love our children 100% without condition! We know that our life is full of love, and want nothing more than to enfold a baby into our hearts.

We wish that we could adequately describe the "village" that is waiting for this baby. When we told our families that we had decided to adopt, there were tears of joy! Anna's mom is already making a cross stitch quilt, and the future cousins (our amazing nieces and nephews on David's side) are often asking when the baby is coming. Our friends have been so supportive and encouraging. While praying with us, and helping us fundraise, their excitement has grown and grown. Some of them are actually considering adoption for their families now too!

One of the primary reasons we chose open adoption is the very ability to know you, and raise our baby knowing how much you love them. We are eager to see what this will look like as time unfolds. We are committed to sending you photos and emails, as well as phone calls/video chatting, and hopefully enjoying visits together.

Please know that we don't take this decision lightly and pray for you every day. Thank you so much for reading this letter, looking through our profile, and considering us to adopt your baby.

David & Anna


Chris Farley
Danny Kaye
Merryl Streep
C. S. Lewis
Timothy Keller
Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering
The Blue Sweater
Candy Bar
The Magic Schoolbus
Childhood Memory
Wrestling with brothers and dad
Camping with family
Childhood Toy
Figures and Matchbox Cars
"Jimmy" the teddy bear
Children's Book
Curious George
The Children's Hour, Classic Stories
Worcester, Massachusetts
South Orange, New Jersey
Classic Movie
Alfred Hitchcock Classics
White Christmas
Olive Green
Day of Week
Anything with fudge and marshmallow in it
Brownie Fudge everything
Disney Movie
The Jungle Book
Dream Car
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
1950's Porsche Convertible
Dream Job
Photographer for National Geographic
Non-Profit Executive Director
Dream Vacation
Backpacking in the Adirondack wilderness
Backpacking through Europe
Family Activity
Cooking and eating together
Flower / Plant
Black-Eyed Susan
Mac & Cheese
Form of Exercise
Progressive Rummy
Watercolor Painting
Holiday Song
O Come Emmanuel
Here is our God - Emmanuel
Holiday Tradition
Spending Christmas morning with my wife, then going over to my in-laws house
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Purple Cow
Junk Food
Pirate Booty
Leisure Activity
Being outside with nature
Going to the beach
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Holding every niece and nephew when they were first born
Being with nieces as flower girls on my wedding day
Memory with Spouse
Camping in amazing places
When he proposed to me on my grandparent's front porch
White Christmas
Movie Munchie
Pirate Booty
Junior Mints
Movie Quote
"10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!" (Aladdin)
The president's speech against the aliens in "Independence Day"
Movie Type
Hero wins the day against all odds
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Keith Green
All Sons and Daughters
Nursery Rhyme
Jesus Loves Me
Olympic Event
Beach Volleyball
Personal Hero
Older brother, Mark
My Mother
Phantom of the Opera
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her intuition, and ability to care for others
His kindness
"A ship may be safe in the harbor, but that's not what it was made for"
Salt & Pepper (Diner)
Pulled Pork
Peanutbutter & Banana
Jeremiah 17:7-8
Micah 6:8
Shopping Store
T.J. Maxx
It is well
"Story" by Brandi Carlile
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Philadelphia Phillies
Boston Red Sox
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Anything on a Grill
Chicken Pot Pie
Time of Day
Going camping with brothers
Home made fried dough made by my dad on Christmas morning
TV Show
White Collar
Brooklyn Nine Nine
TV Show Character
Matthew Bomer's character in White Collar
Type of Music
Acoustic/ Folk
Vacation Spot
On a mountain or near a beach
Anywhere with a great view
Video Game
Call of Duty

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