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Sam & Kristen

We are so excited to grow our family through adoption. We believe becoming parents is a tremendous gift and responsibility, and one that we do not take lightly. We want to express our appreciation that you are taking the time to read our profile. We have so much love to give the child who finds their way into our family. We are excited to discover every part of who that child is.

About Us

Production Manager
Health Educator
Bachelor's Degree in History
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Legally Married

Our Religious Beliefs

Sunny Walk Through an Old German Town

The center of our faith is Jesus Christ. We consider ourselves Christians, and we believe Jesus was a real human who is also the son of God. We believe that he physically and spiritually died in our place, and physically and spiritually rose from the dead so that anyone who believes in Him can have eternal life with Him.

Beyond this declaration, we struggle to reconcile the suffering in this world with the idea of a loving God. We wonder if Jesus was living physically on earth right now, what his message would be to his followers. Sometimes these thoughts prevent us from feeling a connection to other Christians who seem able to view the Bible in a more black and white manner. We believe Jesus was clear about helping and advocating for those who are suffering or oppressed. As we discuss our faith with each other, we agree our similar childhood experiences, traveling and living in different cultures, made us more sensitive to suffering and open to questioning some hallmarks of conservative religious teaching.

We hope to raise our child with an upbringing of faith, not merely religion. We will support them as they wrestle to make their faith their own.

Cultural Diversity

We are excited to welcome a child from a different cultural background into our family. We have both grown up experiencing and appreciating other cultures. Kristen traveled internationally with her parents as a child, and she lived in South Africa for six months during college.

Sam was born in Pakistan and lived there until he was nine, and then his family moved to Germany. It wasn't until he was 16 that they moved to live in the United States. Sam grew up as one of the only white people among his friends and community. He learned how to relate to people of other cultures, but also discovered how important it would be to surround our child with a diverse group of friends and role models.

The experiences we had in our childhood have shaped who we are and how we view the world. Our families taught us to respect and admire the differences between ourselves and other people. We look forward to sharing those values with our kids and helping our child discover and celebrate who they are, with their cultural heritage being a large part of that.

Discussing Adoption

Sharing a Laugh

We plan to discuss adoption and our child's story in an open, age appropriate way. We hold so much respect and admiration for the decisions you are going through and we are dedicated to communicating that to our child throughout their entire life. We consider adoption to be a gift and it is our deepest prayer that our child will see it that way as well. We know there will be times of self-discovery that will feel confusing and frustrating for our child. We hope that we, along with their birth family, will be able to help them through that journey.

We want to be sensitive to our child and their story, and not share pieces of it they might wish to keep private. For that reason, we will be very cautious to keep sensitive information private until our child is old enough to learn it and decide for themselves with whom they wish to share their story.



Enjoying a Beautiful Spring Day
Enjoying a Beautiful Spring Day
Relaxing Walk on the Beach
Relaxing Walk on the Beach
Looking Over the City at Willis Tower
Looking Over the City at Willis Tower
A Special Family Trip to Israel
A Special Family Trip to Israel
Go Blackhawks!
Go Blackhawks!
Holding Our Niece for the First Time
Holding Our Niece for the First Time
Fun Horseback Riding Date
Fun Horseback Riding Date
Beach Time with Our Nephew
Beach Time with Our Nephew
Hello from Rome!
Hello from Rome!
Silliness at Christmas
Silliness at Christmas
Henry Loves Uncle Sam & Aunt Kiki
Henry Loves Uncle Sam & Aunt Kiki
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
1 / 12
Enjoying a Beautiful Spring Day
Enjoying a Beautiful Spring Day
2 / 12
Relaxing Walk on the Beach
Relaxing Walk on the Beach
3 / 12
Looking Over the City at Willis Tower
Looking Over the City at Willis Tower
4 / 12
A Special Family Trip to Israel
A Special Family Trip to Israel
5 / 12
Go Blackhawks!
Go Blackhawks!
6 / 12
Holding Our Niece for the First Time
Holding Our Niece for the First Time
7 / 12
Fun Horseback Riding Date
Fun Horseback Riding Date
8 / 12
Beach Time with Our Nephew
Beach Time with Our Nephew
9 / 12
Hello from Rome!
Hello from Rome!
10 / 12
Silliness at Christmas
Silliness at Christmas
11 / 12
Henry Loves Uncle Sam & Aunt Kiki
Henry Loves Uncle Sam & Aunt Kiki
12 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding

Our Extended Families

Kristen's Family in Botswana

We are both very close with our family and friends. We see them as often as we can and treasure the time we get to spend together. Kristen's family lives nearby, and we see them and our nephew on a weekly basis. We enjoy lots of family dinners. We also have had the opportunity to travel to many places with Kristen's family and will continue to in the future with our children.

Christmas Market with Sam's Family

Sam's family lives out of state, about 6 hours away. They visit often, and we visit them when we can. We enjoy spending time with Sam's parents and younger sister, and her husband. We are genuine friends with our siblings and their spouses, and we are very grateful for that. Both of our families have been so supportive of our desire to adopt, and are excited to give lots of love and snuggles to our future child.

Our friends and their families are important to us and will be a large part of our child's life. We have a small group of friends who have all adopted, and they provide support and encouragement to us. We are so thankful for this community.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a wonderful location, within walking distance of schools and parks. We are just about 45 minutes from downtown Chicago where there are many museums, restaurants, and fun events.

We designed and built our four-bedroom home with future children in mind. We Love that our home has enough room for everyone to hangout together, with lots of open floor space for little kids to run around and play. We have colorful, fun decorations and art and lots of natural light that makes us feel happy in our home even on dreary days. When the weather is nice, we eat dinner and watch a movie on our screened porch. We have a beautiful view of our backyard from inside our house.

Our neighborhood is a fun place! Our neighbors gather together for kids' movie nights in the park in the summer, and they plan other holiday-related activities with our families. It is so exciting to see many young families move into our neighborhood. We like that kids play in our neighborhood because we both enjoyed playing outside after school with our neighbor friends in our childhood.

From Us to You

We met at the start of 2010 at a college in Minnesota. Our relationship began as a friendship that grew into a romantic connection. We got married a year later and have been married for seven years. During our marriage, we have shared a lot of experiences and traveled to many places. We lived in Germany for two years and had the opportunity to go to many surrounding countries. Since coming back to the Chicago area, we have been able to settle into our new home and careers.

Starting our family and raising children together has been a dream we've shared since before we got married. To us, sharing the experience of raising and loving our children throughout their entire life is far more important than our desire to have biological children. We were diagnosed with infertility and went as far as we felt comfortable in our fertility treatments before quickly switching course to adoption. We are so thankful we can still experience parenthood because of adoption.

Sam works for a fundraising firm in a nearby suburb and enjoys the challenges of his current role. Sam is a hard worker who continually strives to become a better version of himself. He is patient and purposeful in what he does and no matter where he works, his coworkers and employers are very fond of him. Sam looks forward to becoming a dad. He is not the type to come home from work and hide away the rest of the night. Sam is an active family participant and can’t wait for those precious hours and days outside work to be spent with our child. When Sam is home from work, he is constantly helping with stuff around the house, cooking, planning fun things for us to do together and singing silly songs he makes up on the fly. He adds a lot of fun and joy to our home.

Kristen works for a nonprofit organization and teaches in health classes as a guest speaker in public schools all around the Chicago suburbs. She loves working with teens and is passionate about helping teens develop skills to live healthfully. Kristen’s job has a lot of flexibility. As our family grows, we plan to adjust our roles so that we are fully present to care for the needs of our child.

We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grow our family, and we can’t wait to become parents. We often dream about sharing our interests with our child such as travel, music, sports, art, and video games. We also look forward to helping him or her discover their own interests and passions. We will be the parents who do not care how much we embarrass ourselves by trying to take part in our child’s interests with them. To us, family means we support and care for each other no matter what. We travel together, play together, cook together, work together and help lift each other’s burdens. When it comes to our children, they will never be alone as they face difficult tasks or situations.

We would love to send updates and pictures to you regularly, so you will see how much your child is loved and has grown. We are open to visits and phone calls as well when the time is right. We promise to facilitate conversations about our child’s adoption story that reflects the respect and admiration we feel towards you. Our child will grow up learning they are loved by you, and we hope he or she will get to experience that love for themselves.


Sam & Kristen


Daniel Craig
Harrison Ford
Meryl Streep
Stephen King
JK Rowling
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Winnie the Pooh
Childhood Memory
Playing Cricket with my Friends in Pakistan
Practicing soccer with my dad
Childhood Toy
Polly Pocket
Children's Book
Horrible Histories
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
Classic Movie
The Longest Day
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Disney Movie
Robin Hood
Dream Car
Subaru Forester
Dream Job
Elected Public Official
Marine Biologist
Dream Vacation
Disney World with my future children
Family Activity
Video Games
Eating Dinner Together
Flower / Plant
Christmas Tree
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Silent Night/Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Visiting German Christmas Markets--In Europe and in the US.
Wrapping presents with my mom
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Potato Chips
Burgers and Fries
Leisure Activity
Video Games
National Geographic
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Playing Dinosaurs with my Nephew
Playing with my nephew
Memory with Spouse
Picnic Lunch at a Palace in Germany
Taking walks in our tiny Germany town
Saving Private Ryan
It's Complicated
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
May the Force be With You-Star Wars
"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future"-Lord of the Rings
Movie Type
Bye Bye Birdie
Musical Group
Coheed and Cambria
The Smashing Pumpkins
Nursery Rhyme
Old MacDonald
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Abraham Lincoln
My Grandpa
Merchant of Venice
Bye Bye Birdie
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
Her Intelligence
His sense of humor and his kindness towards everyone
"Democracy is the Worst Form of Government Except for All the Others"-Churchill
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."-Martin Luther King Jr.
Five Guys
Grilled Cheese
Ecclesiastes 3
Shopping Store
Best Buy
Master of Puppets
Is This Love by Bob Marley
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Eric Liddell
My husband (He's good at at a lot of sports)
Sports Team
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Kung Pao Stir Fry
Thai Curry
Time of Day
Evening, to relax and spend time with family
Early morning coffee together before work
Eating Dinner Together
Family Vacationfv
TV Show
The Last Kingdom
Grey's Anatomy
TV Show Character
Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99
Dwight from The Office
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Rome, Italy
New Orleans
Video Game
Destiny 2

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