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Paul & Bonnie

We are so ready to become parents! We are excited to provide a loving, fun, and creative life for our child to be. They will know that their story is surrounded by love from all sides. We hope that you have clarity and strength in your adoption plan, and we will be so honored and humbled if it includes us.

About Us

EHS Advisor
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design
Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art- Photography
Legally Married

What it Means to be a Parent

At the Renaissance Festival

We think that being parents will be the greatest responsibility we will ever have. We are excited to become teachers and to see the world anew through a child's perspective. We look forward to birthdays and holidays and milestones. We have waited so long to become a family that we will savor every second of it!

We are excited to just do everyday life as a family. Going to the park will be more fun with a little one to swing, going to the pool with a little one to splash in the water, or going on vacations to show a child new and exciting things.

We think that a loving stable home allows a child to be happy and successful in life and school. Loving a child means loving each other as spouses and modeling love and respect and communication. Being kind and knowing that their parents love each other provides a place where a child can really thrive and explore their potential. We want to provide a safe place for them to learn and grow.

Discussing Adoption

Snow Cones with These Cuties

We plan on having a very open dialogue about adoption. We already have a few children's books to read that celebrate and explain adoption. My favorite is a little golden book about a mama kangaroo with an empty pouch that is able to adopt a baby and become a mother.

We will welcome any questions they may have and answer them in a loving and honest way. We want them to be prepared to cope with any feelings or confusion that they might have, and we are ready to support them and help them through any challenge that they may face.

We truly hope that they love and celebrate their story. We will focus on the love that surrounded them from before they were even born, and encourage them to see their adoption in a positive way.

We will always let them know that they are loved from all sides even from the beginning.

Cultural Heritage

Boiling Crawfish

Being both born and raised in south Louisiana, Paul and I enjoy being surrounded by a rich Cajun culture. We have enjoyed traveling, but find truth in the old adage "There is no place like home." Louisiana has a culture all its own from the music to the food to the festivals to the people.

Cajun music can be heard from small front porches to the biggest festival stage. Couples can be found dancing wherever music is heard. Kids are always welcome to join in! Paul’s parents are excellent Cajun dancers and are often the couple to watch on the dance floor!

We are known for our food all around the world, and it is so, so good! Bonnie makes a mean gumbo and Paul loves to make Jambalaya. Crawfish boils are one of our favorite things. Crawfish are delicious (think little spicy lobsters) and the boil itself always turns into a party!

In our little town, our local Mardi Gras parade passes right in front of our house. The street is closed and we invite just about anyone that wants to come! That day the house is teeming with kids, food, music and fun!! We have a big back deck that turns into a dance floor. There are lots of family friendly parades around for Mardi Gras, and we love that we are right on the parade route for one of them.



Mardi Gras Parade
Mardi Gras Parade
Paul & His Godchild
Paul & His Godchild
Air BnB in New Orleans
Air BnB in New Orleans
Making Mosaics
Making Mosaics
Happy Birthday Paul!
Happy Birthday Paul!
Little Love
Little Love
In Our Backyard
In Our Backyard
Hatching & Having Baby Chicks Is So Much Fun!
Hatching & Having Baby Chicks Is So Much Fun!
Fishing at Grandparent's House!
Fishing at Grandparent's House!
Hanging with the Pups at the Park
Hanging with the Pups at the Park
Gardening in the Backyard
Gardening in the Backyard
Fun at the Beach!
Fun at the Beach!
1 / 12
Mardi Gras Parade
Mardi Gras Parade
2 / 12
Paul & His Godchild
Paul & His Godchild
3 / 12
Air BnB in New Orleans
Air BnB in New Orleans
4 / 12
Making Mosaics
Making Mosaics
5 / 12
Happy Birthday Paul!
Happy Birthday Paul!
6 / 12
Little Love
Little Love
7 / 12
In Our Backyard
In Our Backyard
8 / 12
Hatching & Having Baby Chicks Is So Much Fun!
Hatching & Having Baby Chicks Is So Much Fun!
9 / 12
Fishing at Grandparent's House!
Fishing at Grandparent's House!
10 / 12
Hanging with the Pups at the Park
Hanging with the Pups at the Park
11 / 12
Gardening in the Backyard
Gardening in the Backyard
12 / 12
Fun at the Beach!
Fun at the Beach!

Our Extended Families

Bonnie & Her Four Brothers

Our families are very excited to welcome a new member of the family and to see us become parents. We are also excited to see Paul's parents become grandparents for the first time!

Paul's Side of the Family

We are lucky to live by lots of family. We gather each week with Paul's siblings and parents and cook together and eat and visit. His parents live close by and we often ride our bikes to their house. They also have horses and an awesome pool! There are no kids yet on that side so we are excited to be the first!

We always gather for holidays and events with Bonnie's family and her four brothers. We are close as siblings and always have a blast! We spend lots of time Bonnie's brother, Chris and his family. They live close and we get to spend lots of time with our nieces. We are excited to have this child grow up with cousins nearby.

Everyone is so supportive of our adoption plan. They look forward to being part of this child's life and cannot wait to meet him or her!

Our House and Neighborhood

We Love Our Home!

We really love our home and love spending time here. It is one of the historic homes in our area being built in 1900. It has tall ceilings and original wood floors. It has big rooms, but it still feels cozy and home-like. Our nursery is a large room with big windows. It has its own bathroom attached with an original claw foot bathtub. Bonnie has recently remodeled it. We live on an acre of land with lots and lots of mature trees. We love our yard- it feels like a sanctuary. We have our small chicken coop in the back so we have chickens pecking around in the shaded backyard and it's just lovely! We also love our city here in Louisiana. It is a small suburb of a bigger city so we have the small town feel, but with a short drive to get "into town." Our small town is full of art and great food and festivals. Our local Mardi Gras parade passes right in front of our house each year and that is always a blast. We have lots of friends and family over and it's always a great day!

From Us to You

Hello! We are Paul and Bonnie.

It is our hope that this letter reads the way we intend it to and you can see the love we have to give. We want for you to have clarity and peace with your decisions ahead and know that we are thrilled that you may consider us to parent your child.

We are college sweethearts that met while we both worked at Home Depot. After a wonderful three years of dating we got hitched and have been happily married for eleven years. Through pretty much all of our married life, we were faced with the challenge of infertility and miscarriage. It was a tough road that gave us many lessons in love and life. It taught us how precious life is and we cannot wait to appreciate every new day as a family. We have built a solid marriage leaning on each other and God, but our dream is to have children.

We’d like to tell you a bit about us.

Paul is quiet and calm. He does not get flustered easily and is very patient and attentive, especially around kids. He does not get distracted and loves to put quality time in with the ones he loves. He is a hard worker and an excellent provider.

Bonnie can be fun and silly with kids. She somehow knows every word to almost any song and can make a toy out of almost anything. She is very insightful and can figure out why a child is upset quickly.

Together we are easy going and laid back. We do not like drama, and usually play the part of peacekeepers in a situation. We are fiercely loyal and we have close friends that we have had a long time. We rely on our faith in God to help us through life’s challenges.

We are ready to shower this baby with love and attention, as Bonnie is excited to be a stay-at-home mom. Paul has a unique work schedule because he works for two weeks, and then is off for two weeks. This means that we will have lots of time to be home with baby and enjoy being a family.

We live in a lovely restored historic home and have a beautiful big nursery waiting. Our families are so excited and supportive of our decision to adopt.

Is this the start of where our story meets yours?

Your ache to find loving people to parent your baby matches our ache to become parents. In this way our needs fit each other perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. I think that is a beautiful beginning for a baby. A beginning surrounded by love in all directions. We will keep you updated with letters and pictures to provide you reassurance that your child is happy, safe and loved. Please know that we will always speak highly of you and raise him or her in a way that would make you proud. We know your decision to choose adoption is out of the tremendous love you have for this child. The courage to make this decision is something that we will forever admire.

Paul & Bonnie


Johnny Depp
Chris Pratt
Olivia Wilde
Anna Kendrick
Bram Stoker
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
roadrunner and coyote
My Little Pony
Childhood Memory
Riding in the Back of My Dad's Pickup
Family Vacations & Summer Camp
Childhood Toy
My Little Ponies and Care Bears
Children's Book
The Family Minus
Go Dog Go!
Tunica Hills, MS
New Orleans
Classic Movie
Wizard of Oz
Young Frankenstein
Robin's Egg Blue
Day of Week
chantilly cake
Creme Brulee
Disney Movie
Lion King
Dream Car
Jeep Wagoneer
vintage convertable VW beetle
Dream Job
Bakery Owner
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
BBQ and Boardgames
Flower / Plant
oak tree
fried shrimp po-boy
Form of Exercise
riding my bike
Leatherwork & Riding My Motorcycle
Woodworking & Photography
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Pocking Eggs
painting christmas ornaments
Ice Cream
chocolate chip cookie dough
Junk Food
chocolate chip cookies
ice cream sundae
Leisure Activity
building a campfire
watching movies
Men's Health
family handyman
Memory with a Child
building legos with Zachary (godchild)
bringing nieces to donut shop
Memory with Spouse
Watching the Sunrise on the Beach
Hiking through Waterfalls
Conan the Barbarian
Dumb and Dumber / Wild hearts cant be broken
Movie Munchie
Sour Squiggles
Movie Quote
Get that corn outta my face!
"Swanson?........Samsonite. I was way off"
Movie Type
Action and adventure
Comedy/ Drama
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Hanz Zimmer
Nursery Rhyme
Baa Baa Blacksheep
Hush Little Baby
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
my dad
my aunt
cirque de solei
James Allen
Quality about my Spouse
loving and kind with children
His gentle spirit
are you gonna eat that?
If anything is humanly possible, consider it within your reach
The Boiling Point
Fried shrimp po-boy
french dip
Psalm 27:1 "The Lord is my light and my salvation....."
Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you....
Shopping Store
Army Surplus
You are my sunshine
Anything from The Little Mermaid
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
takahisa Oguchi
Sports Team
Wrecking Rams (local high school)
Peppermint Ponies (Nieces soccer team)
Subject in School
Industrial Design
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Christmas tree bonfire for New Year
"Feast Day" with friends
TV Show
Life in Pieces
TV Show Character
Ragnar Lothbrok
Andy - Parks and Recreation
Type of Music
varied / modern orchestra
Alternative / Old Hymns
Vacation Spot
anywhere in the wilderness
the beach
Video Game
candy crush

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