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Jeremy & Sheila

Thank you for choosing to learn about us! We are Jeremy and Sheila and we are parents to our son, Finn, and have always wanted to grow our family through adoption. We have a loving home with goals to raise our children to have purposeful lives, attaining their dreams. We thank you for considering us.

About Us

Nurse Practitioner
Associate's Degree
Master's Degree
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Cousin Love!

Our nephew was adopted at birth by Sheila’s brother and sister-in-law. He is the second grandchild to come along and has been a bright light in our family since the day he came home. Our children have a very close relationship. They look forward to every visit with each other, sometimes planning months ahead, and talking about their trips for weeks after. We have always discussed adoption for our family. Watching them raise their family, and adopt their son, has made us more certain in our choice for adoption.

Our family has given us recommendations to help us prepare for another child including books to read, websites to view and their own personal experiences. We have also had many discussions regarding what it means to be a transracial family. This includes making sure we are surrounded by a loving community that embraces diversity and our family as a whole. Their journey has been a great source of inspiration throughout this process.

Cultural Diversity

We plan to embrace cultural diversity, teaching our children the importance of diversity, respecting one another and celebrating each other and our differences. We will do this by leading our lives in a manner that celebrates cultural diversity. We will expand our family into a larger multiracial community. This includes our home traditions and activities, as well as seeking out diverse opportunities offered in our hometown such as taking them to the museum and local ethnic festivals.

Cousin Time

For us as parents, this also means reading books and articles about transracial adoption. We will also use our resources for any questions that may come up, to help guide us to stay on a path that is culturally aware. We want our children to be comfortable with themselves. We also feel keeping in touch, through email, with you is extremely important as the child may have questions as they grow up.

Education We will Provide

Best Friends

We both come from families that value education. Our families instilled in us a hard work ethic in school, encouraging us to go as fast as we could. We have both been fortunate enough to attain our career dreams. Our hope now is to provide a quality education that also incorporates virtues of faith. Education comes from many experiences in life and we plan to be active in our children’s community as well as helping them to become responsible citizens. Being involved in projects that help others is a good way to learn about the needs of others. As the children find their special interests, we hope to encourage them to pursue that decision and to help them learn all they can about themselves as well. Our goal is to help support them with their dreams through education and for our children to achieve the highest level of education possible in their chosen field.



Enjoying a Beautiful Fall Day
Enjoying a Beautiful Fall Day
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
Being Silly with Mommy
Being Silly with Mommy
Family Trip to Florida
Family Trip to Florida
Helping Daddy Cook
Helping Daddy Cook
Out for a Stroll
Out for a Stroll
Ready for Lift Off
Ready for Lift Off
Working on a Medical Mission Trip
Working on a Medical Mission Trip
Finn Will be a Great Big Brother
Finn Will be a Great Big Brother
Legoland Movie!
Legoland Movie!
They Love to Build Legos Together
They Love to Build Legos Together
We Are So Excited to Grow Our Family Through Adoption
We Are So Excited to Grow Our Family Through Adoption
1 / 12
Enjoying a Beautiful Fall Day
Enjoying a Beautiful Fall Day
2 / 12
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
3 / 12
Being Silly with Mommy
Being Silly with Mommy
4 / 12
Family Trip to Florida
Family Trip to Florida
5 / 12
Helping Daddy Cook
Helping Daddy Cook
6 / 12
Out for a Stroll
Out for a Stroll
7 / 12
Ready for Lift Off
Ready for Lift Off
8 / 12
Working on a Medical Mission Trip
Working on a Medical Mission Trip
9 / 12
Finn Will be a Great Big Brother
Finn Will be a Great Big Brother
10 / 12
Legoland Movie!
Legoland Movie!
11 / 12
They Love to Build Legos Together
They Love to Build Legos Together
12 / 12
We Are So Excited to Grow Our Family Through Adoption
We Are So Excited to Grow Our Family Through Adoption

Our Extended Families

Sheila's Family

We have a son named Finley, we call him Finn and if you ask him today, he calls himself Finney! Jeremy has a sister; her family does not live in town. Sheila has three siblings, two who live in town. Sheila's nieces and nephews call her 'Aunt She She'.

We have many family members that live close by including grandparents who are very integral parts in our daily lives. Sheila also has many aunts, uncles and cousins that live nearby. We see family frequently and always get together for birthdays, graduations, holidays, or BBQs.

Finn Loves His Grandparents

We have many family traditions and one of our favorites is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Each year we plan out and build a float to be in the parade; we have been doing so since the beginning of the parade here in town. To celebrate the parade and our work, we end the day with a big family dinner where we sit back and reminisce about the past.

Our family is unique as we have a strong family support system and maintain very close relationships. We have a strong desire to make the world a better place. We do this through our jobs, volunteering in the community and maintain a goal to pass on the spirit of philanthropy to our children. Our family is extremely supportive with our adoption plan. They are excited for our new child and can't wait to be a part of their life!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our neighborhood consists of many children and has many events throughout the year to celebrate the holidays. Kids in our neighborhood are frequently playing outside, kicking the soccer ball or shooting baskets. The city has festivals around 4th of July, art fairs and a great farmers market on the weekends. We have a great parks and rec system, top rated schools and one of the lowest community crime rates.

Some time ago, we moved into a larger house in anticipation of growing our family. Our house has four bedrooms. We are currently in the process of finishing the basement to provide additional play and activity areas. Our rec room is our favorite room. It has many toys and is great for movies! We have a comfy couch and love to pop popcorn while cuddling up to watch movies together.

We enjoy spending most of our hot summer days at 'Granddaddy and Gram's' pool. Within walking distance, we have access to a beautiful park with tall trees shading the kids’ playground area. There are many slides, a sandbox with local toys donated by the community and a man-made creek the kids can go splash their sandy feet in!

From Us to You

You are about to make the biggest decision of your child's life. We know you have approached this decision with love and hope for the future. Please know we respect you immensely for the courage you have shown in making this decision.

To give you an insight into who we are, we have known each other for 10 years and been in a committed relationship for six years. We were married over two years ago in Sonoma, California among family and friends.

From the moment we set plans for our future, adoption has always been part of our plan. We have a solid marriage and strong family foundation. We are extremely committed to one another and our family. Most of our family lives near us and provides a great support group. We have a biological son, Finn, who is now four years old. We both come from families with siblings and know the importance of growing up with a sibling. Finn is so excited to be a big brother!

Being parents has taught us to not take ourselves too seriously. We have learned to not sweat the small things. We enjoy the little moments and savor our family time together. We have also learned the importance of patience, especially when you are watching Hoodwinked Too or Ice Age 4.(sometimes animated kids movies should not have multiple sequels!) We enjoy our movie nights, snuggling up together with popcorn! We are also active in our community. We like to be out at the park, the pool, exploring science museums and taking a couple of trips a year with our family.

We are blessed to have a home in a safe community with numerous parks, playgrounds and swimming pools that will provide countless hours of fun and enjoyment. We also have become part of an outstanding school system. We have a Christian based faith that is incorporated in our community. We participate in school and local activities as well as attend church.

In our wedding vows to one another, we made promises to always be at each other’s side, make the best of every situation, always dream together and embrace the unexpected together with open arms for our entire lives. The words in these vows are the beginning of the foundation of a promise we have set into motion together.

We have some vows we would like to say to you.

We promise to raise the child in a loving and stable household, rich in family traditions. We promise to study different cultures, to learn the beauty and value in people's differences. We promise to instill confidence and self-worth in this child. We promise to embrace and foster this child's creativity and unique traits. We promise to provide a quality education. We promise to help this child achieve their goals and dreams. We promise to love this child every second of our lives.

If we are selected, we will be forever grateful to receive this child and make it a life's mission to always do what is best for this new person.

Much love and peace to you,

Jeremy & Sheila


Samuel L Jackson
Sean Connery
Melissa McCarthy
Reece Witherspoon
JK Rowlings
JK Rowling
Hunger Games Series
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
My dog climbing on the bus because I took to long to get off of it.
going to the Lake of the Ozarks with family over the summers
Childhood Toy
Lite Brite
Children's Book
Jungle Book
Where the Wild Things Are, Green Eggs and ham
San Diego
Classic Movie
Cat on a hot tin roof
The Breakfast Club
Day of Week
Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie
anything chocolate!
Disney Movie
Monsters University
Dream Car
Shelby Mustang
Jeep Wrangler
Dream Job
I'm doing it!
Dream Vacation
Trip to any beach
Cinque Terre, Italy
Family Activity
Running Through the Sprinkler
Outdoor BBQ Get Together
Flower / Plant
Sweet Basil
Form of Exercise
Honeydew Melon
Fixing up the house
Reading, playing different sports games with my son, local sporting games
Holiday Song
O Holy Night
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Making a delicious meal when family is in town.
We always go to Christmas Eve mass, go home, have dinner and watch a Christmas movie together as a family before bed
Ice Cream
Strawberry or cookie dough
Junk Food
Chips and salsa/guacamole
Leisure Activity
Frisbee Golf
Going to the pool with the family
Popular Mechanics
Cooking Light
Memory with a Child
Holding Finn as He Looked Up at Me with Big Eyes Saying "Daddy"
The First Time Finn Realized & Could Talk About How Excited He Was
Memory with Spouse
Standing on a mountain outside Ouray, CO and seeing a sign saying that it is bear hunting season so we turned around and got back into our car.
We were out on a date and nothing had gone right. while driving me home, Jeremy and I both accidentally blurted we loved each other
Princess Bride
Love Actually
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and gummy bears
Movie Quote
ET phone home
"I carried a watermelon"
Movie Type
Romantic and any Disney/Pixar
Musical Group
Mumford and Sons or U2
Nursery Rhyme
This little Piggy
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
100m Relay
Personal Hero
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Edgar Allen Poe
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her Love for Our Child
His Sense of Humor
The best way out is always through
"Success if never final and failure never fatal, its courage that counts" or "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
Poor Boy BBQ
Zman (brisket with an onion ring and BBQ sauce on top)
I can do all this through him who gives me strength
"And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us"
Shopping Store
Academy Sports
Sittin on the Doc Of The Bay
Uptown Funk
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Soccer or football
Sports Star
Salvador Perez
Mia Hamm
Sports Team
KC Royals
Sporting KC
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Pumpkin bread
Time of Day
Cooking Breakfast at least twice a week
2-3 times a week in the summer, we have ice cream outside as a family
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
This is Us
TV Show Character
Barney Stinson
Randall from This is Us
Type of Music
I like all types of music
Vacation Spot
Cannon Beach Oregon
Oregon coast or Florida
Video Game
Mario Cart
Zelda or Mario brothers

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