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Rajat & Monjri

We are so excited at the possibility of adopting again! We are so grateful that you are reading our profile. We are adventurous and loving people, and we are very much looking forward to becoming parents again. We know this may be a very difficult time in your life, but please know that we would be honored if you allowed us to be your child's parents.

About Us

Doctor of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We Can't Wait to Meet Our Newest Family Member!

We both always knew we wanted a family; adopting a child was something that we had considered regardless of our ability to have biological children. We struggled with infertility for years, and after many failed attempts we decided to pursue adoption. We were incredibly lucky to be offered the opportunity to adopt our daughter, Divya, very quickly. The moment we held Divya (and we were so fortunate to be present for her birth), we fell in love. There has never been a second that she was not our child in our hearts and minds, and our families and friends have felt exactly the same way. Every day that we spend with our daughter reinforces our certainty that a genetic connection is immaterial. What binds a family together is mutual respect and love. We are friends with other families who have grown their families through adoption, and we know how important it is for children to understand their stories. We are committed to making sure that our children know where they came from, and how much all of the people who are or have been in their lives love them.

Our Leisure Time

At a Local Ovarian Cancer Benefit

We cherish our leisure time. Our favorite pastime is spending time with our daughter and watching her explore the world. We can't wait to watch another little mind learn and grow! We also love traveling within the United States and around the world. We travel frequently with our families. It's a wonderful way to bond and spend time together. Since moving to Alabama we have become more involved with outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking and hiking. The weather is often beautiful. We have a lake house and enjoy weekend getaways there. We love cooking and experimenting with international cuisines, taking advantage of the large farmer's market in our area. One of Rajat's passions is live music - he loves going to concerts and music festivals. Monjri has enthusiastically joined him, especially since there are so many great artists in and who come through Alabama.

We are actively involved in local charities. Monjri is on the board of one of the local gynecologic cancer foundations, and Rajat is involved in the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. We enjoy volunteering and believe it is important to contribute to the community we live in.

We are excited to share our hobbies and passions with our children. We want them to learn of the world around us through experiencing all it has to offer.

What It Means to Be Parents

Rajat LOVES to Play Sports & Can't Wait to Share His Passion

We wanted to be parents for a long, long time before we had the opportunity to adopt the first time. We watched the joy that having children brought to our many friends and family, and we were so lucky that Divya came into our lives. We know that our family is not yet complete, though. Having more than one child necessarily means that equal consideration must be given to each one's unique talents and needs. The parent-child bond is like a flower. It has to be watered with love and trust, with just the right amount of sunlight and shade. There will be storms to weather, but it will be stronger because of those challenges.

Rajat can't wait to share his love of sports and science with our children. He fondly remembers going to Yankees games with his dad, uncles and cousins as a kid and is looking forward to buying child-size gloves to catch foul balls! Monjri is so excited to share her love of books and the amazing worlds of imagination they open up. Bedtime stories and reading were a staple of her childhood and she eagerly anticipates continuing the same soothing ritual. We can't wait to watch our kids, nieces and nephew grow up together.



Music Junkies!
Music Junkies!
Monjri is Politically Active - At the Women's March
Monjri is Politically Active - At the Women's March
Ready to Dance
Ready to Dance
Running for a Good Cause
Running for a Good Cause
Learning About Our Heritage  is Very Important to Us -  At the Red Fort in Delhi
Learning About Our Heritage is Very Important to Us - At the Red Fort in Delhi
Beautiful Panama
Beautiful Panama
Conquering Ancient Rome on Segway
Conquering Ancient Rome on Segway
Spending Time With Family is Very Important to Monjri
Spending Time With Family is Very Important to Monjri
Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colors
Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colors
Family Time at the Zoo
Family Time at the Zoo
Mommy-Daughter Silliness
Mommy-Daughter Silliness
1 / 12
Music Junkies!
Music Junkies!
2 / 12
3 / 12
Monjri is Politically Active - At the Women's March
Monjri is Politically Active - At the Women's March
4 / 12
Ready to Dance
Ready to Dance
5 / 12
Running for a Good Cause
Running for a Good Cause
6 / 12
Learning About Our Heritage  is Very Important to Us -  At the Red Fort in Delhi
Learning About Our Heritage is Very Important to Us - At the Red Fort in Delhi
7 / 12
Beautiful Panama
Beautiful Panama
8 / 12
Conquering Ancient Rome on Segway
Conquering Ancient Rome on Segway
9 / 12
Spending Time With Family is Very Important to Monjri
Spending Time With Family is Very Important to Monjri
10 / 12
Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colors
Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colors
11 / 12
Family Time at the Zoo
Family Time at the Zoo
12 / 12
Mommy-Daughter Silliness
Mommy-Daughter Silliness

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We moved to Alabama from New York several years ago for work. We bought a house without really knowing anything about the area or our neighbors. Talk about lucking out!

We moved into a neighborhood where we were instantly greeted with friendship. We knew more about our neighbors within the first 6 days of moving to Alabama than we learned about the people we shared walls with for six years in New York! We truly enjoy spending time with our neighbors, who have become good friends. Our neighbors were as excited as we were when we adopted Divya. The neighborhood children have made Divya a part of their crew. Summer evenings are filled with outside play time and impromptu pool parties.

Our house is a beautiful 5 bedroom open country-style house. We have lots of space for children to play and grow up in. Our favorite room is the kitchen because it's so warm and inviting. We love to cook so it is the room we spend the most time in, too. We renovated our backyard two years ago so we enjoy spending time in our private oasis. There is a beautiful park with a big playground 5 minutes from us, and the schools in our area are some of the highest-rated in the state. Your child would be surrounded with a loving community and have many opportunities to explore.

Our Extended Families

Monjri & Her Parents

Although we don't physically live close to our families, we are very close-knit. Monjri is originally from Florida, which is where her parents still live. She is the middle child of three and is very close to her sister and brother who live on the West Coast. We all try to get together at least once a year, and we FaceTime regularly. The cousins love seeing each other, especially in person. Monjri's brother and his family are planning to move to Birmingham soon. We are very excited that our children will grow up together!

Fun With Uncle Rajat

Rajat's parents live in New York City and his younger sister lives in San Francisco. Rajat has a lot of extended family that lives in New York, and he grew up with many of his cousins. One of them has an annual overnight Christmas party. Each year there is a theme and a talent show. We can't wait to showcase your child's talents!

Our daughter Divya is a very friendly, curious child. She loves playing with other kids and we know that she will love having a sister or brother. We know how important our siblings are to us, and we can just see Divya and her partner in crime sharing secrets and adventures.

Our families are very excited that we have decided to adopt again to grow our family. They have been extremely supportive throughout our journey and look forward to welcoming the next addition to our family with open hearts and arms.

From Us to You

From our hearts to yours ...

We don't know your journey, but we can imagine it has involved some incredibly difficult decisions. We want to thank you - for considering adoption as well as considering us to be the parents of your beautiful child. We have an expansive, loving family and group of friends who are so excited to welcome a child, and we want you to know that we are grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us.

We met as freshmen in college, over twenty years ago. We became good friends on a trip to Russia, and we started dating 18 years ago. We knew pretty early on that we were meant to be together. We have similar backgrounds and compliment each other's' strengths in many ways. After six years (and many not-so-subtle hints from our families), we made it official. Turns out, marrying your best friend makes life so much better! We have had our challenges - a long, painful struggle with infertility, balancing two careers, several very serious family illnesses - but throughout it all we have put each other above all and it has made us a stronger couple. We have had so many wonderful adventures together as well - traveling around the world, making new friends, exploring different hobbies, moving to a new state. Two years ago we started a new adventure - parenting. Adopting and raising our daughter has been one of the most joyous, rewarding experiences we've had as a couple. But we know that our family is not yet complete.

We are both physicians in private practice. Rajat is a gastroenterologist; he has a bustling practice and is someone his colleagues depend on for his knowledge and technical expertise. He is part of a large, very supportive group. Monjri is a gynecologic oncologist. She loves her job and her patients, even though there are difficult moments. We both have demanding careers, but being in private practice gives us more control of our time. We know that things will become much busier once another child comes into our lives, but we have the flexibility to adjust our schedules. We also have amazingly supportive family and friends. Both of our sets of parents are eager to get to know a new grandchild and pamper him or her, as only grandparents can do. We have a wonderful nanny who helps us while we are at work. She is very excited about our decision to adopt again, and is looking forward to cuddling a new baby!

We know that this is a huge life decision for you, and one that you may think about often. We will make sure that your child always knows the selflessness and courage it took for you to consider adoption. We will keep a scrapbook of our journey to show the child her or his story early and often. We want you to know that you were right to put your faith in us to raise your child. We will make sure to send you photos, letters and emails so that you can see the child blossom.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us to be your child's parents. A child is life's most precious gift; we know that we will love your child and encircle her or him with an expansive, loving network of family and friends. We very much look forward to getting to know you, and for you to get to know us better.

With gratitude,

Rajat & Monjri


Liam Neeson
Bradley Cooper
Reese Witherspoon
Tina Fey
Neil Gaiman
Khaled Hosseini
Ender's Game
And the Mountains Echoed
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Spider Man
The Simpsons
Childhood Memory
Playing football with my family at our annual winter reunion
Going to India with my family
Childhood Toy
Video game systems
Dazzle Dolls
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
The Little Prince
New York City
New York City
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Day of Week
Fresh baked cookies and ice cream (but any dessert is a good thing!)
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Porsche 911 Turbo
Classic Jaguar
Dream Job
Gastroenterologist / Physician
Gynecologic oncologist
Dream Vacation
1-2 months traveling throughout Europe
A big family vacation in Tuscany, Italy
Family Activity
Big Homemade Dinners
Playing Board Games
Flower / Plant
Bird of paradise
Form of Exercise
Dance (although I am terrible at it)
Traveling & Cooking
Holiday Song
Baby It's Cold Outside
Jingle Bell Rock
Holiday Tradition
Annual Winter Holiday Family Reunion
Decorating Our House During Christmastime
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Cool Ranch Doritos
Leisure Activity
Binge-watching Netflix shows
New York Times Magazine
Real Simple
Memory with a Child
Playing in the Rain With My Daughter
Holding Our Daughter for the First Time
Memory with Spouse
Visiting the Taj Mahal
People watching in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy
Star Wars
Pride and Prejudice
Movie Munchie
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Quote
"May the force be with you."
Do or do not. There is no try.
Movie Type
Science fiction
Romantic comedy
Avenue Q
Musical Group
Beastie Boys
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
One misty moisty morning
Olympic Event
Downhill skiing
Personal Hero
My grandfather
My parents
Noises Off
e.e cummings
Pablo Neruda
Quality about my Spouse
Her tenacity
His integrity
Just do it.
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
Candle Cafe in New York
Grilled cheese
Shopping Store
Whole Foods
White House Black Market
Thriller by Michael Jackson
"One" by U2
Sport to Play
Ultimate frisbee
Sport to Watch
Professional football
Sports Star
Derek Jeter
Peyton Manning
Sports Team
NY Yankees
Subject in School
Organic chemistry
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Chhole (Indian chickpeas)
Time of Day
Events before an Indian wedding
Folk dance before an Indian wedding
TV Show
Breaking Bad
Modern Family
TV Show Character
Walter White
Mitchell Pritchett
Type of Music
Rock and roll
Singer songwriter
Vacation Spot
Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Video Game
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Mario Brothers

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